Sis Con With Dimensional Chat Group Book 1 Chapter 458

Volume 1 Chapter 458 1 Millimeter

White light engulfed him before he felt a familiar feeling that he had always felt in the past. Different in the past, that he had gotten used to it somehow.

"Welcome," Korosensei said with a smile before hugging the three of them together.

It felt similar to a feeling of meeting an alien in the movie, no matter how many times they had done this hugging scene together.


"Don't touch me, you octopus."

"Let's go!"


Korosensei started to sulk on the side hearing the insult from three of them.

Teppei smiled and said, "Thank you for coming."

"Teppei, you don't need to think much, we're friends," Haru said.

"We don't need much help in this quest since those four are going to end them," Tsunade said.

"More importantly, are we going to eat? I have always been curious about the cuisine in this world," Kouha said.

"Good! I'll bring all of you to the Gourmet Hotel!" Korosensei said with a smile and wrapped his tentacles around them.



They didn't need to guess what had happened since they were taken directly with 20 mach speed by this bipedal octopus.

"You bastard!!!!"

Teppei could only sigh while being taken by it. He was calmer since he had gotten used to it, however, he didn't think that it was a good thing.


Komatsu was in the kitchen of Gourmet Towers' knife building doing his training together with Yuda

1 Millimeter Yuda is a famous chef and the owner of the 10-star Zen Ou Restaurant. Holding 5th place in the IGO Chef Ranking, he is one of the top 5 greatest chefs in the world. He is very famous for his medical food that can cure almost all of the ailments in the world.

"So this is how it is cooked," Komatsu said while looking at the process of cooking.

Yuda nodded and seemed satisfied with Komatsu since this chef was very talented. "Hohoho, it won't be near in the future that you're going to defeat me."

Komatsu seemed embarrassed and said nervously, "N - No, I am still long away. I can't defeat you Chef Yuda."


Komatsu and Yuda turned and they saw a bipedal octopus along with four people that were wrapped around the tentacles of this octopus.

"Korosensei!" Komatsu was surprised and said, "Kasugano-san! Tsunade-san! Also...." He didn't know who Kouha was since he had never seen him. He didn't ask how they could come inside since he knew that they were quite powerful. He had also met Korosensei yesterday and he was a bit surprised when he saw him again here together with everyone.

"Food Reviver, Teppei," Yuda said. He had seen a lot of his life and their appearance didn't scare him. He was glad that the five of them weren't enemies and it seemed that Komatsu also knew their identity.

Teppei, Kouha, Haru, and Tsunade had an unpleasant expression on their faces looking at Korosensei.

"Where are Toriko and the other three?" Korosensei asked.

"They're going to the edge of the world to fight Four-Beast," Komatsu said with a confident tone. He believed that the four of them could defeat the Four-Beast that was going to appear in this world.

"Have they come?" Haru asked.

Yuda shook his head and said, "No, the Four-Beast should be coming tomorrow." He looked at them and said, "If possible, can we introduce our name to each other without a millimeter mistake?"

"Sure," Haru said.

"You should start, old man," Kouha said.

Yuda didn't seem offended by Kouha and nodded. "My name is 1 Millimeter Yuda."

"Why 1 Millimeter?" Kouha asked.

"Because I won't make a mistake even if it's only 1 millimeter," Yuda said. He had made his partner die in the past because of his mistake and arrogance by his cooking. This time he was always very reserved, humble, and a perfectionist that he wouldn't make any mistake even if it was only 1 millimeter.

Kouha looked at Yuda for a while and wondered why he felt that this guy had a superb sword style. He wanted to test it and asked, "Old man, can we exchange some pointers?" He took out his large sword on his back.

"Hohoho, you sure are very spirited, but let's do it later," Yuda said. He didn't mind such a straightforward personality.

"Where is Luffy?" Komatsu asked.

"He is on his voyage," Haru answered.

Komatsu blinked his eyes and asked, "He is really a pirate?"

Haru nodded and said, "He is a pirate."

"Komatsu, do you have alcohol or something?" Tsunade asked. She had always wanted to come here to resupply her alcohol stock.

"I have it, do you want some?" Komatsu asked.

"Give it to me," Tsunade said.

Yuda ignored both Komatsu and Tsunade then asked, "Can I ask why all of you are coming to this place?" This place was his restaurant even though he didn't mind them coming, but it was quite rude.

"We're coming for Four-Beast," Teppei said.

Yuda nodded and said, "So you're going to the edge of the continent?"

Teppei shook his head and said, "No, we're going to wait here. We'll let the Four Heavenly Kings handle the Four Beasts and we're going to handle an unexpected thing."

Yuda nodded and said, "Unexpected thing. We should be prepared to not make a 1-millimeter mistake."

"That's right, I have a bubble fruit, do you want some?" Komatsu asked.

"Bubble fruit?"

"Wait here, I'll bring it here," Komatsu said and went to pick his container which was used to keep his bubble fruit. He had gotten quite a lot of it and he wanted them to taste it since they had helped him in the past.

It didn't take a long time before Komatsu had brought the bubble fruit to them. It has a shape luminescent golden orb that sparkles like a gem and somehow a deflated look after being cooked.

"Try some," Komatsu said with an eager expression.


They knew that it was the right decision for them to come to this place the moment they could eat this bubble fruit.

"Korosensei, I'll really kill you if you going to eat those bubble fruits with 20 mach speed."