Sis Con With Dimensional Chat Group Book 1 Chapter 440

Volume 1 Chapter 440 Let's Watch Football

Sakura smiled when she heard him going to meet her. She had come to the hospital several times before, but this time she could get out of the hospital and played around. She drank her frappe while waiting for him until she saw a very tough looking car stopped in front of the cafe. She looked at this car curiously and suddenly she was surprised when she saw him come out of the car. "Haru!"

Haru noticed Sakura who was inside the cafe and gestured to her to come.

Sakura was a bit disbelief and nodded. She walked out and asked, "How come that you're driving a car?"

"It's more comfortable this way," Haru said.

Sakura saw him wearing a white shirt and grey pants that showed his sculpted body. She had to admit that his body was hot and she also loved his brown loafers shoes. She suddenly felt a bit unconfident when she saw him very handsome.

"Let's go beautiful. Too long of a stay here then the police are going to catch me," Haru said with a laugh.

Sakura laughed hearing him, but also panicked. "Let's go! We can't let the police catch you!" She didn't hesitate and sat down on the passenger seat beside him.

Haru also started to drive and left the cafe. He looked at Sakura and asked, "Why are you wearing a soccer jersey?"

"Because we're going to watch a football match!" Sakura said with a smile. She looked at him and said, "You should also change your clothes! I don't want you to be in that style! I am very ugly to stand up beside you this way."

"Who is ugly? You're not ugly," Haru said.

"Really?" Sakura asked.

"Hmm... You might not be the most beautiful, but you're the most comfortable with it," Haru said.

"How is that a compliment? In the end, am I beautiful or not?" Sakura asked.

"Of course, you're beautiful," Haru said.

Sakura seemed to be satisfied with Haru's answer.

Haru suddenly realized something and asked, "Wait? Football match? Are you serious?"

"Yeah! I want to watch a football match!" Sakura said with a smile.

"..." Haru looked at this girl who had gotten sick before. "Seriously?"

"Very serious. I want to watch a match between FC Tokyo Vs Urawa Red Diamonds!" Sakura said.

Haru looked at Sakura's jersey and said, "This is FC Tokyo's jersey?"

"Yes!" Sakura nodded with a smile.

"I don't know why you're a fan of football," Haru said.

"You don't know? Then, you know it now." Sakura sighed and said, "Even though I love FC Tokyo, I love Tottenham Hotspur more."

"...." Haru didn't expect that Sakura was one of the football fans before.

"I hope that I can watch their match in Britain in the future," Sakura said.

"You'll have it in the future," Haru said.

Sakura smiled and said, "That's true."

They talked to each other and before long they had arrived at Ajinomoto Stadium.

Haru could see a lot of people who were entering this stadium to watch a football match.

"Let's buy a jersey first," Sakura said.

"Yeah." Haru nodded and didn't mind changing his clothes to the jersey. He looked at her and asked, "You're not cold?"

Sakura shook her head and said, "No. It is not cold for me. I am very healthy!" She showed him her thin arm.

"..." Haru was a bit speechless and held her hand. "Let's go."

Sakura looked at his hand which was holding her hand and her temperature started to rise. She wanted to say something, but she decided to stop since she wasn't sure what to say in this situation. She brought him to the nearby merchandise store and brought a jersey for him. "Here, I am going to buy it for you."

"You're going to buy it for me?"

"Hmm... think of it as a payment that I have brought you here without notice," Sakura said.

Haru rubbed his nose and asked, "Am I very cheap?"

Sakura smiled and slapped his hand. "I am still a minor. I don't have that much money."

"Don't worry, being with you is enough for me," Haru said.

Sakura snorted and said, "If you enter a host club, I am sure that it won't take you a long time before you can become the most popular host in this country."

"Host?" Haru shook his head. He knew that the host was quite a popular job for a handsome man in this country since it created a lot of income. He remembered that some people might generate income hundreds of thousands of dollars each month. However, he didn't think that such a job was worthy of him. He wouldn't become a host and said, "If I become a host then you might get jealous of me being surrounded by a lot of girls."

"It's not me, but it's your girlfriend who is jealous," Sakura said.

"Your boyfriend is also going to be jealous of me for taking his girlfriend to watch a football match," Haru said.

Sakura snorted and pushed Haru's back. "Hurry up and change your clothes before the match starts!"

"Ok! Ok! You don't need to push me." Haru was helpless and went to the toilet to change his clothes. He felt that it was quite strange to watch a football match after he had made such a large bet.

Sakura looked at Haru's back and smiled. She thought that it was very fun without anyone who was worried about her health. She waited for a while before she saw him come out of the toilet while wearing a football jersey. "Let's go!" She pulled Haru's hand and took him to the stadium.

They could see a sea of people inside the stadium who watched the football match between FC Tokyo Vs Urawa Red Diamonds.

Tokyo should be the home of FC Tokyo, however, the number of supporters of Urawa Red Diamonds was very high even though this town isn't their home.

Yuuki remembered that the football fans of Urawa Red Diamonds were very fanatic and he only had realized it now. He looked at Sakura who was sitting next to him waiting for the match in anticipation. He tapped his chin and thought about something.

'Should I buy this club?'