Sis Con With Dimensional Chat Group Book 1 Chapter 425

Volume 1 Chapter 425 I Am Working

Why did he decide to create a video sharing website?

There were a lot of benefits such as making money when the website was popular. The other benefit was that Haru could promote his game or music. Anyway, it was a very profitable business and since his objection to becoming media conglomerate then this video-sharing website was something that he needed to have. He had a lot of plans in his head, but he needed to do it step by step since his cash wasn't enough.

Haru had decided to write two novels to gather traffic of people to his website. He thought for a while and decided to write "Sword Art Online" and "5 Centimeters per Second" for his new website. The first novel was to gather the male internet user and the second was to gather the female internet user. His writing was very fast and he decided to not upload too many words to both novels. He had only written 5000 words in each novel and it was very easy for him to write 10,000 words in a short time since his writing skill was very fast.

Sword Art Only is a story of someone who is trapped in the virtual reality game and the people who are trapped inside the game need to clear the game before they can get out of that game. This game isn't a normal game since the players who die inside the game will also die in reality. The story of this novel is very interesting and the concept of virtual reality game is new in this world.

5 Centimeters per Second is a story of love between boy and girl who is separated by a distance. Their life is good until the girl has moved from the hometown leaving the boy behind. However, their relationship doesn't stop since both of them keep sending each other letters. The boy is satisfied, but after a few months, the letter that he has gotten becomes less until the girl has never sent him a letter. The boy is living a gray life while unable to forget the girl. The story doesn't end here and it is better for the reader to watch the anime directly.

Haru didn't hesitate to plagiarize both of the novels in this work since he could do it. He was wondering whether he should write Twilight, Hunger Game, 50 Shades of Grey (he needs to hide his identity when he is writing this novel), and a lot of books.

Sora laid on Haru's lap while reading a manga. There was sweat on her forehead after doing an exercise making her more attractive. She heard a loud sound of typing on the keyboard and looked at his laptop curiously. "New novel?" She raised her eyebrow when she saw a lot of words on his laptop.


"Hmm..." Sora felt that her eyes were a bit dizzy looking at how fast Haru typed his novel. She wanted to continue to read her manga only suddenly felt something hard on the back of her head. She raised her eyebrow then smiled naughtily. She moved in front of him then opened the zipper on his pants.

Haru stopped and asked, "What are you doing?" He was speechless looking at Sora's action.

"I am helping you," Sora said and took out his dragon which was very angry. She used her hand to tame the dragon and slowly caressed it.

"How is this helping me?" Haru felt that it was a bit crazy.

"How is the side effect of your magic?" Sora asked.

"...." Haru sighed when Sora reminded him about it and said, "But we can do it after I have done with my work."

"That's too long. I also want to take a bath. I'll just get dirty while you're doing your job," Sora said.

"OK." Haru decided to not think too much and continued with his job while Sora was taming his dragon.

Sora had become a very skilled dragon tamer and she had almost become an expert. She wanted to reach a new level of technique since she was almost on her breakthrough. She opened her mouth and wet the dragon with her saliva to make it easier for her to tame this dragon.

Haru shuddered, but he kept doing his job. He felt that it was quite hard to write while his dragon was being tamed. He felt that Sora had become more skillful than before.

Sora gulped since she felt that the dragon seemed to be delicious. She thought about the taste and decided to lick it slowly.

"..." Haru stopped and looked at Sora for a while but didn't say anything. He needed to observe her growth since he knew that it was important.

Sora was a bit surprised then she didn't hesitate and put the dragon inside her mouth directly. She wasn't sure why, but she felt that it was very natural for her. Even though it was too big for her mouth, she forced herself to learn.

"Don't force yourself," Haru said.

"Hmgh..." Sora shook her head with something very large on her mouth. She didn't want to lose and decided to tame this dragon.

Haru decided to support her and didn't do anything. He suddenly felt that his position was similar to a boss of an a.d.u.l.t story in the manga that he had read in the past. His expression was serious while doing his job, but under such a charade there was something dirty happening under him.

It was before long that Haru had done with his writing and he published both of his novels on his new website before sharing the link on his twitter.

At the same time, Sora felt that the dragon that she was tamed suddenly became tremble and knew that it was the critical moment. She moved very fast, then a large eruption happened. A white magma erupted, discriminatingly covering her entire face. "It's warm..." She moved her tongue around to taste this white magma.

"....." Haru shuddered and picked Sora in his arms. "Let's go to the bathroom and let me clean you."