Sis Con With Dimensional Chat Group Book 1 Chapter 429

Volume 1 Chapter 429 Invesment's Way

The next day, Haru didn't go to his school but rather went to his investment company to visit Ayase. However, he was surprised when he entered the location of the office. "Have you rented an office 1,000 square meters for less than 900,000 yen? How did you do that?" He had said before that his office wasn't that big and knew that Ayase had changed the location of the office, but when he entered this place it was quite huge and it was very cheap too. He didn't really mind and it was better this way, but Marunouchi district was a business district and the rent was expensive.

"This place isn't Ginza. It can be cheaper if the location is in Shinjuku or Ropponging," Ayase said, but he is more inclined to have an office in this area.

Haru nodded since he knew that Ginza had the most expensive land price in all of Japan. He smiled and said, "In the future, we don't need to rent. I'll build the building itself later." He was sitting in his office while looking at the scenery around. His eyes were confident and ambitious and knew that day wouldn't be that long.

Ayase who saw Haru's confident and ambitious eyes didn't know why, but he felt that his body was burning in excitement. "I won't let you down."

"I believe that you won't let me down." Haru nodded with a smile and said, "When I came here I saw five people who were busy. Are they your recruits?"

Ayase was a bit embarrassed and nodded. "Yes, although all of them were someone that had been laid off during financial turmoil, but they are definitely experienced senior practitioners. I have chosen them from hundreds of resumes and I interviewed them in person. They're all professionals in financial investment. As for why they're being unemployed, you can only say that the environment has created it and couples with bad luck..... When you came there was only a table and a chair. We need to do everything by ourselves."

"That's good. We're a new company. Everything needs to work hard," Haru said. He didn't have that much of an opinion with Ayase, who recruited someone who had been unemployed.

Although the unemployed are likely to be eliminated due to a lack of professionalism and talent. It does not rule out bad luck.

Haru believed that Ayase wouldn't recruit a group of mediocre talents to help himself. He knew that Ayase needed to have an elite helper for this new investment company and with Ayase's personality he knew that this guy wouldn't recruit someone who was worse than himself.

Besides, Haru had a heard a sentence of "I only know how to cherish it if I have lost it". He felt quite happy when he saw his employees moving the desk, chair, and computers by themselves. He knew that they couldn't wait to start to work.

"Now that the company has been set up and personnel have been recruited, it is also time to get the company up and running," Haru said with a smile. He saw a smile on Ayase who seemed to be excited, but it was a pity. "I will only deposit 100 million yen to my account this afternoon." He looked at Ayase's expression, who seemed excited and slowly disappeared when Ayase heard the amount of money.

"You seem to be disappointed? Is 100 million yen too little for you?" Haru asked with a slightly cold tone even though he had a faint smile on his face.

Ayase shook his head and said, "Boss, I am not disappointed. Even though 100 million yen isn't that much, this is not a big problem. As long as the investment in the operation is good then I am confident to turn this money bigger."

"Of course, in this way, we can only choose the short-term operation mode of T + 0, especially during the market shock, doing T + 0 in the market is the most stable and efficient arbitrage method, earning points every day. It is also just the right method to test their true level and ability!"

Haru was only testing Ayase, but when he heard about T + 0. He couldn't help but seem interested. "T + 0?" He had knowledge of the financial and he also knew the trend of the market since he had seen them in his past world. He only needed someone to manage it for him since the side effect of his magic was troublesome.

Ayase nodded and knew that it was normal for Haru to not understand it. "T + 0 trading, in general terms, T represents the target stock, that is, the stock bought on the day can be sold on the same day. The operation of this trading method isn't complicated, the most important thing is not to be greedy, combining the broad market and individual stocks, with a target of 2% profit, if not 1%, it must be thrown away on the same day when the stock is being bought."

"In T + 0 way, the stop loss limit must be strictly observed and settled in time. The most important thing is of this operation is how to handle the reluctant's feeling to sell when it rises, or it is reluctant's feeling to sell because of misjudgment. The more stocks are stored, the higher the cost."

