Sis Con With Dimensional Chat Group Book 1 Chapter 434

Volume 1 Chapter 434 Come?

Akane was very annoyed when she saw Haru's reply. She thought that he would come to her apartment, but he rejected her. She knew that he was a bit busy since he had to do something, but she thought she had conquered him. She was very angry and smashed her phone. She looked at the bag that he had given to her and sighed. She looked at her empty apartment and decided to go out to search for men. She had decided to search for someone who was better than him.

Akane changed her clothes and went out to a classy pub around Shinjuku. She didn't go to a nearby place since she didn't want anyone to know about her. She walked at a speed that wasn't fast and wasn't slow. She could feel the stare of a lot of males around the street around her. Her expression was very gentle and showed a slight curve in her mouth. However, no one came toward her and she really appreciated that since she couldn't even see them. She knew that the street was dangerous since it was mixed with a lot of people, especially those drunkards who were walking around the street since those drunkards were dangerous. It was better to stay in a pub where there are a lot of elite gatherings or handsome men together.

It took her half an hour before she arrived at the pub. She sat down alone on the counter seat and said, "Margarita."

The bartender nodded and prepared her order right away.

Akane looked around and felt that this place was quite deserted, but it was alright since she didn't like crowded places. She heard a mellow jazz song in the pub and closed her eyes while thinking about her relationship with Haru. She couldn't help but felt annoyed when she remembered the thing that they had talked about earlier. Usually, she would be screaming and would say a lot of bad things about Haru. However, she wasn't even sure how to talk bad about Haru since that guy was quite a very perfect lover for her. Haru didn't stop her to search for a lover, but he wouldn't stay with him after she had a lover. She was wondering why that guy didn't fall in love with her like a lot of people.

"Your order, mam," the bartender said and placed the glass in front of her.

"Thank you." Akane maintained her gentle expression and nodded before slowly sipping on her Margarita. It was quite sour, but it was very refreshing in her throat. The alcohol made her body feel a bit hot and comfortable. She put down her glass on the table while resting her chin on her right palm.

"Are you alone?"

Akane turned and saw a man with a very gentle smile wearing a branded suit along with expensive leather shoes. She could see that this guy might be working in a big company or something. She nodded and said, "Yes. My friend hung me up earlier."

"What a friend! How can your friend hang you up like this!" The man seemed to be mad when he heard it.

"That's true." Akane nodded.

Both of them talked to each other then the man started to brag to impress her. He had told her that he was a manager at the PR department of Toyota Motor Corporation and told her about a lot of things such as meeting a lot of important people and told her that he had graduated from a famous university.

Akane only smiled while listening to this man. She knew that some people might be impressed, but she knew that this guy couldn't be compared to Haru. This guy had also kept ordering her alcohol and knew what this guy wanted to do since she wasn't unfamiliar with it. She didn't have that much interest, but she couldn't find anyone better either. She sighed when she thought that it was very hard to search for someone who was better than Haru. She didn't want to go to sleep with him, but she thought to test Haru with this man. She took her phone and gave him a message.

'I am going to a hotel with a man. If you don't want me to do it then you need to come in xxx...'

"Friend?" The man asked.

"Nothing." Akane closed her phone and placed it inside her bag. She looked at the man and asked, "You're amazing." She knew that it was very easy to make a man become infatuated. She only needed to smile and listen to him. She suddenly felt that beside Haru all of the men around her were the same.

"Of course..." The man seemed to be infatuated and kept talking about his achievement.

It didn't take them long before they walked together to a nearby hotel.

The man told Akane that he would take a bath first.

Akane nodded and walked to the outside of the veranda. She looked at her smartphone and called him. It didn't take a long time before it was connected.


"I am in a hotel." Akane said directly.


"Man," Akane said.


"I'll have s.e.x with him. If you don't want me to do it then come to this room as soon as possible. He's in the bathroom now and I am in room xx..." Akane said the information about the room and closed the phone. She looked at the night sky and felt that her heart was very complicated.


Haru looked at both Sora and Megumi who were sleeping together. He really hadn't broken the last line and hadn't taken their first time. He was very patient since both of them were very young. He went out to take his smartphone since it was ringing. He frowned when he saw a chat notice from Akane. He opened the call and frowned deeply. Even though he didn't care much, it felt very uncomfortable when she taunted him like this. He looked at his phone for a while and said, "F.u.c.k!" He kept his smartphone in his pocket and went out directly in the direction of the hotel.