Sis Con With Dimensional Chat Group Book 1 Chapter 426

Volume 1 Chapter 426 Runa Squinted Her Eyes


Haru didn't skip school but went honestly to his school since he needed to prepare for his event. He had talked about catering and he only needed to set up a promotion at the school. He had prepared the poster that he would place on the announcement board later.

"Is this the poster?" Runa asked.

"Yeah," Haru answered.

Runa nodded and seemed to be satisfied with the poster. She looked at Haru who was in his disguise with his black hair. She knew that this guy was quite famous, especially when his photo appeared on the television during the news of his acquisition of a newspaper. She suddenly remembered something and said, "Do you need investment?"

"....." Haru was speechless and said, "What investment?"

"Your website. I'm not sure what you're planning, but I'm sure you're planning to do something," Runa said.

Haru raised his eyebrow and said, "The website is on the initial stage. I don't need an investment for the time being." He also didn't need that much money to manage this website by himself.

"What are you going to plan with that website?" Runa asked.

"Nothing. Let's talk when the website is popular," Haru said.

"But your website is popular?!" Runa said while twitching her lips. She didn't know what Haru was planning, but she smelled money from him.

Haru knew that his website was quite popular since he had a lot of fans on twitter and when he posted the link of his website on twitter a lot of people started to open it at the same time to read his novel.

His website was similar to an internet community for readers and writers to publish new user-generated stories in different genres, including classics, general fiction, historical fiction, non-fiction, poetry, fan-fiction, spiritual, humor, and teen fiction.

However, it was only his first step since he also wanted to change it to a video-hosting website. He needed to raise his money first through his investment company later.

"How is the preparation?" Haru decided to change the topic of conversation.

Runa snorted and said, "It's done. We have gotten permission from the student council." She smiled and said, "Anyway, who dares to stop us now."

"We're not a student council. We also need to pay a tax to them for this event," Haru said with a sigh. He really hated it when his cake was divided again.

"That's true." Runa nodded and said, "There is a week before the show. You need to be patient."

"I am very patient," Haru said.

"Haru. Do you have the continuation of both Sword Art Online and 5 Centimeters per Second? I am very hooked on both of them. If possible can you also give me the Dragon Zakura too," Runa said with a bright expression.

Haru nodded and said, "You can read it soon."

"Eh?!" Runa pouted and kept complaining.

Haru ignored her and only patted her head to stop.

They stopped bickering with each other when the class started and they were listening to the teacher even though they didn't need to either. In this school, the academic wasn't that important after all and the most important thing in this was the ability to gamble.

Haru knew that the position of student council was the most important and the most authoritative position in this school. He didn't care much about this position, and he had never thought to create wealth using a gamble in this school since all of them in this place were students and they hadn't worked in society. When they lost money they used the money of their parents and the amount of money wasn't that much unless they were rich.

Haru was quite happy since the money that he had won from both of his gambles had entered his bank account. He had decided to use this money for an investment, especially for gold since it was on the rise.

'2009, huh?'

Haru knew that there were a lot of butterfly effects that were happening in this world when he was reincarnated since he had seen a lot of things that didn't appear in his last life such as Love Live. He didn't know why such a show where a high school student competed for each other to become the best idol in this country. He knew that this show had a lot of potentials and he thought that it would be good to use this show to promote his Instagram.

His Instagram was quite good and the number of accounts was steadily increasing. The only problem was he needed to do something to promote this app to North America.

'The problem is China.'

Haru knew that social media such as Facebook and Instagram were being blocked by the government of China. He knew that it would be hard to enter China's market. He needed a partner and let them manage Instagram in China by themselves since the market of China was too tempting. He shook his head and decided to not think too much now since his economic power was too low.

Haru looked at Runa who was taking a picture of herself using a smartphone and he also saw that he was on the frame. He also saw a familiar app on her phone and asked, "What are you doing?"

"Oh, I am taking a photo." Runa uploaded her photo and said, "Do you have an Instagram?"

"...." Haru was speechless but also felt happy. "I have it."

"Really? Let me follow you," Runa said.

"Sure. I'll follow you back," Haru said.

Runa didn't expect Haru to have an Instagram account. She was curious and decided to look at it. She was speechless when she saw it. "There are a lot of girls."

"Yeah. They're my friends," Haru said.

"...." Runa squinted her eyes while looking at him suspiciously.

Haru decided to not say anything and changed the topic of conversation. "Now is the break, let's go and meet Kirari."

Runa kept looking at him but nodded in agreement.

Haru was wondering whether he had raised Runa's flag in the past.