Sis Con With Dimensional Chat Group Book 1 Chapter 451

Volume 1 Chapter 451 Meaningful Morning

"Ha... Ha... Ha...."

"You're tired?" Haru asked.

Akane sighed and asked, "You're really healthy." She looked at Haru's little brother which was still very hard.

"You're just too charming." Yuuki bit her lips then smooched it tenderly causing lethal damage to her.

Akane lazily kissed his lips while moving her body to his side to take a rest.

Haru woke up and wanted to put cold water on the refrigerator.

"You're going back?" Akane asked with quite a lonely expression.

"No. I am a bit thirsty," Haru answered.

Akane looked at Haru's back and butt and couldn't help but think that it was very hot. She was also wondering what this guy was eating that could develop a dragon that was dangling around so that she could see it from the between of his legs. "You seem to be in a very good mood, is there something happening?"

"Oh, you can tell?" Haru asked.

"Of course." Akane laid lazily on her bed and while looking at him.

"Nothing much. Only I have taken the first step of my goal," Haru answered.

"Goal? What is your goal?" Akane asked.

"World domination," Haru answered with a laugh.

"....." Akane was speechless and said, "I can't laugh at that."

"How so?" Haru asked.

Akane held her head in a painful manner and said, "My student is going to become a world dictator."

"You're too exaggerated," Haru said and sat down on the bed. He gave a bottle of water to Akane since he knew that this girl had sweated a lot during their exercise.

It was very important to stay dehydrated no matter what.

"Thank you." Akane took the water and drank it slowly. She took a deep breath and caressed Haru's back slowly. Even though it was close, she knew that it was very far.

Haru laid on the bed and looked at Akane. "I'll stay tonight. You should sleep so we can continue the exercise later in the morning."

Akane snorted and smiled hearing his words. "That's true. I am very tired now." She took his arm and put a comfortable position before closing her eyes.

Haru had never thought that they were meant together and he felt a bit bad about using her as a means of relieving the side effect of his magic. He really hoped that there was a miracle happening that could let him solve his problem.


Suddenly Haru felt a vibration on his smartphone and saw a notification. He used his gravity magic to pull his smartphone into his hand. He looked at the notice and was beyond surprised to see that he had gotten 3000 points from both Tsunade and Shinobu. He hurriedly created a small group chat between three of them.

Haru: "Why so suddenly?"

Shinobu: "I am sorry. I have only heard that Tsunade has only told your problem a few hours before the seal is undone."

Tsunade: "Sorry, Haru. You need points, right? You should use it for now to cure the side effects of your magic."

Haru felt better hearing Tsunade. Honestly, even though he wasn't that angry, he was annoyed for Tsunade and Shinobu to keep it a secret from him that he would go berserk after his seal was undone.

Haru: "I won't hold back then. I'll return those points after I have gotten them."

Tsunade: "Yeah, you need to give it back to me"

Shinobu: "Tsunade!"

Haru: "Tsunade is right. I won't be feeling good to owe you something unless..."

Shinobu: "Unless?"

Haru: "Unless we're daring or married."

Haru: "I was joking. I'll use these points. Thank you." He opened the option for his "pleasure magic" and looked at the option that erased the side effect of magic. He pressed the confirmation button then...

Haru took a deep breath and felt that he had been liberated. His body was engulfed in a gentle golden light. He suddenly felt a movement on his side and turned.


Haru sighed in relief when Akane was only moving her body lightly. He continued to bathe in this comfortable feeling. He really loved this feeling and it felt very nice for him. He closed his eyes and could sleep soundly for the first time after he had gotten his power.


Shinobu wasn't sure what to say reading his last reply.


Shinobu saw that Tsunade had chatted with her in private.

Tsunade: "You're going to marry him?"

Shinobu blushed and replied, "W - What the hell are you saying?!"

Tsunade: "You have a lot of competitors thought."

Shinobu: "I don't care about him!"

Tsunade: "You shouldn't lie to yourself."

Shinobu: "You're the one who lies to yourself!"

Tsunade: "What are you talking about? I am already in my 50's. I am already his grandma."

Shinobu: "That guy won't care about it. Just go say it truthfully."

Tsunade: "I am a bit busy. I'll end the chat first."


"Coward," Shinobu said and placed her phone on the side of her bed. She looked at the ceiling of her room and thought about what to do. She was quite lonely since she hadn't met Haru for a while.


Shinobu heard a notice once again and opened the group chat.

[New Quest of the Dimensional Group Chat]



Haru felt something nice between the things on his legs. He opened his eyes slowly and saw someone moving around on his waist.

Akane who saw him had woken up hurriedly moved closer to him and kissed his lips.

Haru hugged her curved waist and moved in rhythmically, creating a wonderful voice with each of his thrusts.


"Your phone is ringing in the morning," Akane said while laying on his side.

"Really?" Haru was quite surprised that he didn't wake up when his phone was ringing. He thought that it must happen because he was sleeping soundly since the side effect of his magic had disappeared. His mood was more wonderful than when he looked at his smartphone and saw that there was interesting notice.

[New Quest of the Dimensional Group Chat]

[Quest: Defeat the Four-Beast]

[Participant: Five People (Including two people who are staying in Toriko's world).]

[Reward: 2000 points and a random reward.]

[System Note: The time will stop in the participant world.]

[Countdown: Before the attack of Four-Beast.]

Haru felt that this morning was a bit mean for him.