Sis Con With Dimensional Chat Group Book 1 Chapter 452

Volume 1 Chapter 452 Who Is Going?

Yajima: "It has been a while since we have had a quest."

Kuroneko: "Only 5 people, huh? Including both Teppei and Korosensei who are in that world itself."

Korosensei: "Who is coming?"

Tsunade: "I will come since I am a bit bored in my world."

Shinobu: "I have read Toriko's manga and this Four-Beast is very powerful. I don't think that I can handle this quest." She knew her own power and it was better to let the other who was powerful enough to handle this quest.

Teppei: "Sigh... I hate this quest."

Kouha: "This should be the time when you're going to be brainwashed, right?"

Teppei: "Yeah, I'll be brainwashed later."

"..." Everyone was a bit speechless at this response.

Kuroneko: "What is your preparation?"

Teppei: "I am not doing anything. I'll let them brainwash me since it won't affect me anyway. I'll regain my consciousness sooner or later too."

Gintoki: "You sure are very carefree even though you're about being brainwashed."

Teppei: "Sigh... I am not sure what to do. I only hope that you can help me to protect my grandparents later during the cooking show that will be held in a few months."

Korosensei: "Don't worry, I am here, right?"

Teppei: "I am more than worried that you're here though."

Teppei: "So who are the next two people? There are two empty seats right for this quest."

Gintoki: "I don't think that I can do any help in this fight against Four-Beast."

Everyone had read each other stories on Group Chat and they were familiar with Four-Beast.

The Four-Beast is a monstrous beast with a Capture Level of 350 (although its capture level can increase over time) that invades the Human World once every few centuries to collect humans for its creators, the Blue Nitro, by seemingly devouring them.

Kouha: "Haru, Luffy, how about the two of you?"

Luffy: "I am not going."


Everyone was surprised when they heard Luffy wouldn't come to the quest since it would be a feast when everything was over.

Luffy: "I am in a critical period. I need to learn a technique."

Everyone was surprised once again when they heard Luffy. They were wondering whether Luffy had become smarter after he had joined the Group Chat.

Kuroneko: "Haru? How about you? You're going or not?"


Kuroneko: "Is he sleeping?"

Tsunade: "He should be since he should have a good sleep today."

Kuroneko: "Huh? Why is that?"

Shinobu: "You might ask him when he has woken up."

Shinobu: "Teppei-san, when is the Four-Beast going to attack?"

Teppei: "It should be in three days."

Teppei: "It's just my opinion, but I hope Haru will join since his power is very tricky for his opponent."

Kuroneko: "I have seen his magic and that magic is very dangerous. He can kill anyone with that magic." She still remembered how Haru had defeated every member of Mermaid Heel easily with his special magic. She also had tasted it too before and she couldn't forget about it no matter what.

Tsunade: "Don't worry, he is going to agree and join this quest."

Yajima: "Then, who is the last person?"

Yajima: "I can only think that it should be either Kouha or Luffy since both of them are very powerful."

Kouha: "I don't mind. I might get a good reward from this quest."

Korosensei: "Tsunade, Kouha, and Haru. I'll wait for all of you here."

Gintoki: "Can I ask a question?"

Kuroneko: "Sure, ask away."

Gintoki: "Why is the quest mostly fighting against something or something? Can it be more simple?"

Shinobu: "Simple?"

Gintoki: "Well, the easiest way should be looking for a cat or stealing a lollipop from a kid."


Tsunade: "You can ask Haru that question later."

Korosensei: "I really wonder whether there is a quest to collect p.o.r.n books around the world."


Yajima: "Somehow, the topic of the conversation has changed."

Kuroneko: "Let's talk about the quest again."

Kuroneko: "Oh, don't forget to bring us souvenirs! I have read that the taste of Four-Beast is very delicious."

Tsunade: "Don't worry, I'll bring it for all of you there."

Luffy: "Bring a lot! I want to try it later!"

They continued to chat with each other for a few hours about a lot of random things.


Haru was in Akane's apartment and had read the entire chat.

Haru: "Don't worry, I'll join."

Shinobu: "You've woken up?"

Haru: "Just woke up."

Haru: "When are we going?"

Kouha: "Tomorrow. Let's go to the quest tomorrow."

Tsunade: "We have two days to prepare there."

Haru: "Let's meet Toriko. I am sure that he is going to give us something good."

Tsunade: "That's true."

Luffy: "Don't forget the meat!"

Haru smiled and replied "yes" before closing his phone. 'Tomorrow, huh?'

"You're going back?" Akane asked after she came out of the bathroom.

"Hmm..." Haru nodded and said, "What are you doing after this?"

"Sleeping." Akane yawned since she was quite tired after morning exercise.

Haru looked at Akane and said, "If you're free then you should come to my cafe in the afternoon."

"I'll do that at night," Akane said and laid on her bed lazily.

Haru kissed her lips and said, "Get a female friend."

"It's hard since their men will fall in love with me," Akane said.

"....." Haru was speechless, but he knew that it was right. He remembered that she had told him about her life during middle school where the crush of her friend fell in love with her. He looked at her and thought that it might be a good time to let her go. "See you later."

"Hmm, bye." Akane nodded and slept lazily on her bed.

Haru walked out of her apartment and saw a beautiful woman. He saw her a bit startled and said, "I am sorry to startle you."

"Nothing." The woman shook her head.

Haru saw her stop on the way and said, "Please." He showed her a gesture to walk first.

The woman nodded and didn't say anything afterward.

Haru looked at the back of the woman and looked at this apartment. 'Is this a female-only apartment?'