Sis Con With Dimensional Chat Group Book 1 Chapter 449

Volume 1 Chapter 449 End Of The Event

"Okay! Our final group has just wrapped up."

"This is the end of the events. How did you guys enjoy today's speed date?! I am sure that the experience varies from person to person..."

"But whether your results were excellent or subpar..."

"I hope you've enjoyed all of the proceedings!"

"So with that, it's time for the first Hyakkou Academy speed date Coupling Party to draw to a close!"

"I hope to see you at the party and if possible this event might be held once again in the future soon!"

"Oh, the food is being prepared by the Tootsuki Group. You can enjoy all of the special cuisine there with your new partner!"

"Bye-bye now!"

Haru nodded when he saw the end of the event. He could see that it was successful. He thought to hold this event again in the next month. He knew the rarer this event was the more people were going to join it. He also prepared a party for the successful couple who wanted to deepen their relationship.

"It's a very interesting event," Kirari suddenly said.

"How so?" Haru asked.

"I can see a lot of people are happy even though we have taken their money and I can also see a lot of people are in despair after they lose their money in this event even though it is their decision to join this event," Kirari said.

"They're also sad that they can't find a partner either," Haru said.

Kirari chuckled and said, "That's also one of the reasons too, but I really enjoy observing them how everyone is acting during this event." Her eyes were quite dangerous while looking at everyone in delight.

Haru looked at Kirari and had always been wondering whether the beautiful girl always had one or two quirks.

"Kirari is dangerous," Runa whispered.

Haru smiled and said, "Isn't that interesting?"

Runa raised her eyebrow and sighed looking at him.

"Say, how about we go to the party?" Haru asked.

Kirari nodded and asked, "You're the one who has set up the party, right?"

Haru nodded and said, "Yeah. We can have a dance there."

"Dance?" Kirari raised her eyebrow and thought for a while. "Interesting. Let's go there."

"I am a bit hungry too," Runa said while touching her stomach.

"Didn't you eat dessert during this event?" Haru asked.

"Desert enters a different stomach," Runa said.

"....." Haru shook his head and took them to the party that he had set up after the event.


The party was set up in a different location and everyone that had made a couple were chatting to each other at this party. This party wasn't a formal party where they needed to dance along with classical music or a rave party where everyone was dancing wildly while drinking alcohol rather it was a casual party where jazz music was played giving everyone a relaxed mood.

They were sitting or standing side by side to get to know their partner better.

More importantly, today was Friday, if they did well in this relaxed mood and chatted they might be able to go out together to have a date tomorrow on Saturday since the school would be on a holiday.

Haru, Kirari, Ririka, and Runa were staying together while eating dessert and some snacks.

Haru had to admit the quality of food in Tootsuki Group was quite good and he was quite satisfied with it. He looked at Ririka and asked, "You're not going to take off your mask?"

Ririka shook her head and ate her food slowly with only the mouth part of her mask opened.

"What are you going to do after this?" Kirari asked.

"I should go back to my cafe later to try a new menu, write a novel, and see the progress of my game," Haru answered.

Runa was surprised and said, "You sure are very busy."

"Not that busy, it is going to be quick and won't take me too much of time," Haru answered.

"Then, do you have time to send me out to my house later?" Kirari asked.

Haru was a bit surprised and said, "Is that alright? You won't be with your bodyguard later."

"You're my bodyguard now," Kirari said.

"....." Haru smiled and said while looking at Kirari, "I'll sing a song for you."

"Oh? Why so suddenly?" Kirari asked.

"I dunno. I just want to sing a song for you," Haru said.

Kirari smiled and said, "I can't wait to hear it."

"What song are you going to play?" Runa chirped.

"It's an old song from a French movie. Wait for me here," Haru said and stood up walking toward the piano. He had learned piano and it was mainly because he was using it to attract a girl. He also learned it because Maki Nishikino wanted to learn together with him during their childhood time. He sat down on the piano seat and tested the microphone gathering everyone's attention on him.

"Test, test, ahem! I am going to sing a song. You guys can use this chance to take your girl to dance, but you must know that I have decided to sing this song for the girl whom I have met by surprise on the street. Our meeting is unexpected, and I have never realized that it will change my life this much. I won't say much about this song and hopefully, this girl will understand my feeling after hearing this song," Haru said and made everyone became more interested.

"Reality - Richard Sanderson."

Haru said the title of the song and started to play his piano.

*(BGM: Richard Sanderson)

It was a very sweet melody that made anyone melt the moment they heard it.

"Met you by surprise."

"I didn't realize that my life would change forever."

Kirari closed her eyes while remembering their first meeting during that day. She also didn't expect him to be able to change her this much. She felt that it was kind of funny, but it was also very sweet for her.

Ririka and Runa looked at Haru then looked at Kirari with a jealous expression. They sighed then continued to hear Haru's song.

Runa suddenly remembered that this song was a soundtrack of "La Boum" or a French movie that was played by Sophie Marceau or the Rose of Paris. She was quite surprised for him to know this song.

The song continued and gave everyone a feeling of being closer to their partner.

"I dream of holding you all night, and holding you seems right perhaps that's my reality."

Kirari looked at Haru and had decided wouldn't let him go in this life.