Sis Con With Dimensional Chat Group Book 1 Chapter 439

Volume 1 Chapter 439 Loan And Free

Haru looked at his account which had shrunk a lot. He had only a few hundred million yen on his account right now. However, he was lucky that he didn't have a loan or debt at the moment. He really hoped that this few hundreds of million yen would be enough to buy a game company later.

Why has he decided to create such a bet?

It is simple.


Haru knew how to reach Kirari's level. He needed to do something different from normal operation. With the money, his future was also going to be secure too and he needed a lot of money to create his own power in this country.

Haru looked at Ayase and said, "I'm waiting for the good news. If 100 million yen becomes 200 million yen, I will add another 100 million yen. When the funds become 500 million yen, I will add it again." He knew that with a capital of 100 million yen it was a bit of a stretch, but the company's investment was different from his investment in gold. If Ayase didn't show him the result, then he wouldn't blindly invest in him. "So, if you want to have sufficient funds to operate, then use your remaining funds to prove that you have the ability to manage more money."

"Boss, don't worry. Leave it to me," Ayase said with a confident expression. He had seen madness and confidence in Haru's eyes. Even though he didn't agree with Haru's decision, he hadn't proved his ability to Haru. He wanted to give advice to Haru, however, he didn't pay that much attention to both the gold market and the US stock market.

"You need to pay attention to the trend of both gold and Apple's stock after this. If you have a question then call me directly," Haru said. He thought to continue to write since he was quite free after this.

"Yes, boss." Ayase nodded.

"I'll go back now," Haru said.

"Let me send it to you boss," Ayase said.

"You don't need either. The company's matters are more important," Haru said and waved his hand. He left Ayase and went to his car.

Ayase looked at Haru's back and wondered how someone could grow into such madness. However, the confidence radiance on Haru made him feel a bit reassured? He wasn't sure why, but he needed to pay more attention to both gold and Apple's stock. He suddenly thought something and stopped his boss. "Boss!"

Haru stopped and asked, "What's wrong?"

"I have thought for a while, but don't you need a finance manager?" Ayase asked.

"Finance manager?" Haru raised his eyebrow.

Ayase nodded and said, "You have a lot of wealth and I have thought that you need someone to help you manage it."

Haru felt a bit interested and asked, "Do you have someone for it?"

Ayase nodded and said, "Yes. I have a lot of people who want to work with you."

"Well, tell me about them," Haru said.

"I'll sort out the data tomorrow. You can see them later," Ayase said.

Haru nodded and said, "Send them to my email since I can't come here tomorrow."

"Huh? Why?" Ayase was curious.

"I am going to school," Haru said.

Ayase slapped his forehead and forgot that Haru was in high school right now. He suddenly sighed and said, "I sometimes forget that you're a high school student like my daughter."

"Huh? You have a daughter?" Haru raised his eyebrow.

Ayase nodded and said, "Of course! She is very beautiful."

Haru looked at Ayase with a disbelief expression and wondered whether Ayase was lying.

"I am not lying!" Ayase said after looking at Haru's expression.

"Well, I am going back now," Haru said and left the company.

Ayase sighed once again. Even though he knew that sighing was a bad habit, it was hard to work under such a boss.


Haru entered his G400 Mercedes and wanted to leave his company. However, his phone was vibrating at that moment. He saw that he had received a chat from Kouha.

Kouha: "Haru, are you there?"

Haru: "What's wrong?"

Kouha: "We're getting close to the day. You're really going to help me, right?"

Haru: "You don't need to worry. I'll be there when the day comes. Just give me a reminder later and I'll come right away."

Kouha: "That's good...." He seemed to be very relieved when he talked to him.

Haru: "You're going to ask someone else?"

Kouha: "Of course. The more the better, right?"

Haru: "That's true."

Kouha: "How is your problem?"

Haru: "It's troublesome, but I can handle it."

Kouha: "You have someone who can help you?"

Haru thought for a while and replied, "It doesn't really matter, right?"

Kouha: "If you want I can loan you my points."

Haru was a bit surprised and asked, "You're going to give me your points?"

Ren: "Loan! I can loan some of it to you."

Haru: "How many do you have?"

Kouha: "1,000 pts."


Haru was speechless and answered, "It's not enough, but well...."

Kouha: "Do you want it?"

Haru thought for a while and answered, "Can you keep it for a while?"

Kouha: "Sure."

Haru ended the chat and thought to go back, but he felt that it would be lonely to go back to his apartment. He thought to go back to his cafe, but suddenly his phone vibrated. This time he saw that the one who called him was Sakura Yamauchi. He was a bit surprised and opened his phone.


"Haru? Are you free?"

Haru looked at the time and said, "If I am in the school then I'm not free."

"You're not in school, right? You should be free!"

Haru chuckled and said, "Too bad. I have entered school now."

"What? Really? How? That's not important! Which school is it?" Sakura asked.

"I'll tell you later. I am free, right now," Haru answered.

"What? You're skipping class?" Sakura asked.

"Aren't you the same?"

"Haha~~ That's true! I am also skipping class!" Sakura laughed.

"Where are you? I am going to come to you," Haru said.

"Hmm... Then come to the cafe where we usually go!" Sakura said cheerfully.

"Ok. Wait for me," Haru said and drove his car to the cafe where they usually met each other.