Sis Con With Dimensional Chat Group Book 1 Chapter 462

Volume 1 Chapter 462 Transformation 1

On the screen, they watched the Four Heavenly Kings fight against the Four-Beast and defeat them.

"Canon Fork!"

"Mold Spear!"

"Super Hair Shot!"

"Beat Punch!"

Haru knew that the real thing would happen soon. "It will happen soon."

"I am getting nervous for some reason," Koronsensei said.

"You're not the only one," Tsunade said.

They had to admit the strength level of people in this world was very crazy and they were very strong.

Haru was confident that Madara or Zeref would be beaten up when they came to this world. He had to admit that the world of Toriko was crazy and for him to enter this world might be suicide. However, he was confident that it would be impossible to kill him since most of his technique was used to run away.

"Tsunade, I think that you're better to stand by since your healing jutsu is needed when we might get injured in this battle," Haru said.

"Hmm..... I'll do that," Tsunade said. Frankly, she didn't have that much confidence to fight against the Four-Beat seeing how big it was.

They felt the earth was shaking uncontrollably and their expression turned serious.

"It's coming," Kouha said.


They had only watched the Four-Beast on the manga and anime, but it was their first time to watch it with their own eyes.


"SAVE US!!!"


They heard a scream of a lot of people from the ground running away from this monster and felt that it was normal when they saw such a large monster suddenly appear in the center of the town.


The Four-Beast roared loudly that made everyone almost burst their ears.

The Four-Beast is a gigantic, plant-like, mixed-breed creature that resembles a bulb, with many protruding root-like appendages that can stretch for miles in all directions. It has a face sunken in black holes where eyes should be and a large grinning mouth with numerous teeth like protrusions. It is shown to have multiple faces throughout its root structure.

The Four-Beast is so massive that its main body is easily bigger than skyscr.a.p.ers and is almost as big as Gourmet Town (excluding its roots which can stretch for miles).

The Four-Beast who had just woken up was very excited and smashed his roots around the skyscr.a.p.ers. However, the moment he wanted to smash the skyscr.a.p.ers it was stopped by something. He turned his attention toward two people who were floating in the sky.

"It's quite powerful," Haru said and used his gravity magic to block the root of Four-Beast that almost smashed into the skyscr.a.p.ers.

"I'll handle this," Kouha said and transformed his sword into 50 meters, smashing it toward the Four-Beast. "DIE, YOU CREEPY CREATURE!!!!" He increased the power of his sword swinging with his gravity magic.

"RAAAAWRRR!!!!" The Four-Beast watched Kouha's enormous sword move toward him and wanted to slay him with into halve.

Everyone who was running away saw this scene and saw that enormous sword that came down to slay the Four-Beast. They had high expectations for this attack and hoped for this attack to be able to defeat it.

However, the Four-Beast who was known as the Calamity wouldn't be defeated this easily. He raised a lot of his roots and wrapped it around Kouha's sword to stop its movement. He was smiling looking at Kouha and pulled it away from him.

Kouha hurriedly decreased the size of his sword to normal size and could feel how powerful Four-Beast was when it blocked his attack.

Korosensei who was moving around to save people started to charge very fast toward the Four-Beast. He had received "Foldabody Quirk" as his reward from a quest in the past and he could transform his body into a sharp needle. With his Mach 20 speed, it was a very perfect means of assassination.


Korosensei wanted to drill his body into Four-Beast's brain ending its life in an instant, however, it wasn't that easy. He could make a hole in his skin, but he stopped when he hit Four-Beat's skull. He was unable to penetrate Four-Beat's skull and decided to run away.

Four-Beast realized someone had attacked him on his head and hurriedly tried to smash the thing on his head, but his speed was too low to catch the fly that had attacked him.

Korosensei appeared once again in a far away building with a scared expression. Fighting a beast was different from fighting a human, especially when fighting this monstrous beast. "Sigh....."

Haru raised both of his first before giving Four-Beast a chain rush of punches. He knew that these punches were useless in front of Four-Beast's tough body, but what he wanted to do with was not to attack this beast with a punch, but rather using his skill. "Sticky Fingers!!!"

*Srrt!* *Srrt!* *Srrt!*

Zipper appeared on the root of the Four-Beast and separated that root from his body.

The Four-Beast was surprised by Haru's skill that separated his roots from his body. He raised his root and smashed it toward Haru since he wanted to kill him.

Haru knew that he would turn into mash once he had been smashed by the Four-Beast. "Astral Mode!" His turned into slightly transparent and the root that wanted to smash him passed through his body without damaging it.


The root hit the ground and created a large shockwave, making the street into ruin.

Haru didn't run away and turned off his "Astral Mode" then punched Four-Beast again to separate his body.

The Four-Beast raised his root and wanted to strangle Haru but his root passed through his body once again.

Haru suddenly noticed the movement of something on the earth and knew that the four beasts that had fought the Four Heavenly King had come.

The Four-Beast hurriedly used his root on the underground absorbed the four beasts into his body.

Haru went back to both Korosensei and Kouha who were standing on the top of skyscr.a.p.ers.

"What skill is that? How come that attack is passing through your body?" Kouha asked.

"It's an ability that I have developed from my devil fruit. Let's talk about this later since the Four-Beast is going to transform now," Haru said.