Sis Con With Dimensional Chat Group Book 1 Chapter 44

Volume 1 Chapter 44 The Attack Start

Sasuke attacked Gaara with his punch and kick. His movement was very agile but Gaara's defense was just too hard to break. He couldn't even touch him and he needed to move faster or else he would be caught by him. He still remembered how Gaara crushed Lee's leg with his sand manipulation.

Sasuke wouldn't let the same thing happen to him and would defeat this guy. He needed to get stronger and this insomnia kid in front of him would be his stepping stone.

Gaara was annoyed by his fast movement and decided to make a sphere of sand. He kept himself out of any attack and made an eye of sand to observe the outside situation.

Sasuke tried to attack this sphere of sand but it was useless. He didn't know what Gaara did inside this sphere but he knew that it would be a perfect chance for him to use this jutsu that he had learned from Kakashi.


Haru looked at Sasuke who stood on the wall while taking off the bandages on his hand. He knew that he would use Chidori. He looked at Kuroneko and said, "Don't get too excited."

Kuroneko nodded, "Yes." She answered with a serious tone since she knew that the thing would happen soon. She knew that she couldn't do anything and she could only stick together to protect herself.

"Don't worry, I'm here," Yajima said.

Haru and Kuroneko nodded in response.

Gai, Kakashi, Naruto, Shikamaru, and the other people also sat near him since they saw him healing Lee's leg. They were more curious about him and thought that he was the apprentice of Tsunade since he was very young.

"Are you really not a ninja?" Anko asked. She didn't really care about the fight between two children actually. She thought the young man beside him was more interesting.

"I'm not, I'm a samurai," Haru answered and pointed his finger at his wooden sword.

"Really?" Anko asked.

Haru nodded and said, "Let's concentrate on the battle, that kid with spiky hair wants to do something."

"Oh," Anko nodded and looked at the battle.

Gai wrinkled his nose, "Kakashi, what have you been teaching him?"

Kakashi smiled, "Don't worry, this is for insurance."

Gai shook his head and looked at Haru, "Hey, youth, let me give you my training manual, you're not a ninja and want something with martial arts, right?"

Haru nodded, "Yes, Gai-San."

Gai took something from his pocket and gave him a piece of paper.

"This is?" Haru asked.

"This is my regular training, you can train this every day and your strength will become very strong!!" Gai said with white teeth.

Haru nodded and looked at a very little note on the edge of the paper. He didn't say anything and kept this paper in his pocket. He looked at the battle and Sasuke started his counter-attack.



Sasuke looked at the sphere of sand on the ground. He started to run very fast toward his opponent and decided to finish him.

Chidori has a high concentration of lightning chakra channeled around the user's hand. The high concentration of electricity produces a sound reminiscent of many birds chirping, hence the name.

Sasuke knew that this jutsu had a large drawback since he needed to move very fast and it was hard for him to see the path. But he had Sharan to nullify this drawback for him. He moved very fast and destroyed the path along the way. He raised his hand and thrust it toward him.



Everyone was a bit shocked when they saw the destructiveness of this jutsu.

Haru was also amazed but he didn't feel jealous since his light magic was better.

The light is faster than the lighting, that is fact.

Haru developed his light magic but he knew that it was still early for him to say that he was invincible. He believed that he could protect himself along with Kuroneko. Also, fighting the small fry around was also possible for him.

But how to say, in his mind Chidori looked very handsome but at the same time, the user had to bear the wound on his hand after using that jutsu.

Haru looked around and knew that the attack would start soon. He looked at Kuroneko who also noticed that the war would begin. He held her hand gently and said, "Don't worry."

Kuroneko nodded and held his hand tighter.

Yajima smiled looking at both of them but his expression also became dignified since he also knew that the attack would start soon.


Gintoki was still in the toilet. He sighed in relief and felt quite regretting his choice to buy that food again. He went to the sink to wash his hand. He whistled happily since his stomach felt better right now. He saw a ninja with Otogakure's mask enter the toilet. He smiled at him, "I'm sorry, I've let out quite a lot today."

The ninja wrinkled his nose while hearing this statement. He became annoyed and walked toward him.

Gintoki didn't do anything and still washed his hands.


The ninja raised his hand and stabbed him with kunai in his hand.

Gintoki dodged his attack and held his head, "Don't your parents ever tell you to wash your hands after you went to the toilet?" He crashed his head into the mirror in front of him.



"Argg!!!" The ninja fainted directly and his head was full of blood.

Gintoki snorted and took his wooden sword, "Everyone waits for me." He ran toward the audience area but stopped when he realized that he still hadn't closed his zipper.


Haru saw that Gaara's started his outbreak. He noticed several ninjas started to use a hand sign. He knew that they would start to use an illusion. He didn't do anything and only said, "Cure."

Feathers suddenly appeared on the top of the audience, every ninja who was in the audience seat noticed these feathers. They knew that it was genjutsu but they didn't feel anything. They looked at a Sunagakure and Otogakure ninja who were still using their hand sign. They knew what was happening and took out their kunai to fight them.


Every Sunagakure and Otogakure ninja were stupified when their genjutsu was useless on them, 'What is happening?'