Sis Con With Dimensional Chat Group Book 1 Chapter 433

Volume 1 Chapter 433 Wrong With Education

Haru was sitting in his apartment while writing a novel. He started his preparation and he only needed one step back and that was a gamble. He decided to gamble all of the money that he had gotten from gambling in his school to gambling on the futures market, especially gold. He had confidence and he believed that he could become the youngest billionaire in the world after this. He really couldn't wait for two days later.

His only problem now was how to solve the side effects of his magic.

Haru looked at the points that he had acc.u.mulated and he only needed two thousand points before he could solve his trouble. He had great luck and he had gotten a lot of points from daily points in Group Chat. He smiled when he thought that he would be liberated soon from this trouble.

Suddenly he felt that his phone vibrated and saw a chat from Akane.

Akane: "You're not coming?"

Haru: "No. I am a bit busy today. I will play on Thursday."

Akane: "Too long! I am going to search for another man!" She thought of taunting him to see his reaction.

Haru frowned when he saw this message. He didn't have feelings for Akane, but he felt uncomfortable to share a hole with someone else. He shook his head and decided to not think too much. He typed his smartphone and answered, "Sure. Just do that and I won't come back. Go and get a new boyfriend."


Akane was surprised when she received Haru's message. She felt very sad even though she didn't know why. "You don't care?"

Haru's answer was simple and replied. "I don't want to share a hole with someone else." He didn't have a shortage of girls and it was better to let go of her early since he had a feeling his trouble would disappear early.

Akane wasn't sure what to say when she received his answer. Usually, she didn't care much when her boyfriend wanted to break up with her, but she felt very uncomfortable right now and felt sad for some reason. She suddenly became mad and replied, "Then, I'll search for a boyfriend now!"

Haru only shook his head when he saw her reply then placed his smartphone on the table while waiting for both Sora and Megumi to come together.

Suddenly the door of the apartment was opened and Haru could hear two familiar voices.

"I am back!"

"Excuse me."

"Welcome back." Haru took off his glasses while looking at both of them with a smile. "What do you want for dinner?" His appetite was quite large and he didn't mind eating a lot of food.

"I want to eat ramen," Sora said.

Megumi didn't have a lot of problems with eating ramen and she didn't say anything.

"....." Haru was speechless since it needed a long time to prepare ramen broth. He thought for a while and nodded. "Sure."

"One with low calories," Sora said. She thought that she had worked out a lot and she didn't want to get fat.

"Sure. I can prepare for it. I'll prepare vegetarian ramen," Haru said.

"Vegetarian ramen?" Megumi and Sora were surprised.

"Sit tight and wait for me. This ramen is also good for stamina," Haru said and entered the kitchen.

Sora and Megumi snorted while blushing to look at Haru's back. "This pervert!" They knew what this guy was thinking and could only sigh since they were also waiting for him to do such a thing together.

Haru was in the kitchen and remembered that he had bought tempeh before. He smiled and started cooking.


Sora and Megumi waited for Haru in anticipation of his cooking. They waited for a while and saw Haru bring two bowls of ramen in front of them.

"Two special rich ramen. Please enjoy my princess," Haru said playfully.

Megumi nodded and said, "Let me see whether it is delicious or not."

"Be careful, it is hot. Do you want me to feed you?" Haru asked.

Megumi felt a bit embarrassed and shook her head. "No. It's okay."

Sora didn't think much and looked at the ramen which looked quite rich. She felt weird and asked, "Is this really vegetarian ramen?" She felt that this ramen was full of animal fat for some reason.

Haru nodded and said, "Yeah. Try it."

Megumi and Sora looked at each other and nodded. They started to eat and slurped their ramen. "Hmmm!!!!!" They didn't expect that the taste of this ramen was very refreshing, but it was also very rich.

"I have made the broth from both soy milk and miso. The soy milk is very good to increase the size of your chest," Haru said.

"....." Megumi and Sora rolled their eyes together, but they ate the ramen faster when they thought about the effect of soy milk.

"What is this?" Megumi asked, looking at the strange brown square thing inside the ramen.

"It's tempeh It is made from soybean and the taste should be similar to meat," Haru said.

Megumi and Sora decided to try and took a bite of the tempeh. They bit the tempeh and suddenly tasted a burst of flavors from the tempeh which had absorbed the broth. They didn't say anything again and kept eating the ramen since it was very delicious.

Haru smiled looking at Megumi and Sora and felt that both of them were very cute.

Megumi and Sora emptied the bowls and felt that their bodies were quite warm. They felt very comfortable and very nice after they had eaten the ramen.

"Thank you. It's very delicious," Megumi said.

"No problem." Haru smiled.

Sora didn't say anything and went under the table before she moved toward him to take off his pants. "Let me help you now."

"What the heck are you doing?" Haru twitched his lips.

"My body is hot now. Do something about it," Sora said.

Megumi looked at Sora who had become very perverted. She shook her head and joined her. She had been together for a while and her face had become quite thick.

Haru looked at Sora and Megumi while wondering whether he was wrong with his education.