Sis Con With Dimensional Chat Group Book 1 Chapter 460

Volume 1 Chapter 460 Four Beast

International Allied Forces (IAF) Main Headquarters.

Everyone was very serious since it had been a century before humanity needed to face up to another calamity known as Four-Beast. They watched the monitor intently afraid to lose anything that would happen in only a second.

"We can't rely on the Four Heavenly Kings! The one who can save humanity from this catastrophe is our humanity itself! Different from centuries ago, we have a superb technology that has developed into a superweapon! Our weapons represent our power! Let's show those beasts our power!" General of the IAF (International Allied Forces) said with a confident tone. It wasn't wrong for him to be confident since the headquarters had prepared a number of weapons to end this catastrophe. He believed the thing that couldn't be done a century ago, could be done now and that was being led by his own hands.

"General! It's the Four-Beasts...." One of the staff suddenly said.

"They're here?!" The general of IAF seemed very excited and said, "Focus the satellite cameras on them! Where are they now?!" He couldn't wait to see them since it was his first time seeing them.

"To the east...." One of the staff suddenly turned pale, but he continued with his report. "It's the Fang King! It's.... It's... Baron Archipelago... Cavern Lagoon... Igo's Biotope 9, where the Troll Kong's live... Even Biotope 1... They've all been destroyed!!!"

"Regal Mammoth, 1,5000 meters long, was killed with one blow!!"

"It was... The work of... The Royal Mammal Beast, The Fang King!"

The IAF general had a pale expression on his face when he heard the report along with watching the condition of those places that had been listed by his subordinates had turned into ruin in an instant. He had to admit that he had underestimated this Fang King, but he believed that he could handle the rest, however, his expression became worse when he heard another report.

"King Octopus Kong is coming from the west!! Wu Jungle and... Gourmet Pyramid has been completely annihilated!!"

"Mount Turtle is coming from the south!! I... Ice Hell has been crushed into ice cubes!!"

"Invite Death is coming from the north!! It came swimming over Death Falls!!"

The IAF general sucked a deep breath and understood why the Four-Beats had known as the worst calamity that would happen in this world for each century. He had to admit that they were strong, but he hadn't drawn his trump card. He raised his hand and shouted, "All Land marine, and aerial forces report to your appointed stations!! Ready all satellite warship laser cannons for fire!! We have fighters equipped with missiles for taking down a large game!! and we have Mammoth Tanks--- which are 100 meters long and weigh a hundred thousand tons!!"

"Listen up!! All pilots and drivers are GT Robots!! Proceed without fear!!"

The IAF general didn't realize that his body was covered in sweat showing how nervous he was, but he was a leader of this organization and he needed to show that he wasn't afraid of this and would lead all of his subordinates and humanity to win this battle.

"Take this! A barrage of the strongest combined artillery fire humanity has to offer!! It can turn ten million square kilometers of earth into a wasteland in a second!!"

The satellite moved according to the order of the headquarters and started to show the appearance of the Four-Beats on the screen.

The moment everyone saw the appearance of the Four-Beast.


It was utter an utter terror and gave them a feeling of despair.


The general of IAF shouted out that word out loud, afraid for everyone to not hear his voice.

*Bang!* *Bang!* *Bang!*


*Vrrooom!!* *Vrrooom!!* *Vrrooom!!*

*Kshaa!* *Kshaa!* *Kshaa!*

It was at this moment, that a human showed their potential. In front of the danger, they worked together to eliminate the crisis that would happen in front of them. They knew that they needed to work together or else they would be the ones who would be eliminated by this catastrophe.

"C'mon! C'mon! C'mon!! We're not finished yet!"

They didn't stop their attacks and even when their ammunition was emptied they kept reloading it to eliminate this catastrophe. The laser satellite on the outside of the earth kept shooting out a laser from space. The airplanes that were piloted by GT Robot also shot out their weapons without stopping.

Each second was longer than they had thought. Their ears were numb, but they ignored this feeling since they only felt a crisis at this moment. They couldn't be calmed until they saw the dead body of the Four-Beast.

It was a brutal bombardment that could end a country in an instant.

Everyone in the headquarters watched the battle with nervous expression though the screen waited for the moment they could celebrate in this battle, however.....

"Wh... What?!"

Everyone screamed in fear and shocked seeing the scene in front of them.


Yes, useless.

All of the acc.u.mulation of power and brain of humanity for the past centuries were useless in front of the Four Beasts.

The Four-Beats had come to this world to bring a calamity to humans. They had either dodged, destroyed, melted, or smashed everything on their way.

Everyone who watched this scene had a pale and despair on their faces. They didn't know what to do and could only think of a lot of negative things that would happen to everyone the moment they let those beasts enter the world.

"General! The Four-Beast can't be stopped!"

Everyone was in a panic and could only scream reporting the thing that had happened on the screen.

"Urgh..." The general closed his eyes in regret and clenched his hands very hard till blood dripped. "Not even a scratch! We were prepared, but... These are creatures of the Gourmet World!"

"Is this it...? Is this humanity's limit?"


No one answered the question on the general since they had something more important to do. They were scrambling their heads together, but they couldn't do anything in response.

However, suddenly...


"Huh? Th... The Four-Beast... They've stopped?!"

"They've stopped General! All four of the Four-Beast!"

"What?!" The general was surprised and continued to watch the screen. Everyone tried to rack their brains to understand what was happening, but they saw something that put their minds at ease. They started to smile when they saw the one who appeared right in front of each of the Four-Beast that would bring a calamity to this world.

"It's the Four Heavenly Kings!"