Sis Con With Dimensional Chat Group Book 1 Chapter 444

Volume 1 Chapter 444 Rich Overnight

"Well, I am a billionaire, right?" Haru said. He had 3 billion yen cash on his account and he should be considered a billionaire in this country.

"I don't mean that! The gold price has increased, boss! It has broken to $ 1000! It has increased by $ 15! More than $ 125 million! More than $ 125 million from the morning, boss!" Ayase was very excited.

"Wow..." Haru smiled happily and brought Sora on his arms then kissed her happily.

Sora was confused, but when she saw his happy expression she knew that there must be something happening. "What happens?"

"I'll tell you later," Hatu whispered. He had a serious expression on his face and asked, "You sure?"

"Oh, sure! Really sure! Congratulations, boss, you're going to become a billionaire soon! In USD and not in yen!" Ayase said.

Haru was very excited and he kissed Sora's cheek once again. He sat down and took a deep breath. "That's good. I know that the price of gold will increase." He laughed and felt very happy at this moment. He felt that he had a weapon now to start his conquest. "Is it really $ 125 million?"

"Yes, boss, after deducting the $ 1 billion interest that we need to pay. It's $ 125.456 million, but this is not the final amount, because of the interest of 1 billion USD in leverage will still be deducted after a period of time, plus the handling fee, and also a deduction that is needed to be counted during real-time when is it sold."

"However, according to the current rally in gold, you'll become a billionaire in a few days! Boss, I need to apologize to you. Let me apologize for questioning your decision earlier," Ayase said very happily.

"Hahaha... To be honest this is nothing. I am betting on this, but I won. It is just I have never thought that happiness will come so suddenly."

"Billionaire?" Sora, who was in Haru's arms, listened to Haru's conversation quietly. However, she was shocked when she heard that he had become a billionaire overnight. She had just come back from school then suddenly she heard that Haru would become a billionaire. She didn't know how to process this news, but she was very happy with him. She knew that he was working hard for her. She kissed his cheek and felt very happy at this moment.

"Ayase, this is just the beginning. I believe that gold can give me more returns after this. I believe in this," Haru said. He was very excited since he just really didn't expect to become a billionaire overnight.

"In this regard, I have no doubt about your judgment, boss. The big market for gold has come in and is ready to go at 1,300 US dollars per ounce. Gold is going upward in a bullish trend that many financial institutions and experts believe is going on," Ayase said.

They continued to talk and Ayase told him the reason why gold had soared today.

"..... The Australian Central Bank announced a sudden increase in interest rates this morning. It is the first major developed country to tighten monetary policy since the global financial crisis broke out last year. The news stimulated that investors' interest in the US dollar plummeted and they chose to buy gold."

"Insiders had previously expected Australia to be one of the first countries most likely to raise interest rates. However, its interest rate rise came so fast that it still exceeded investors' expectations."

"After the news, the USD against the AUD exchange rate was hit hard. The c.u.mulative depreciation of USD against the AUD has reached 4.56%, and the positive economic data released by the US on the news that the trend of US economic recovery is becoming clearer."

"According to data released by the International Shopping Center Association, US retail sales increased in September, the first increase in 14 months."

"Last week, the U.S. Department of Labor reported that the number of people applying for unemployment benefits for the first time fell by more than 30,000, lower than market expectations. Affected by this, the Dow Jones index of the New York stock market rose more than 100 points."

"The two major positives from the consumer and job markets demonstrate the optimistic economic outlook, stimulating investors' interest in selling dollars and buying high-risk currencies, and the dollar exchange rate has fallen sharply."

"The weakening of the US dollar directly led to a rebound in commodity prices, and gold was the first to bear it, increasing the value of gold and its risk aversion."

"It is expected that the price of gold will continue to rise in the next two days. If it can reach a record high, the price of gold will be out of control...." Ayase was very excited when he told Haru all of that news. After that transaction in the early morning, he hurriedly searched for any information about both gold and the US, but he didn't expect that his boss would become rich overnight so suddenly.

"Haha... Isn't that what we expected? Wait? Did you say that the Dow Jones rose by 100 points? What about Apple's stock?" Haru asked.

"It's up by $ 0,51, with a total gain of more than $ 140,000."

"That's good." Haru smiled. Even though the difference between $ 125 million and $ 140,000 was big, but $ 125 million was using 100 leverage. The risk is too great, if it feels down then he might as well die.....

For any investor, the purpose of entering the financial market is to make money, but the benefits and risks in the financial market always coexist, which is the so-called "high risk, high return, low risk, low return". The benefits and risks go hand in hand. Benefits come at the cost of risks, and risks are compensated by returns.

Even if Apple's stock return is very little, but in Haru's mind, he preferred the investment of Apple's stock compared to gold futures. For the London gold, he wanted to settle it down quickly since it was only a virtual product. If the price of gold suddenly decreased then he wasn't sure where to cry at that moment.

Haru took a deep breath and calmed himself. He listened to Ayase for a while before the phone ended.

"Haru!" Sora suddenly called him.

"What's wrong?" Haru asked.

"Really?! Have you become a billionaire?" Sora asked with excitement in her voice.

Haru shook his head and said, "Not a billionaire since I only have 100 million USD or so."

"Wow!" Sora kissed him again and hugged him in happiness. She looked at him and asked, "What are you going to do with that money?"

"Well, I am obviously going to go invest, start a business, and buy this entire apartment, I guess," Haru said. He felt that it might be a bit too hasty to buy a house, but he had money and decided to buy this entire apartment first.