"The advantage of T + 0 is that it can reduce the risk of holding positions, which is suitable for small companies like ours. It is also the best way to test the ability of employees because it takes a lot of time to study the trend. For us, we can stare at the screen every day. As far as people are concerned, if they seize the opportunity reasonably, they can get a good profit."

"At the same time, this method requires a higher psychological quality of people. If the mind is unstable, it can only be employed soon. The operation of T + 0 is also very difficult because it cannot be successful when the stock price is sideways or the day's vibration is small, so a lot of analysis preparation is needed. In addition, its operation timing must be determined decisively, otherwise, when the timing appears and it can only be missed. "

"Good idea." Haru nodded. In short, because no one can control the market in this operation, the T + 0 itself is an initiative thinking, which requires the operator to understand the overall situation with research and analysis on the market that day.

"Regardless of whether it's short-term or mid-term, often doing T is much better than holding shares. Boss, please rest assured, I am confident that I can make another 100 million yen," Ayase said with eyes of full confidence.

"Oh, then I'll wait and see. If you can give me a satisfactory result, I will continue to add funds to let you operate, so this 100 million yen is a test even for experiments." Haru said with a smile.

"By the way, can you open both the American Stock Exchange and London Stock Exchange account too?" Haru said.

"Sure, are you interested in investing in some company?" Ayase asked carefully.

"I am very interested in Apple's stock, and I feel that the United States has almost gotten rid of the lowest point of the financial crisis. There should be a good market, don't you think?" Haru said.

Hearing Haru's words, Ayase nodded and said, "The financial crisis originated on Wall Street. The rescue effort in the United States is indeed very large and very radical. Under the stimulation of a large number of funds, the stock market will indeed take the lead in responding. I will be looking for some investment opportunities, as for Apple's stock, I will sort out its information and analyze and follow up."

"How about London?" Ayase understood the American Stock Market, but the London Stock Market? He didn't have much of an impression and also hadn't done any research on it.

"Gold. Try to analyze gold in the London market. I'll deposit 2 billion yen to enter the market by myself," Haru said.

Ayase's eyes were wide open and said, "2 billion yen?! How did you get that much money?! Have your parents given you permission?"

Haru saw Ayase who had become very excited and stopped him. "Ayase-san, calm down!"

Ayase took a deep breath and nodded, but he was very curious.

"Both of my parents have died and I have been living with my little sister," Haru said.

"What?" Ayase was surprised and said, "I am sorry."

"For the source of my money. I have been gambling," Haru said.

"Gambling?" Ayase's expression turned strange when he heard this word. "Really?"

"You don't need to think too much about the source of money. You only need to manage the funds that I have given to you," Haru said with a serious tone.

"Yes." Ayase was wondering how a young man could give him such pressure. He shook his head and decided to not think too much. He suddenly thought something and asked, "Boss, you're a minor, right? Who is going to be responsible for you?"

Haru is a minor, even though there is no law that stipulated for him to not be able to own a business, but he needs to have someone who can be responsible for him.

"I have an aunt. You don't need to worry about her and she is very rich. My money is very little compared to her," Haru said truthfully. He knew that Hiratsuka's family was very rich, but he didn't want to bother them that much. He actually also hadn't talked about his plan to open this investment company to her, but he knew that his aunt would stop him when she knew about it. That was why he used Ritsu's help to make it easier for him to register this company with his aunt's fake permission. He was sure that she would get angry, but he felt that it was alright.

Ayase seemed relieved when he heard Haru's words. He suddenly remembered something and asked, "Gold, right?" He knew that Haru might be a descendant of a rich clan in Japan and it might be a trial that Haru needed to do in his family.

Haru didn't know about what Ayase was thinking and when he knew that he would only laugh at him since he felt that Ayase's imagination was very high.

"Yeah, gold." Haru nodded.

"I understand. I'll collect the data in two days," Ayase said.

"Good, I'll leave everything to you," Haru said.

They didn't talk much and Haru went back after his talk with Ayase since he had another appointment and this time he was going to meet a woman.