Sis Con With Dimensional Chat Group Book 1 Chapter 424

Volume 1 Chapter 424 Video Hostings Website

Erina and Hisako went back to their car and sat down while thinking about the thing that had happened earlier. They couldn't help but feel envious of the girl earlier.

Erina's mood was a bit bad and asked, "Hisako. Cancel all the plans today. I want to go back."

"..." Hisako was a bit speechless but nodded. "Yes. Erina-sama."

Erina looked out the window while thinking about the coincidence meeting earlier. She sighed and wondered whether it was just a fleeting memory.


Utaha was very happy spending her time together with him.

Haru was also happy to have such a lovely mistress even though sometimes her mouth was very black.

They spent quite a long time during their date and went back quite late.

Utaha knew that it was her time to separate from him. "I'll go back now."

"I'm very reluctant to let you go home though," Haru said while holding Utaha's waist.

Utaha chuckled and said, "My father is going to kill you."

"It's worth it if I have to be able to spend more time with you," Haru said with a serious expression.

"I know. I also want to spend more time with you." Utaha sighed.

"Well, let me kiss you now," Haru said and stole her lips directly.

Utaha had always wanted to win against him only the moment Haru's lips touched her she felt the indescribable feeling.

They were kissing for a long time until the window of the car was knocked.

Knock! Knock!

Utaha and Haru turned and saw Kasumigaoka Eichi who had been looking at both of them.


"I am going back." Utaha smiled sweetly and left the door.

Haru really didn't want to let her go, only Kasumigaoka Eichi looking at him fiercely. "Uncle, how is the newspaper?"

Kasumigaoka Eichi who wanted to be mad at Haru suddenly turned into work mode. "It's good. The number of circulation has increased after both of the new contents, especially the "Salaryman Journey" which gathered a lot of fans and a number of pubs and restaurants who ask for an advertis.e.m.e.nt in our newspaper."

"Good. I have also seen the website. Try to make it simpler," Haru said.

"I understand." Kasumigaoka Eichi nodded.

"Uncle. If possible can you try to target those small newspapers around the small prefectures?" Haru asked.

"It's possible, but what are you going to do?" Kasumigaoka Eichi asked.

"Of course, buying them," Haru said.

"..." Kasumigaoka Eichi was speechless and asked, "Do you have that much money?"

"Wait for a month," Haru said.

"Month?" Kasumigaoka Eichi thought for a while and asked, "Is it something to do with your investment company?"

"Oh? Ayase-san has told you?" Haru asked.

Kasumigaoka Eichi nodded and said, "He has said thank you to me after I have introduced him to you."

"Ayase? Dad, do you mean Uncle Ayase? Eri's father?" Utaha asked.

"Yeah. That one." Kasumigaoka Eichi nodded.

"I won't talk much. I'll go back now, Uncle," Haru said.

"Ok. Be careful on the street." Kasumigaoka Eichi nodded.

"Bye, Utaha." Haru winked at Utaha then drove back to his home.

Kasumigaoka Eichi suddenly realized that he had forgotten to complain to him making his daughter come back very late. "Damn! Utaha! I won't agree with this relationship!"

Utaha rolled her eyes hearing her father.


Haru went back to his apartment and saw that Sora was doing yoga in the living room. He smiled and walked behind her. "Is it a new exercise to increase the size of the bust?"

Sora snorted and said, "Don't bother me! I am going to exercise!" She sniffed his body and asked, "Date with Utaha?"

"Yeah." Haru nodded and walked to get tea.

"....." Sora sighed and said, "Why that girl?"

"Do you hate her that much?" Haru asked and sat down on the sofa while looking at Sora.

"No, but she is annoying," Sora said.

"....." Haru thought for a while and said, "I won't take her to this place. You don't need to worry." He stood up and hugged her little waist.

Sora didn't reject him and looked at him. "Really?"

"Yeah. You're the most important to me." Yuuki pinched her little nose and kissed her lips. He really had become a very skillful sc.u.m at this moment.

Sora enjoyed every moment with him and did it for a full few minutes before separating. "I'm full of sweat."

"It's okay. You smell very nice." Haru sniffed her neck.

"You pervert!' Sora blushed in response and pushed him. "I'll continue to exercise. Don't bother me."

"Hmm..." Haru decided to take his laptop to the living room to start his project. He thought to create a video-hosting website since most of the video-hostings websites in this country were on the baby stage. He knew how profitable this video-hostings was depending on the business model. He also had cloud computing in his cafe and didn't need to worry about a lag when there was large traffic. He wouldn't use the same business model as Youtube on his video-hosting website since it would burn a lot of his money.

Haru knew that he needed a lot of videos to make his video-hosting website popular, but he needed to buy the copyright for the video.

However, he needed his money to do something else.

That was why Haru decided to create a novel first to gather traffic around his website and it wouldn't be late for him to turn it into a video-website later. His novel had a very good popularity and he could promote his website on his twitter later.

'First, I need to make a website.' Haru thought and started to create the website on his laptop. He really needed a lot of people to manage it. He could let Ritsu manage all of them, but he wanted his company to be managed by humans since he could create a job in society then making his social power would become stronger since he was holding an economy of a lot of people.

Sora was done with her yoga and walked toward him curiously. "What are you making?"

"Website," Haru answered.

"Hmm... What is the name of the website?" Sora asked.

Haru had decided the name of his video-hostings website and said, "NicoNico."