Sis Con With Dimensional Chat Group Book 1 Chapter 46

Volume 1 Chapter 46 Hypno Eye

Kabuto wasn't sure why the plan failed but he noticed the four people who were the friends of Tsunade. He thought there was some connection between them. He wore his mask and saw there was strangeness around the tree people. He could see that one of them had a skill that made them become invisible.

Kabuto looked at three of them and decided to kill the girl since she looked very weak. He raised his kunai to stab her only it was stopped by the young man.


Kabuto stabbed his shoulder before he wanted to continue. He saw the old man make his hand flat and made it sharper. He saw the seat was cut by his hand. He snorted at them and taunted them. He didn't fear them since he knew that they were protecting the little girl. He could keep aim at the girl and he would be safe.

"Don't blame me for this."

Kabuto felt something dangerous. He saw his finger became bright and he needed to run.


His chest was pierced by his attack. He gritted his teeth and threw a smoke bomb on the ground. He healed his chest hurriedly and only heard someone else.

"Where are you going?"

Kabuto looked up and saw a wooden sword right in front of his face, 'Shit.'



Gintoki saw him get wounded and hurriedly ran toward them, "Damn!!" He looked at the man who made a smoke bomb and entered it. He knew the man wanted to run away, "Where are you going?" He smashed his wooden sword toward him.


The floor was destroyed when he hit him.


"Damn," Gintoki saw a destroyed block of wood. He knew that the enemy had used a body replacement technique and ran away. He looked at Haru and asked, "Are you okay, Haru?"

Haru nodded, "I'm fine." He looked at Kuroneko, "Kuroneko, are you fine?"

Kuroneko looked at him, "H - Haru, are you okay? How is your shoulder?"

Haru showed his shoulder to her, "You don't need to worry about me."

Kuroneko sighed in relief, looking at his shoulder.

"We need to find a shelter," Yajima said.

Haru looked at Anko, "Anko, where is the shelter?"

"It should be in the hospital," Anko said.

"Let's go there," Gintoki said.

Yajima, Gintoki, Haru, and Kuroneko went to the hospital.

Anko stayed since she needed to help everyone.


Kuroneko was tired and she wanted to go back right now but she knew that she couldn't until the quest was over. She looked at three of them and asked, "Am I a burden?"

"Yes," Haru answered bluntly.

"Haru!!" Yajima reprimanded him.

Gintoki didn't say anything since he knew that the one who made him wounded was her.

Kuroneko hung her head down while hearing him.

"That's why you need to get stronger next time, I don't mean it in strength but rather mentality, don't get easily scared next time," Haru answered.

Kuroneko got tears in her eyes, "Yes!!!"

Haru sighed and thought that it was a very painful experience. He never thought it was really painful when someone was stabbing something sharp into his shoulder. He was really lucky to have light magic or else he would be limping on the way to the hospital.

Gintoki slapped his shoulder and smiled, "Damn, what a smooth, are you going to make her into your girls?"

Kuroneko, who heard it, blushed in response.

"If you have time to joke around, let's go to the shelter as soon as possible," Haru said.

"Well, you can't take a joke," Gintoki said and looked at the distance, "But Orochimaru is really strong huh? His pet is just too huge."

They turned their heads and saw a large snake destroy the town. Luckily, it was very far away from them. They continued to walk toward the shelter only it wasn't that smooth since they saw a lot of ninjas gathered around them.

It would be fine when the ninja was from the Konohagakure but the one in front of them was from Otogakure.

"Hey, what should we do in this situation?" Gintoki asked.

"What else? We need to beat them," Yajima said and turned his hand into a sharp one.

Kuroneko was hiding behind Haru since she felt safer around him. Her mind had been planted in her mind, who received a stab wound to his shoulder earlier in her place. She knew that she could believe in him.

Haru knew that he also needed to protect her, "Let me try, you don't need to attack them."

"Hmm?" Yajima and Gintoki were curious.

"Hypno-Eye," Haru emitted light from his eyes that sent out hypnotic waves, using the speed of light to bypass the limits of human sensory abilities and directly influence the opponent through sight using light. He saw the people in front of him started to wobble and their pupils lost their focus.

"Sleep," Haru said and they fell down on the ground.

They saw a group of ninja suddenly sleeping soundly without problem in this mess.

"Let's go," Haru said.

"Ooooh," Gintoki and Yajima nodded.

"I don't know if Yajima shared hypnotic magic," Kuroneko asked.

"That's not hypnotic magic, that is light magic, I improved it and made it have a hypnotic effect," Haru answered.

"Sigh, why can't I use magic?" Kuroneko sighed.

"You don't need to worry there should be a random prize when we have finished the quest, there should be magic or something when you get that prize," Haru said.

"Really?" Kuroneko was a bit excited.

"That should be it," Yajima nodded.

"I want a skill that will make me become a billionaire," Gintoki said.

"I think you should get a skill that enables you to eat a lot of sweets without getting sick, you will get diabetes when you continue to eat a lot of sweets at your age," Haru said.

Gintoki was shocked, "That's true..." He thought that kind of skill would be very nice for him.

They ran for a while and they had arrived in the shelter. They needed to wait for a while and knew the battle would be turned over soon.