Sis Con With Dimensional Chat Group Book 1 Chapter 447

Volume 1 Chapter 447 Coupling Party 2

"Hello, and welcome, loners of Hyakkou!"

"Did you cry yourselves to sleep last night yet again?!"

"Well, that's all in the past now!! Welcome to Hyakkou Academy "Couping Party"!"

"This is the first time that this event is being held and the organizer of this event is Kasugano Haruka!"

"He is sitting in that place!" The MC pointed her finger in some direction.

Everyone turned toward Haru who was smiling and raised his wine glass that was filled with gr.a.p.e juice to them. "I hope that all of you find your partner after you have joined this event."

They were quite excited when they heard Haru's voice.

"You loners need to be thankful of him since he has given you a chance to find your ideal partner!"

Haru looked at the MC and smiled since he thought that this girl was very interesting.

"I hope that you loners might be able to find your partner then you can marry each other after graduation!"

"So what kind of romantic drama will we see today?"

"Everyone, be sure to find your ideal partner!" The MC shouted.


Some of the guys were excited when they heard it and the girls were quite shy, but everyone could see the excitement in their eyes. However, there were some people who thought that this event might be a good place to gather money.

"Now, that everyone is curious about how we should play out today. Then, without further ado, I'll explain how the game works."

"We'll hold a gambling game to deepen your bonds with one another. What's the game you ask?"

"Ladies, you'll be "confessing" your love to the apple of your eye! Gents, you'll be "choosing" the partner of your dreams!"

"Will the resulting couples work? That's up to you guys to predict!"

"Those are the stakes here in the "Coupling Party"!"

Everyone seemed surprised by the words "Coupling" and "Confess" in this game.

"Of course, all these confessions and selections only apply within the context of the game. So relax and enjoy. However, there is a "special bonus" inside this game that can make all of you become a real couple in an instant that I'll explain later."

"I hope all of you are looking forward to it."

Everyone wanted to know what this "special bonus" was, but they were quite patient and listened to the MC's explanation first.

"Now, let me explain the rules. This game is played between teams."

"You'll form teams of five, divided by gender. Once you have a team, you'll be assigned a partner team at random. The boys' and girls' teams will be seated facing each other for the game!"

"The game will begin with one girl selecting one boy to confess her love to. Next, each boy will choose whether or not they'll accept the girl's offers."

Everyone looked at the stage while listening to the rules of the game and watching the example of how this game was working.

"Once that's done, the girl will announce who they're confessing to! Then you'll repeat the steps with the next girl."

"If the lucky guy had chosen the girl who confessed to them, a new "couple" is born! If not, the coupling will fail!"

"If a couple is born, the oh-so-generous guy wins and the girl must pay her wager to him."

"If the coupling fails, however, the guy loses and will have to pay his wager to the girl who had confessed to him."

"Multiple girls can confess to the same guy, and vice versa... but if a couple is born, they all have to pay their bet to the guy they confessed to!"

"It's all or nothing in this game! Popular dudes get everything, and the unpopular ones get zippo!"

"Everyone in this game is supposed to make the same wager in this game, but it's always hard to attract women to dating events like this."

"That's why we have "special bonuses" for the ladies! Sorry, guys!" The MC raised her hand and showed the "special bonuses" on the screen on the stage.

"Here they are!"

Everyone saw "A Lady Promises!" that was written on the screen.

[Exchange numbers - 50% off a bet.]

[Dine out together - 60% off a bet.]

[All-day date - 80% off a bet.]

[A sleepover tryst? - 90% off a bet.]


"Is "A Lady Promises" going to work?" Runa asked.

Haru nodded and said, "Sometimes there should be such a thing to add excitement in the event."

"So what is this sleepover tryst?" Kirari asked.

"..." Haru was speechless when Kirari asked this question to him. He thought for a while and said, "I guess that depends on the couple how this sleepover is going. More importantly, the guy how can he handle this event."

"You seem very experienced in this area," Kirari said.

"...." Haru rubbed his nose and said, "Look everyone is excited!" He tried to change the topic of conversation, but Kirari kept staring at him.

Rana snorted, looking at their interaction.


The girls were a bit shy when they saw the "Lady's Promises," and some of them seemed reluctant, but their eyes were full of excitement looking at the lists of the "Lady's Promises".

The guys were more than excited, especially when they saw the "Sleepover Tryst" on the list of the "Lady's Promises".

"If you make a "Lady's Promise," you'll have to fulfill it if you lose, but it applies a huge discount to your required wager! It's your chance to hit it big at low risk!"

"However, please do keep in mind these promises must be carried out. So perhaps the guys can expect a return to their risk too, yes?"

"And of course, there's only one chance to "confess" and "select" per game! So! Are you ready to find true love!"


"The speed dating "Coupling Party" begins now!"