Sis Con With Dimensional Chat Group Book 1 Chapter 43

Volume 1 Chapter 43 Restoration

They saw the match between Shikamaru and Temari was over and as expected Shikamaru could end her but he was too lazy.

"Well, that's a bit let down," Anko said. She thought that the pineapple head kid would be able to win but he decided to give up.

Haru, Kuroneko, and Yajima didn't have a surprised expression on their face since they knew the result of this battle.

The battle continued and Shino won by default since his opponent was missing. The next battle was between Gaara and Sasuke.

Gaara was standing in the arena but Sasuke was nowhere to be seen.

"Damn, where is he?" Naruto was pissed.

Shikamaru shook his head. He had also asked Haru to heal him since he saw him heal Naruto. His body is better right now and feels more energized. He felt that Haru was a very talented medical ninja in his mind. Though he wasn't sure whether he was a ninja or not since he brought a wooden sword and didn't wear any ninja forehead protector.


Haru was looking at the arena until he saw a two-person appear suddenly. He knew them well since both of them were Sasuke and Kakashi. He needed to get ready since he was sure that the enemy would start with the illusion to make everyone sleep.

"Hmm, finally," Kuroneko said with her delusional tone. She looked around and said, "Where is Gin-San?"

"He is probably in the toilet, that guy probably eats something again along the way and his stomach starts to hurt again," Haru said.

Yajima shook his head with a smile, "He probably did that."

"Useless," Kuroneko shook her head.

Yajima and Haru looked at her and also shook their heads, 'Before you said that you need to see the mirror first.' They didn't say it out loud since it would be very troublesome.

They saw both Gaara and Sasuke facing each other.

Haru noticed that Kakashi, Gai, and Lee were there together with Naruto group. He didn't know what they were talking about but they walked toward him. He knew that they had already known about Orochimaru's plan but he wasn't sure why they walked toward him. He could see that Naruto was very excited and Lee looked very hopeful.

"Haru, let me introduce you, this is Lee, he is my friend, and this is Kakashi-Sensei, and Gai-Sensei," Naruto introduced.

Haru nodded, "Hello, my name is Haru."

"Oh, young man!! I know you're a friend of Tsunade-Sama!!" Gai said while showing his white teeth to him.

Kakashi nodded and smiled under his mask.

Haru was quite pleasing to his eyes since he had silver hair. Their hair color was similar to each other.

Naruto also noticed it and looked between the two of them, "Are you two siblings?"

Haru and Kakashi looked at Naruto and thought that he was an idiot.

"W - what's with that look?" Naruto became pissed.

"Why are you here?" Haru asked.

"That's right, Haru, can you heal Lee's leg?" Naruto said while pointing his finger at Lee's leg.

Haru looked at Lee's leg and remembered that it was caused by Gaara who was fighting on the arena. He knew that Gaara had broken his bone to pieces and the medical jutsu couldn't heal them since it was just too complicated.

The healing jutsu in Naruto world was similar to accelerate the repairing of the cell, in other words, it made the body heal the wound faster.

But Lee had a very complicated situation since his bone was destroyed and needed intensive care from medical ninja who had a similar level to Tsunade.

Haru wasn't sure why Lee didn't ask Tsunade to heal his legs, "You know that to heal his leg, it needs someone who has similar knowledge to Tsunade, right? Why don't you ask Tsunade?"

Kakashi and Naruto looked at both Lee and Gai. Both of them knew that Tsunade was in the village and wondered why they didn't ask her.

"Ah, the operation will be held in a week," Lee said with a smile.

"Eh? Really?" Naruto was quite surprised.

Gai nodded, "Yeah, Lee will have his operation in a week but since Naruto said that you have great talent in medical jutsu, we're trying our luck here."

Haru nodded and said, "Hmm, I can heal it actually."

"Eh? Really?" Everyone was a bit surprised.

Haru nodded, "Yes, but can you share your exercise method? I'm really interested in martial arts."

Gai nodded, "Sure, I don't mind, I like someone who loves martial arts, youth!!" He gave him a thumbs up.

"Alright, let me heal your leg," Haru said and healed him with his light magic, "Restoration."

Lee suddenly felt warm on his leg and at the same time, it felt quite itchy.

"Hold it, don't scratch your leg," Haru said.

Everyone around him was curious with this skill but it was at most five or six people since most of the people in this arena were attracted to the battle between Sasuke and Gaara.

"Done," Haru said.

"Eh? So fast!!"

Lee tried to move his leg and tried to use it to kick it around, "WOW!!!!" He felt that his leg had been restored and he could move his leg around.

Gai and Kakashi were also amazed at this medical jutsu ability.

Anko, who had been sitting with him, also looked at him with amazement.

Haru nodded with satisfaction.

His healing magic was similar to restoring or reverting some objects or organisms to a previous state. He could also use something similar to the medical jutsu in this world which accelerates cells to heal on his own but Lee's condition was very bad and he was just too lazy to do it manually. In some sense, his healing magic had the same effect on time magic. Even though it was very powerful, it had several limitations.

Haru can't cure illnesses (as victims are not considered damaged), retrieve things erased by something, or restore life to a dead organism.