Sis Con With Dimensional Chat Group Book 1 Chapter 450

Volume 1 Chapter 450 Gain

Haru was drinking a can of coffee while listening to Ayase who told him about his gold transaction. Even though he hadn't become a billionaire in USD, he wasn't that far from it.

In the last evening, the gold stood at a thousand dollars and it kept increasing.

New York Mercantile Exchange gold futures have successfully soared to close at 1028.7 USD per ounce and broke the record last year which was $ 1033.90 per ounce on March 17, 2008.

".... Gold has closed at the upper shadow line, according to an analysis of various data, I believe that driven by the weaker US dollar, spot gold regained its upward trend since the end of August, but the closing end wasn't in a new high that makes the sign of bullish trend in doubt."

"From a technical point of view, spot gold is still going on the upward trend line since July 9. In the short term, with the continued decline of the USD, the price of gold is expected to rise to 1,100 USD."

"The weekly Kline chart shows that the spot gold closed at the low black line with a long shadow line as of Monday this week. The long-term price of gold is supported at 700 US dollars per ounce, and the long-term resistance is 1300 US dollars per ounce."

"There is no reason why the price of gold cannot continue to rise. Of course, there are also fundamental negative factors here. If gold continues to rise in the next two days, it will also acc.u.mulate a large number of profitable investors. It is inevitable that there will be profit-taking situations, and there may be turbulent market conditions."

"If you can, I suggest you put the fruit of victory on the bag first, boss," Ayase said.

Hearing Ayase's analysis, Haru sipped his can of coffee on his car that he had parked on the nearby restaurant around Hyakkou Private Academy.

Kirari was by his side waiting for him to finish talking about his business. She didn't feel bored, rather she waited in anticipation of how well that he had done on his investment.

375 USD million.

Haru smiled happily when he thought about his harvest in just two days. If he exchanged this money into yen then he really would have become a billionaire. He thought about the current trend of the market and knew that his day as a billionaire in USD would be near. He wanted to jump in excitement since he was really happy, but he calmed himself. "First, take the profit first since Friday. It is as you said, I need to secure the fruit of victory, and then next Monday, I am going to continue to buy."

Haru knew that he was really reckless with his transaction and even though he believed in his luck, he wasn't going to be very greedy and put all of his money in gold future.

"Yes, boss! I can sleep well tonight. I am happy to see you will become a billionaire soon, boss!" Ayase said.

"Calm down, the game is going to start on Monday," Haru said.

"I understand, boss, but you're not going to put 100 times leverage, right?" Ayase said with a scared tone. He knew that his boss was simply madness and he didn't want him to blindly invest in it.

"No. Next time, buy it with 20 times the leverage," Haru said.

"That's good...." Ayase, who was by the other side of the phone, said.

"I'll end the phone now," Haru said.

"Oh, wait! I have news about your financial advisor," Ayase said.

"Oh? Really?" Haru asked.

"Yes, she is a woman, but she is very talented," Ayase said.

"However?" Haru knew that there must be some problem with this woman. He looked at Kirari and said, "Let's talk about this tomorrow since I have something to do after this."

"Then, I will come to your cafe with my daughters. I have told them about your cafe and they're quite curious about it," Ayase said.

"....." Haru was wondering whether Ayase wanted to send out his daughter to a lion den. "I'll also talk about which company I am going to invest in next."

"Yeah. Let's talk tomorrow," Ayase said and closed the phone.

Haru smiled and he was really in a good mood.

"I don't know if you have a car," Kirari said.

"It's a very sturdy car. It won't be destroyed with an RPG and a normal gun won't even make a dent in it," Haru said.

Kirari nodded and said, "I should buy one for one later."

Haru was a bit weird looking at Kirari.

"What's wrong?" Kirari asked.

"Usually girls don't like this design of the car," Haru said.

"Really?! I thought that there was a charm in this car," Kirari said while looking at the interior of Haru's Mercedes G400.

Haru had thought to change his car after he had brought his entire apartment later. He really thought to have a financial advisor to help him to manage his business without him doing it by himself.

"I am not asking how much you have gotten, but can you tell me the process?" Kirari asked with a curious expression.

Haru looked at Kirari and nodded. He told her how he had bet 100 times leverage, but he didn't tell her of his gain. His money was quite a lot, but it wasn't enough to reach his

Kirari who listened to him felt very excited when she heard it. "You're crazier than I am."

"Well, you're the one who is making me crazy," Haru said.

Kirari looked at him and asked, "Do you want to stay at my house later?"

Haru was quite surprised and quite tempted, but he shook his head. "We have a lot of days and it won't be late after you have become a student council president later."

Kirari raised her eyebrow before smiling. "That day won't be long."