Sis Con With Dimensional Chat Group Book 1 Chapter 423

Volume 1 Chapter 423 Girlfriend And Fiancee 3

Erina who had ended her process to give water to flower in the toilet decided to come out, but suddenly she had lost her important thing here. She was wondering how she could lose it when she was only inside this place. "Where is it? Where is it?"

"Do you need help?"

Erina looked up and saw a young man. She didn't think much and nodded. "Yes."

"Let me help you."

"Thank you." Erina continued to search once again.


"What item is missing?" Haru thought that this girl had lost something on the toilet.

"I - It's a photo." Erina was a bit embarrassed, but she decided to grit her teeth since she didn't want to lose it. It was a photo of her childhood together with her idol. It was an important photo for her and she didn't want to lose it.

Haru looked around and saw something on the nearby decorative plant. He saw that it was an old photo and took it. He saw a photo of a little girl together with an old man inside the photo. He felt that he had seen the old man somewhere, but he didn't think much. "Is this the one?"

Erina turned toward him, holding a photo of her in his hand. "That's the one!" She was excited and wanted to grab it from him.

"Well, be careful next time." Haru gave the photo and touched her hand slightly.

Erina turned red while holding her photo. "Thank you."

"No problem. Don't lose it again," Haru said and went to the man toilet.

Erina sighed in relief and wanted to ask his name, but she was too embarrassed. She shook her head and decided to go to Hisako.


Haru went back from the toilet and opened the door. He saw three girls inside and smiled. "I am sorry to make you wait."

Hisako looked at Haru and asked, "Kasugano Haruka-san?"

"Yes. That's my name." Haru nodded and looked at Hisako. "Hisako Arato?"

"Yes." Hisako nodded and said, "You can call me Hisako."

Haru smiled and said, "You can call me, Haru." He sat down next to Utaha then looked at the girl beside Hisako. He felt a bit surprised looking at this girl since he had met her on the toilet earlier. 'Is this Senzaemon's granddaughter?'

"She is Nakiri Erina-sama and the one who is going to take care of your catering for your event," Hisako introduced.

"Hello, my name is Kasugano Haruka." Haru introduced himself.

Erina smiled and seemed a bit happy when she saw him. "Erina Nakiri." However, she felt strange when she saw the girl beside Haru. "She is?"

"Kasumigaoka Utaha. She is my girlfriend. I hope that you won't mind that I bring her here," Haru said.

"Hello." Utaha gave them a polite smile while hugging Haru's arm showing her position.

Hisako and Erina twitched their lips when they looked at Utaha. They didn't have experience in dating, but they couldn't help but feel envious since their school life was all working.

"Having a school in Hyakkou Academy is sure very free since you can date a girl," Erina said sharply while looking at Haru.

Haru didn't think much and asked, "Is Tootsuki different? Both of you are beautiful, don't you have a boyfriend?"

"..." Hisako and Erian were red when they were praised, but they became depressed when Haru asked whether they had a boyfriend or not. "No." Their tone was very cold when they answered this question.

Utaha smiled beautifully when she heard their answer. "You're very late!"

"My bad. The food is here, why don't we try it first?" Haru said.

"No. Let's talk about the business," Erina said while looking at Haru. She felt that it would turn similar to a manga where the guy and girl met each other by a coincidence then the love would bloom, but the reality wasn't kind. She felt a bit depressed when she found out that this guy had a girlfriend already. She looked at Utaha and had to admit that this girl was beautiful. She shook her head and decided to focus on her job rather than something stupid known as love.

"Well....." Haru nodded and didn't think much about Erina's words and started to talk about the plan since the event would be held on Friday later.

Utaha had a very bad personality and wanted to chew on this girl only Haru held her hand to stop her. She looked at Haru and snorted before trying the dish in front of her since she wasn't going to join the conversation.

Haru, Erina, and Hisako started to talk about the catering and the details of the time and the price.

Haru had to admit even though the price was a bit expensive, it was worth it when he thought about it.

Erina and Hisako were a bit surprised when they heard the content of the event was about group dating and they felt a bit curious.

"Do you want to watch the event?" Haru asked.

"Wel...." Erina looked at Hisako to see her schedule.

Hisako looked at the schedule and said, "I am sorry. During that time, Erina-sama has an appointment to test the food in the restaurant in Kyoto."

Erina and Hisako knew that they didn't have a chance to see it.

"Well, don't think too much. If this event is successful then there might be a second and third event later," Haru said.

Erina and Hisako nodded in response.

They didn't talk too long and Erina and Hisako went back directly after they had done with the talk.

Haru looked at Utaha who had been looking at him. "What?"

"Why is it so expensive for catering?" Utaha asked. Her family's condition was normal and turned worse when her father was laid off. It was her luck when she talked about this problem to Haru and her family's problem had been alleviated. That was why she was a bit sensitive when they were talking about a topic about money since she knew how important it was. She was surprised when she heard the cost of catering since it was very expensive.

"Don't think too much. The money that I'll get from the event will cover everything from the cost," Haru said.

"Really?" Utaha asked curiously.

"I am your man. You should have confidence in me," Haru said and kissed her cheek. "Let's eat then we can have a date after this."

"Hmm..." Utaha nodded and didn't think much anymore. She had confidence in him and would support his decision.

Haru teased Utaha for a bit while thinking about his meeting with Erina. 'What should I do?' He shook his head and didn't think much while letting the flow decide everything. He shouldn't think of another girl during his date and only decided to make the girl beside him happy.

"It's good!"