Sis Con With Dimensional Chat Group Book 1 Chapter 441

Volume 1 Chapter 441 Is This Fate?

"Naohiro Ishikawa moves very fast and breaks through the defense! No one can stop him! He keeps running and shoots the ball!!!!!"

Everyone watched a soccer ball move very fast toward the goal and the goalkeeper of Urawa Red Diamonds tried to stop the ball.




"Naohiro Ishikawa sent a goal and added one point to FC Tokyo!" The commentator excitedly.

Everyone was very excited and hugged each other when they saw their favorite team had set out the goal.

Sakura was also very excited and stood up watching the goal.

Haru was by her side and watched the match while trying to understand how strong FC Tokyo was. He had never paid attention to football and only watched baseball in the past, but it wasn't that often either.

"It's a goal!" Sakura hugged Haru in excitement.

Haru was more than happy to hug her at this moment.

They continued to watch the match and the match was very fierce. Before long, Urawa Red Diamonds also scored back.

Every audience in this stadium watched the match with a nervous expression hoping their favorite team would win.

During these 85 minutes, everyone felt that they were riding a roller coaster.

The score was 1 - 1 and if this continued it would result in a tie. However, suddenly the captain of Urawa Red Diamonds kicked the ball very fast toward the goal area.

The players in Tokyo FC hurriedly reacted and the goalkeeper also moved to the front to catch the ball, however, they were too late. They saw one player from their opponent get the ball and shoot the ball right away.

The goalkeeper of Tokyo FC tried to block the ball, however...


The player who had sent out the goal ran toward the ball and picked it up while raising both of his hands high celebrating his goal.


The player of Urawa Red Diamonds was excited and hugged him together.

The mood of the fans of Tokyo FC was down, but they wanted to cheer their team to not lose since there were only a few minutes left.

"Go! Go! Go! Tokyo FC!"

"Don't lose!"

"There is still a lot of time! Don't give up!"

It was a very exciting showdown, however, the people of Tokyo needed to be disappointed.


"The game is over and the winner is Urawa Red Diamonds!"


The fans of Urawa Red Diamonds were very excited when they heard the result.

Haru looked at Sakura who was very sad looking at her favorite team who had lost this battle. He saw her skin color was a bit pale and asked, "Are you alright?"

"Alright? Of course not! My favorite team lost!" Sakura felt that she wanted to cry at this moment.

"Here, let me lend you my chest," Haru said and knew that it was a good chance.

Sakura snorted at Haru, however, she didn't mind borrowing his chest for a while since it was very sad looking at her favorite team having lost this match.

They didn't stay in the stadium that long and went back to their car.

Haru didn't want to go out with the crowd since he knew that Sakura had a weak body and he didn't want her to walk in a narrow tunnel with a lot of people around since it would decrease oxygen. He would be very scared if she suddenly dropped during their walk. Luckily, he had brought her to the car hurriedly. "Do you want to eat something?"

Sakura nodded and said, "I am very hungry now and I feel that I can eat the whole cow!"

Haru twitched his lips ignoring Sakura's remarks. "Do you want to eat something or I'll choose it for you?"

"Hmm... What do you want to eat?" Sakura asked.

"Let's see... are you alright with Spanish cuisine?" Haru asked.

"Spanish cuisine? Interesting! Let's go to that place!" Sakura was excited.

"Good," Haru remembered from his newspaper that there was a new Spanish restaurant that was good and he also heard that the owner of that restaurant was an alumnus of Tootsuki Academy. He was quite curious and wanted to try to go to that restaurant. He had a chance now and thought that it was a good time to eat in that place.

"Dammit! Why is Tokyo FC losing..." Sakura started to complain about how FC Tokyo had lost earlier.

Haru only listened while asking some of the questions since he didn't know much about Japanese football, but he could see from the attendance of the stadium earlier the business prospect of the football club was quite good. He knew that he could sell a lot of merchandise of the team and food from the match if he owned a football club.

They talked to each other until they arrived at the restaurant.

"Taki Amarillo?" Sakura read the shop signboard of the restaurant.

"I have heard that it is made by the rank 1 Tootsuki graduate this year," Haru said.

"Really?" Sakura looked around and said, "It is a bit deserted."

"I am not sure. Let's just go inside," Haru said.


The restaurant isn't quite big, but it is a comfortable size. The building is full of bricks and gives a rustic feeling.

Sakura was quite curious about this place and entered the shop. She saw that this place didn't have that much of attendance, but they saw two girls who were eating together on the table.

"Welcome to Taki Amarillo!" A woman with short stature and wearing a chef uniform said to them. "For two people?"

"Yes." Haru nodded and saw the blonde hair and pink hair girls inside the restaurant were very familiar. He walked toward them and said, "Nakiri? Arato?"

Two girls turned toward him and were surprised to see him.



"Why are you here?"

Hisako and Erina noticed that there was someone beside him and saw that it was a girl.

"Hello!" Sakura said with a smile.

However, Hisako and Erina had a strange expression while looking at Haru when they saw the girl beside him was different from the one that they had met a few days ago.