Sis Con With Dimensional Chat Group Book 1 Chapter 428

Volume 1 Chapter 428 If Only..

Akane went back directly to her apartment. She wasn't sure why she did this, but she knew that someone was waiting for her there. For the past two days, that guy didn't even appear in her apartment and let her be alone.

In the past two days, Akane decided to go out and she was right that she didn't need to wait before a lot of guys tried to flirt with her.



Akane only felt that all of them were very dull. She remembered the guys that she had met for the past two days were very dull and couldn't give her any excitement. That was why her mood had been very bad in the past two days, but everything disappeared when she heard him going to her apartment today. She entered her apartment and smelled something very delicious.

"Oh, you have come back?" Haru asked.

Akane saw Haru who was in his uniform and asked, "So this is the uniform of a rich school?" She looked at it curiously and touched the fabric. She had to admit that the quality of this uniform was very good. "Why do you suddenly wear your uniform?" She felt weird since this guy usually wore casual clothes before entering her apartment.

"Let's try a teacher and student play," Haru said with a smile.

Akane snorted and said, "You perverted student. Do you really like to be taught by your teacher, huh?" She flicked Haru's forehead as if trying to reprimand him. She didn't remember how many postures that Haru had tried on her, but she felt that she had become more experienced.

"Sensei, I have prepared dinner for you. I hope that you can forgive me," Haru said with a playful tone.

"Good. Let me taste it," Akane said with a nod and sat down before tasting the dinner. She had to admit that his food was really good.

Haru also ate together while talking about a lot of things with Akane. It might be because he had left her for two days that this woman became very wild after dinner. He didn't even have time to wash the dish and started his lesson. "Sensei, is it good?"


Haru only heard a m.o.a.n from her and didn't continue to talk focussing his attention on this woman.


"I am tired," Akane said while laying on the bed with a tired body.

"Do you want to drink something?" Haru stood up and went to the refrigerator.

Akane looked at Haru who was n.a.k.e.d showing his dangling dragon and cute butts to her. She sighed and wondered how this guy had such stamina. "Cold water."

Haru nodded and took two bottles of water from her refrigerator. He sat next to the bath and opened the bottle cap for her before giving the water to her. "Here, you can drink it directly." He also placed straw on the bottle letting her sip the water easily.

Akane was just too lazy to move and sipped the water from a straw. She sighed and felt quite nice for some reason.

"Oh, right. I have forgotten to give you a gift," Haru suddenly said.

"Gift?" Akane was a bit surprised.

"Here. I am not sure which one you like and choose based on the clerk's recommendation," Haru said.

Akane's eyes brightened up when she saw the bag in front of her. "Louis Vuitton!" She checked the bag and hugged it tightly. "Really? For me?"

"Yeah. It's just a small gift," Haru said. He knew that woman loved a bag, especially this woman. He remembered his past girlfriends who collected a number of bags even though she had never used it.

"Isn't this expensive?" Akane asked worriedly even though she didn't let go of the bag on her hands.

"Just think of it as a reward for you giving me an idea of the past," Haru asked. He had thought to give this girl a gift since she had given him an idea in the past. He thought that an apartment was too much and decided to give her a bag.

"That's good." Akane nodded and didn't think much.

"I am happy that you love it," Haru said. He took his clothes and decided to go back since he needed to do something in his apartment. In the past, he thought to become a doctor was enough, but it seemed that he needed to do something more. He had thought a lot that since his identity was a bit troublesome and it was better to have a big house when all of the people in the group chat decided to go to his world.

Akane saw him wearing clothes and couldn't help but say sadly. "You're going back?"

"Yeah. You have school tomorrow, right? I also have school too," Haru said.

"Well...." Akane was a bit disappointed and hugged him from behind. "Say, don't you want to do it again?"

"You're not tired?" Haru was very raring to go since his dragon was very hard to tame.

"Well...." Akane was quite sore and it was hard to do it again.

"I'll stay with you until you sleep there." Haru decided to pamper her, even though he didn't have an intention to date her, but both of them were sleeping friends.

"Good." Akane nodded in response.

Haru laid beside her and Akane used his arm to sleep. "Good night." He kissed her then waited for her to sleep.

"Good night." Akane nodded and it didn't take her a long time before she was sleeping.

'If only this woman wasn't a bitch.' Haru thought while looking at Akane's sleeping face. He shook his head and decided to not think too much. He went out silently then went back since he had a lot of things to do.