Sis Con With Dimensional Chat Group Book 1 Chapter 445

Volume 1 Chapter 445 Is There Something Good Happening?

"How did you get that much money?" Sora asked.

Haru started to tell her how he had opened his investment company and made a good transaction.

Sora was very excited listening to Haru's story. Her eyes became brighter and there was a hint of possessiveness on her eyes. She hugged him tighter and kissed his lips since she was really happy at that moment. She loved to see him when she had become very incredible and she couldn't wait to stand beside him during his reign.

Haru also kissed Sora deeply and sucked her tongue, hugging her body tighter.

Sora felt something hot and hard on her stomach. She knew what it was, but she didn't mind it. "Haru....." Her hand moved downward looking at him with a very lewd expression.

Haru looked at Sora and felt that he would be crazy if he really held himself, but he had promised himself to do it after she had become a high school. "When you have graduated from junior high school."

Sora was quite dissatisfied and her desire to be eaten by him got bigger and bigger. "My mouth has just eaten something spicy."

Haru twitched his lips and said, "Let me wash your mouth first." He moved his head closer and kissed her lips.

Sora took out his dragon then started to play with it.

Haru wasn't going to lose and played with her sweet honey pot.


"You're in a really good mood," Runa said.

"Well, our event is going to start soon after all," Haru said.

"Is that all? Isn't there something else again? Like you get a new girl or make money?" Runa asked.

"How about the game company that we have talked about," Haru asked.

"Oh, right. I have asked my father before and he has told me that his acquaintances want to sell his game company since he doesn't have good ideas for the game," Runa said.

"What about the employee?" Haru asked.

"They're good and all of them are bilingual. They understand English and half of the game that they have created is in the English language. My father's friend has chosen a professional in this area, however, the result isn't good. The game that they created wasn't going to give them money," Runa said.

"So your father's friend is going to sell his company to cut the loss?" Haru asked.

Runa nodded and said, "Yes, he has said that it is quite cheap."

"How much?" Haru asked.

"300 million yen," Runa said.

Haru thought for a while and asked, "Can you give me the contact of the owner of that company?"

"...." Runa looked at Haru strangely.

"What?" Haru asked.

"No, I thought you were going to bargain or something," Runa said.

"Can it be cheaper?" Haru asked.

"I'll ask him, but what can you give me later?" Runa asked.

"What do you want?" Haru asked.

"Hmm...." Runa thought for a while and said, "Let me be the first person who is playing your game later!"

Haru nodded and said, "That's good. I'll let you play later when the game is finished."

"Yeah!!!" Runa was happy when she heard it.

"You sure love to play, especially with that PSP in your hands," Haru said.

"You're going to make a smartphone game, right?" Runa asked. She ignored his remark earlier since she was more interested in his game.

"Hmm... You might spend your time with your smartphone later," Haru said.

"Sigh... I just can't believe that a smartphone game can be this profitable," Runa said. She sighed when she remembered her talk with him two days ago and she understood how profitable the smartphone game was, but she knew that she needed to make a good game to do that. She couldn't do that, but Haru could do that. She looked at Haru again and knew that this kind of man was very rare in this country. She might not be able to see anyone like him in the future. She licked her candy and wasn't sure what to do now.

"Runa, you're from a family of media, right?" Haru asked.

"My family has quite a large share of Asahi TV, but my family isn't the main shareholder." Runa nodded and said, "What? You're going to ask me to give a free advertis.e.m.e.nt for your game?"

"Can you?" Haru asked.

"....." Runa was speechless and asked, "What do you think?"

"I'll give you a right to make a live-action of Dragon Zakura later," Haru said.

Runa's eyes brightened up and asked, "Really?"

"Hmmm..." Haru nodded.

"Your story isn't done yet. Is that alright?" Runa asked.

"Well, I'll quicken up the process of writing then," Haru said.

"That's good." Runa nodded.

They talked to each other until both Kirari and Ririka came toward them.

Haru noticed that Kirari had been looking at him. "Is there something on my face?"

"You seem very happy for some reason," Kirari said.

Haru rubbed his cheeks and asked, "Runa has said the same thing earlier."

"Seriously, there must be something happening to you, right?" Runa asked.

Ririka, who was very silent, didn't say anything because there was a curiosity inside her eyes.

"I'll talk about it later after the event is done," Haru said.

"Is it another gamble?" Kirari asked.

Haru nodded and said, "Yeah a very dangerous gamble and I have won that gamble."

Kirari smiled sweetly and said, "Tell me later. I really want to know."

"Good." Haru nodded and didn't mind telling her. He had said that he would stand beside her and this time he needed to show her that he was able to stand side by side with her.

"Let's go, we're going to be late to the event," Runa said with an annoyed face looking at the interaction between Haru and Kirari.

Haru and Kirari nodded and went to the venue to see their first gambling event.