Sis Con With Dimensional Chat Group Book 1 Chapter 448

Volume 1 Chapter 448 Coupling Party 3

Sadaharu is a student at Hyakkou Private Academy and he is in 2nd year. He had decided to join the event that was held by the transfer student who had joined the school in a week and more. He was quite curious about this transfer student since his background was quite mysterious, but he knew that this guy was somehow familiar.

Sadaharu is a normal teenage boy whose family is quite rich and he has one hobby.

Light novel.


Sadaharu loved to read light novels and Kasugano Haruka was the name of his favorite author. He had seen Kasugano Haruka had silver hair, but this transfer student had black hair. He was quite curious, but he didn't intend to investigate him since this transfer student gathered around the most dangerous first-year student, especially this Momobami Kirari. He wasn't sure about their relationship, but he had heard a rumor that both of them were dating and Kirari told him to transfer to this school. He looked at Haru once again and hated to admit that this guy was more handsome than himself. He was quite handsome himself, and this time he had to admit someone was more handsome than himself.

However, Sadaharu wasn't worried that girls would come toward him and he wouldn't have a girl since Momobami Kirari was there. He knew that Kirari was beautiful, but he wasn't sure why this girl gave him a strange and dangerous feeling for some reason.

Sadaharu decided to not think too much about this and looked around the venue. He had to admit that the registration of this event was quite expensive.

1 million yen.

For some people, it might be their one month of salary, but for him, it was half of his pocket money. Luckily, he was quite good at gambling and made some money here and there from his year in this school.

Sadaharu listened to the rules of this event and he was excited when he read "Lady's Promises", especially the last part.

"Excuse me, Sadaharu-san, please follow me to your table group."

"Yes." Sadaharu was coming with his friends and he decided to join his friends at this event. He told them that they shouldn't fight each other about the girls and they need to talk about their target first before the game starts. He also knew that it was a good chance to make money, but he was more interested in the girls and he was sure his friends would also think the same too in this area.

Sadaharu and his friends sat down on their seats and waited for the girls' team to come. They didn't need to wait for a long time and saw a group of girls who were coming toward them.


"Nice to meet you."

Sadaharu and his friends smiled and also showed a gentleman's action toward them. They had to admit that this 1 million yen was worth it, especially when they could meet a group of beautiful girls in front of them.

They started to introduce themselves to each other from the name, class, and types of partners.

It was similar to a group date, even though some of them hadn't had a chance to have a group date, but they could follow everyone in the process to not make a mistake in this event.

"Okay, time's up! Find any potential partners yet? Sadly, your chat session ends here."

"Now, let the group discussion time begin!"

The MC told that the chat session was over and they needed to make their decision to whom they were going to confess.

Sadaharu and his friends thought that it was better to accept every girl, but that meant if they lost they needed to pay a lot of money. They thought that it was better to choose one girl who gave them a good impression since they didn't want to go into debt because of this event.

The girls' team was the same and they were discussing with each other which guy that they would choose. Even though they could choose for more than one guy, it wasn't a good thing to do it for the first time. They wanted to test the water first and thought also to use "Lady's Promise". They chose the option of [Exchange numbers - 50% off a bet.] and told the organizer in their choices.

Sadaharu and his team, along with the girls' team, came back and told the organizer that they were done.

The organizer nodded and told them to sit down for a while.

Each of the organizers on each table also communicated to each other to tell that the event was done.

"Ah... test, test, ahem! All right, great work, everybody! That wraps up our confession time for all the tables! All that's left is to announce the results! I bet you're nervous, huh? Well, in love, those nerves are just part of the fun!"

"But either way the results have been set in stone --- they cannot be changed! Time to face your fate with a big beaming smile!"

"Here come the results!"

The organizer at Sadaharu's table took out her note and said, "I'll announce the result."

Sadaraharu listened to the result. He was sitting on the fourth seat and he needed to wait for a while before he heard his result. He heard that some of his friends failed, but there was one person who was successful in creating a couple. Then it was his time to hear his result, however, he needed to be disappointed since his chosen one didn't choose him. He saw the girl who was sitting on the second seat on the girls' team looking at him with a sad expression. "Damn!" He had lost one million yen, but he didn't care about that. He knew that he could get the girl in the 2nd seat however, he didn't choose her.

"A total of two couples have been formed. Congratulations."

Sadaharu wasn't satisfied and wanted to enter this event once again.

"Ladies and gents. That wraps up round one of the game. Round two begins now! If you're happy with your current results, you may leave. In round two, the wager's doubled to two million yen."

Sadaharu, who heard the announcement, didn't care and decided to join the game. He saw his friends had also gotten money in this event and thought that it was also a good chance to win some money too while also getting a girl.

Some students also had the same idea since they could see their friends who were able to get a lot of money from this event.

However, they didn't notice that this event had tightened the rope on their necks and when they lost they needed to pay 2 million yen or they would become a pet in this school.