Sis Con With Dimensional Chat Group Book 1 Chapter 422

Volume 1 Chapter 422 Girlfriend And Fiancee 2

Haru and Utaha had arrived in Kirinoya Japanese Restaurant.

Haru had only heard that the owner of this restaurant was an alumnus of Tootsuki Academy and if he wasn't wrong the owner should be ranked two during her time. He felt that he could anticipate the food that was cooked by the owner of this restaurant.

"Is this the place?" Utaha asked.

"Yeah." Haru nodded.


"What's wrong?" Haru asked.

"Isn't it a bit expensive here?" Utaha asked.

"You're my mistress. Of course, I am going to treat you," Haru said.

Utaha snorted softly and hugged his arm. "Let's enter then."

"Good." Haru nodded.

Utaha and Haru entered the restaurant together and talked with the waitress that they were waiting for someone.

Haru told the waitress that he was waiting for someone with the name of Hisako Arato.

The waitress nodded and told him to sit down in the private room in this restaurant since Hisako had booked the restaurant before.

Haru looked at the waitress who guided them and wondered why most of the people here were women and all of them were cute too. Suddenly he felt that his hand was pinched by someone. He had a strange expression while looking at this girl.

Utaha snorted softly and asked, "Cute?"

"You're cuter than any girl in the world." Haru boasted Utaha's beauty without shame.

Utaha snorted once again, but her mouth evoked a curve showing a sweet smile.

Haru could only shake his head looking at this girl. He had to admit that this girl was very tempting and it was hard to resist her charm, especially those legs which were covered in black stocking.

The waitress opened the door of the private room and told them whether they wanted to order first or waited until the person that they were waiting for had come.

"Let's order first," Haru said. He wanted to try the appetizer of this restaurant.

"It's good. I am also curious," Utaha said.

The waitress gave them a book menu and waited for their order.

Haru and Utaha looked at the list of the menu and knew that it was a traditional Japanese restaurant or known as Washoku.

"Do you have a recommendation for an appetizer?" Haru asked.

The waitress nodded and said, "Yes. We're confident with our pickled cuc.u.mber and agedashi tofu."

"Then, let's order both of them," Haru said.

The waitress nodded and wrote down the order.

"What is special in autumn?" Utaha asked.

"For fish, we have mackerel sashimi. We also have a special potato salad," the waitress said.

"Can I order it?" Utaha asked.

"Why not?" Haru said.

The waitress nodded and wrote down their order. She also recommended their tea and Haru and Utaha also didn't mind since it was their first time in this place. "Then, I'll bring your order shortly." She bowed her head then closed the door of the private room.

Haru looked around the private room at this restaurant. Even though it wasn't that big, it was quite comfortable. He was sitting cross-legged since it was troublesome to sit down in a seiza manner.

Utaha also rested her legs since there was only Haru beside him. "Have you met the owner of God's tongue?"

"No. I have never met her," Haru said.

"I am a bit nervous," Utaha said.

"If I am not wrong this girl should be one year under us," Haru said.

"The same age as your girlfriend?" Utaha asked.

"Yes." Haru nodded.

"I have a feeling that I might see this girl often in the future," Utaha said while squinting her eyes at him.

"What are you talking about?" Haru looked at Utaha with a strange expression.

Utaha only shook her head looking at this sc.u.m man and knew that she was only the beginning of his journey. "Sigh...."

"What's wrong? Do you need a kiss more?" Haru asked shamelessly.

"..." Utaha was speechless, but she didn't reject it.

They were kissing each other until Haru decided to go to the toilet for the first time since.

Utaha nodded and told him that she was alright and would wait here.

Haru went out then went to the toilet after asked the waitress. He used his observation haki and knew that everyone in this place was women. He was wondering why Hisako had chosen this place.


Hisaki and Erina arrived at the location.

Erina wasn't sure, but she felt strange when she remembered her grandfather's tone.

They entered the restaurant together and the waitress had told him that Haru had arrived in the restaurant.

"Hisako. I'll go to the toilet first," Erina said.

"Yes. Erina-sama. I'll meet this person first," Hisako said.

Erina nodded and went to the nearby toilet first.

Hisako walked toward the private room where Haru was waiting but stopped when she saw Haru who was walking. She thought that it was him, but it was a bit hard to greet him and the waitress didn't say anything. She was wondering whether it was him or not. She was unsure and walked to the private room before she saw a beautiful girl inside. She felt a bit confused and asked, "Kasugano Haruka?"

"No. He is in the toilet. You should wait for him for a while," Utaha said plainly.

Hisako nodded and sat down on the other side of the table. "My name is Hisako Arato and I am Nakiri Erina-sama's secretary."

"Nakiri Erina-sama?" Utaha was confused since she didn't know the name of the owner of God's tongue. Even though the owner of God's tongue was famous in the food industry, it was different for normal people since it was rare for them to hear their news or meet this person. She looked at Hisako and said, "Let's wait for him since it will be troublesome to explain twice."

"I understand." Hisako nodded.


Haru walked to the toilet and saw a cute girl with short pink hair. He was quite surprised by the color of the hair of this girl, but his hair color was also strange since it was silver. He continued to walk until he heard a girl's voice.

"Where is it?"

"Where is it?"

Haru saw a beautiful girl with long blonde hair who seemed to be looking for something. He walked toward her and asked, "Do you need help?"