Sis Con With Dimensional Chat Group Book 1 Chapter 461

Volume 1 Chapter 461 Need To Get Stronger

Haru, Korosensei, Kouha, and Tsunade didn't move and stayed in the Knife Building of the Gourmet Hotel. They watched the live record of the Four-Beast who would come to destroy this world.

Teppei didn't stay with them and went together with the Gourmet Reviver group to handle the evacuation along with strengthening the foundation of the building around the center of the area of the world of humans with his plants.

They knew that the strongest people in terms of power in their groups might be Teppei since this guy's development was too fast.

Haru might have the confidence to defeat the Four-Beast with his magic or his other skill, but with his body strength? He wasn't ready to be killed yet in this situation.

"Do we not need to do anything?" Tsunade asked.

"It's better to let everything happen with the flows since we know they will win this battle," Korosensei said.

"You don't need to be that worried since no one would die in this battle," Haru said.

They nodded and thought that it was better to help to evacuate the people in this area along with helping Komatsu to cook an antidote of poison that would be released by Four-Beast in this world later.

"I have to admit that those beasts are strong," Kouha said. He had a serious expression on his face when he saw those beasts.

There were four beasts that attacked the world for this time and they were Gaoh, Invite Death, King Octopus Kong, and Mount Turtle.

Gaoh is a quadrupedal beast bulging with muscle and covered in scars, and its overall physical appearance is that of a gigantic male African Lion, though with the fangs of a Sabertooth Cat like the extinct Smilodon.

The King Octopus Kong is a mollusk fish beast, with five outstanding dark-colored eyes, hairless eyebrows, a wide jaw with large teeth, amphibious fins on its head and 7 octopus tentacles lining his chin like a beard.

The Invite Death is a hairless, indigo and purple mollusk mammal beast, with two pieces of hair coming out of its snout-like nostrils, forming whiskers of a sort.

The Mount Turtle is a large volcanic crustacean beast and it possesses a large volcano for a shell on its back, which erupts lava.

Each of those beats had a capture level of 100++ and to understand how powerful those beasts were. They only needed to watch the live records of the subjugation of those beasts through the large screen in front of them.

Those four beasts are part of the limbs of the real body of Four-Beast and that is also the reason why they're staying here now.

"There are four of them if you have a chance to fight which one are you going to fight?" Haru asked curiously.

"I am going to fight the Invite Death. I can handle the poison, but I am not sure about all of you," Tsunade said.

They nodded since the power of poison wasn't something that could be handled by them. Tsunade, who was very proficient in medical jutsu, could fight the Invite Death evenly.

"I'll handle Gaoh then since I can stop his speed with my gravity manipulation," Kouha said.

They nodded since they knew how powerful Kouha's gravity manipulation was. Even though Haru also had gravity magic, in terms of proficiency, he might lose against Kouha since Kouha had both Metal Vessel and Devil Fruit that had helped him to strengthen his gravity manipulation.

"I'll handle the octopus one," Korosensei said.

They weren't surprised by Korosensei's choice since they thought that it was normal to fight an octopus against an octopus since the one who knew about the octopus the best was the octopus itself.

"Mount Turtle, huh?" Haru watched how Zebra was fighting against Mount Turtle. He could see that Mount Turtle was a type of beat that was very good with defense.

"Your magic might be very good to be used on this turtle," Kouha said with a grin.

"....." Haru twitched his lips and thought that it was possible. He knew that his "pleasure magic" was working on an animal, but he wasn't sure whether those Four-Beasts had mated with something in the past. He was quite a disadvantage in this world since everyone in this world was more concerned about food rather than s.e.x. He felt that there was another magic that would become very deadly in this world, but he knew that it was very expensive to get that magic.

"Still, I don't understand this Capture Level thing. I am not even sure how they can calculate the level of each beast," Tsunade said.

"I have remembered that it is based on the ability of Marking Chameleon. This beat has the ability to measure a creature's physical strength with its tongue, which can determine the strength levels of an animal allowing it to know which creature is the weakest and easiest to prey on or which one it should avoid," Haru said.

"Chameleon, huh?" Kouha said absentmindedly while looking at the battle.

"I wonder whether we can defeat the guy who is going to manipulate Teppei," Korosensei suddenly said.

"It might be possible with my power, but you guys need to be far away or else you'll be affected by my power," Haru said.

"It should be okay, right? Since all of us are v.i.r.g.i.ns," Kouha said.


"W - Who is a v.i.r.g.i.n?!" Korosensei and Tsunade said angrily as if their tails had been stomped by Kouha.

"I was joking. You don't need to get excited," Kouha said with a smile.


"Hmph!" Koroensei and Tsunade sulked at the same time.

Haru was speechless looking at Korosensei. He continued to watch the battle and thought that he really needed to get stronger if he wanted to stay alive in the world of Toriko.