Sis Con With Dimensional Chat Group Book 1 Chapter 457

Volume 1 Chapter 457 Give The Camera Back

Haru went to his cafe after both Megumi and Sora were too tired to continue and took a rest early. He saw that the light was still turning and he entered his cafe. He locked the door and went to the 2nd floor. He saw high heels there and knew that someone was here.

"Haru, you're late," Akane said.

"Sorry," Haru said.

Yuri walked toward him and whispered, "Why is she here?"

"She is quite lonely and I have thought about inviting her to play tonight," Haru said. He looked at her and asked, "Do you hate her?"

"Well, I am not sure, but I don't feel good," Yuri said. She wasn't sure, but she felt that he would be taken by her.

"It's alright. Let her stay here," Kosaka said and made everyone feel a bit surprised.

Akane was also surprised while looking at Kosaka curiously.

"I also need her help with my game since she is a teacher," Kosaka said.

"Well, if you need my help then I'll help you," Akane said gently.

Kosaka looked at Akane and said, "You don't need to act that way. Here, you can just be very sloppy and that guy won't care either way." She took a can of beer and gave it to Akane.

Akane looked at the can of beer and nodded. "Good." She thought that it had been a while since she had a girl as her companion and she wouldn't embarrass Kosaka by rejecting her beer.

Kosaka looked at Haru and said, "I have been curious why you're not calling me by my first name since you have called everyone by their first name."

"Your name is similar to Akane," Haru said.

"Kosaka-san, your first name is also Akane?" Akane asked.

Kosaka nodded and said, "Yes, my name is Kosaka Akane."

Haru looked at both Akane and Kosaka who started to talk to each other. He knew that they might talk quite a while and he decided to relax watching television.

The TV in the living room played a Music Station program on TV Asahi.

Music Station is a Japanese music television program. It began broadcasting on October 24, 1986 and continues to be broadcast weekly in High-definition from 8 PM-9 PM on TV Asahi. The program is also colloquially known as M Sute, MS, and M Station.

It is a very famous television program that has been held for many decades.

Haru looked at Iwasawa who seemed very interested in this show. "You can enter this show too in the future."

Iwasawa only laughed hearing his words. "I will." Her eyes were serious while watching this show.

The guest of this program was a popular singer group known as KinKi Kids who were singing their new song to promote it on this show.

Haru watched the television and felt that his money wasn't enough to buy his ambition. He got 375 USD million and he had a plan on what to do with that money. He suddenly felt that someone was sleeping on his shoulder. He saw that it was Yuri and he didn't say anything afterward letting her sleep.

Haru suddenly thought that he hadn't made any preparation for this question, however, he wasn't sure what to prepare since he knew from the plot that Toriko along with the other Four Heavenly Kings would be able to defeat this Four-Beast. He had thought to use his time in Toriko's world to learn about cooking and hunt a rare ingredient since it could make him stronger.

It was before long that both Shiina and Iwasawa also went to go bed since they were sleepy. They went back together to their own rooms too.

Haru looked at Yuri then took her to her room before joining both Kosaka and Akane who had been drinking since earlier. "You're ready to swing that way?"

Akane snorted and seemed unhappy when she heard Haru's joke. "No."

"More importantly, let's go. I have asked her to help me," Kosaka said.

"What do you mean?" Haru asked in a confused expression.

"I have asked you to help me, right? I was a bit stumped by some of the scenes," Kosaka said.

Haru nodded and said, "Sure, I'll help you if it's possible to do it."

"Good since is it very possible for you to do it," Kosaka said with a serious expression.


"Done?" Haru had an awkward expression on his face. He only wore his pants and didn't wear his clothes at this moment.

"Wait a moment," Kosaka said while taking a picture with her camera.

Akane only smiled funnily looking at them. She knew that they were going to make an e.r.o.t.i.c game that would be sold during the winter. She was also curious why Haru decided to help to make and wondering whether the story was good.

"Akane, come here, I also need your help too," Kosaka said.

"Ok," Akane said.

"Lay down on my bed," Kosaka said.

Akane nodded and laid on Kosaka's bed slowly.

"Haru, stay on top of her," Kosaka said.

"....." Haru was wondering whether it was a punishment, and it was luck that he had solved the side effect of his magic. "Seriously?"

"Very serious, Hurry up!" Kosaka said impatiently.

Haru shook his head and did what he had said. "I am sorry." He said while looking at Akane before staying on top of her.

Akane shook her head and said, "No problem. We have done a lot of it after all."


*Click!* *Click!* *Click!*

Haru had turned into a very docile robot listening to Kosaka's request to help her with the process of the game. He couldn't help in the drawing and if becoming a model could help her then he didn't mind doing it. He didn't do anything and let her do whatever she wanted since he could see the serious expression on her face. However, he really quickly regretted this decision since his pants were pulled by her.



It was the only voice that could be heard in this room.

Haru had a helpless expression on his face before quickly wearing his pants. "Give the camera back."