Sis Con With Dimensional Chat Group Book 1 Chapter 435

Volume 1 Chapter 435 Isn't It?

"I have taken a bath," the man said after coming out from the bathroom. He wore a white bathrobe and seemed to be satisfied with something.

Akane nodded and said, "I'll take a bath too."

"Sure." The man nodded and couldn't wait in anticipation.

Akane took a bath and decided to give Haru time to appear. She knew that the man had married since she saw a ring mark on his finger, but she didn't care much since both of them wouldn't see each other again after tonight. She started to take a bath and felt warm water on her body. She had always moved from one man to another man and that had never changed. She loved the feeling of being loved by someone, especially by him.

Their relationship might have been loved, but it was in different shapes. They weren't a family or a lover, but they cared for each other.

Akane was really jealous of his girlfriends, but there was nothing she could do since she was only his friend or that is what he loved to say to her. Even though she knew that it was impossible for both man and woman to become friends, he kept insisting that they were friends.

It was her first time to have such a relationship since all of the males that got close to her had fallen in love with her and wanted her to become their own. However, she was similar to a butterfly the more someone held her the more that she wanted to move. She couldn't be owned by someone unless that person could accept her distorted personality.

"I wonder whether he will come."

Akane turned off the shower and took a towel to dry her body. After this, she would continue with her life and let a new man confess to her like always. She put a bathrobe and wrapped a towel on her head to dry her hair. She went out of the bathroom and saw the man drinking a car of beer while smoking. She frowned when she saw that he was smoking.

"Oh, do you want to smoke?" The man asked.

"I hate cigarettes," Akane said.

The man shook his head and ignored it. He drank the beer and smiled looking at her. "But I like you."

Akane only smiled and sat down beside him.

The man smiled and wanted to take her lips.

Akane stopped him and said, "Sorry, I really hate smoke." She didn't want to be kissed at this moment.

"My bad." The man put the fire down on his cigarette and said, "You're beautiful." He caressed her cheek and felt that his body was very hot looking at a beautiful woman in front of him.

Akane smiled very beautifully, even though she didn't feel anything. She kept rubbing her fingers and then felt her nails chipped. 'Ah, it's chipped.' She felt that it was very dull and she saw the man in front of her who pushed her to the bed.

"I can't wait anymore," The man said with a lascivious smile.

Akane looked at a small bulge between his legs and couldn't help but sigh. She really hoped for him to come here and make a mess of her.

The man wanted to touch her, however they heard a loud sound coming from the entrance.


Akane and the man were startled when they heard such a loud sound.

"Who are you?!" The man was angry and annoyed since he was being disturbed.

This person didn't say anything and only kicked the man away.

"Ugh!" The man was thrown and fainted directly on the ground.

Akane looked at him and frowned. "Why are you here?"

"Go back with me." Haru was very annoyed looking at this woman. 'Why am I here? Aren't you the one who has called me?' He wanted to scream toward this woman, but he decided not to say anything. He knew very well how troublesome a woman was and it was better to show his domineering side rather than coaxing her. He could coax her later to her apartment rather in this random hotel.

"No!" Akane shook her head and rejected his offer.

Haru ignored her and picked her up then placed her on his shoulder. "I'll bring you back no matter what."

"No!" Akane was moving around and tried to escape.

"Just shut up for me." Haru brought her right in front of him and kissed her lips.

"Hmm?!" Akane was startled and tried to fight back, but the more he kissed her the more she was softened. She hugged his neck then tears rolled down her eyes.

It was a very long and deep kiss, but they didn't want to be separated from each other.

"Ha... Ha... Ha..." Akane had a blush on her face looking at her ex-student. It felt nice being dominated like this.

"Pick up your clothes. I'll send you back," Haru said.

"Hmm..." Akane nodded in response.

Haru went to the toilet to put on his disguise.

"Where are you going?" Akane asked.

"Toilet," Haru answered.

Akane didn't think much and hurriedly picked her clothes. She ignored the guy who had brought him here, then waited for him in the toilet. "What are you doing?" She was curious since this guy stayed quite long.

Haru walked out from the toilet and said, "I put up my disguise."

Akane saw him change into black hair and glasses. She was quite surprised and asked, "Why do you need to disguise?"

"I am very famous now," Haru said with a smile.

Akane snorted at him in response.

Haru picked her up and held her hand. 'Let's go."

"Hmm..." Akane nodded and went out together with him. She was happy to see him here bringing her back. "How did you come so fast?"

Haru twitched his lips and said, "Because I can't let you reduce your worth once again."

Akane smiled and asked, "Do you love me?"

"No, but I care about you," Haru said.

Akane looked at him and asked, "Will you really leave me when I have s.e.x with someone else?"

"Yes. Unless you have decided to marry someone," Haru said.

Akane snorted and said, "Do you think someone wants to marry me?"

"Maybe yes. Maybe not. No one knows the future, baby," Haru said.

"Then, do you want to marry me? Our age difference isn't that big," Akane said while looking at him.

"Marry you?" Haru shook his head and said, "We have talked about this in the past. You're not the type of someone who is ready to get married. Our relationship is happy, why do you need to think so much?"

"Well...." Akane thought for a while and nodded. She knew that Haru was also very young and she didn't need to be in a hurry. "That's true." She hugged his arm and said, "You need to take responsibility for me. My body is hot now." She moved her body coquettishly while looking at his eyes.

"Don't worry, but you might need to ask for leave tomorrow," Haru said.

"Sigh... I might get fired to keep doing this." Akane sighed.

"If that is really happening then I'll make you my secretary," Haru said.

"...." Akane looked at Haru and nodded. "That might be a good idea."

Haru felt a headache with this relationship, but he should enjoy it, shouldn't he?