Sis Con With Dimensional Chat Group Book 1 Chapter 463

Volume 1 Chapter 463 Transformation 2

Four-Beast who had absorbed Gaoh, Invite Death, King Octopus Kong, and Mount Turtle into his body started to transform. His body, which was quite thin, similar to a root started to change into something different.

Upon reabsorbing its "limbs," the Four-Beast bulks up with a humanoid appearance. It becomes heavily muscled with smooth skin, veins popping out all across its body and the multiple root-like limbs it had before are reduced to only two strong arms with human-like fingers.

They could see that the size of this beast had increased dramatically at this moment and it seemed very monstrous.

Kouha also transformed himself into his Djinn Equip form.

In this form, Kouha's hair grows longer and its color changes to light purple. He has pink spikes coming out of his back that take the shape of wings. He gains a sideways third eye in the middle of his forehead. Both his arms and legs become clad in the same spikes which take the shape of armor. He wears a necklace and arm bracelets on both arms.

"I am sure Tsunade is screaming looking at this monster," Haru said.

"Oh, you're going to show off your new girlfriend?" Korosensei said while pouting.

"....." Haru was speechless looking at Korosensei.

"If you have time to fight then why don't you think how to block the green rain?" Kouha said.

It didn't take them for a long time before they saw the Four-Beast to take a deep breath, then released a toxic cloud from his mouth which could cover the area above the Central Human World.

They saw a green cloud start to cover the sky before long, a green rain started to fall down.

Korosensei thought that his body would be wet, but suddenly he saw that the rain that was going to fall down on the ground was stopped by something in the sky. He looked at Haru and asked, "Is it you?"

"Yeah." Haru used his gravity magic to stop the rain.

Kouha, who had transformed his large sword into a scythe with a hammer on the other side, swung it to the sky to destroy the toxic cloud with his gravity manipulation. "HAAAA!!!"


The toxic cloud was smashed in an instant and disappeared into nothing.

Haru who had gathered the water from the green rain threw a rock that he had opened with Sticky Zipper.

That rock absorbed all of the toxic green water inside the space that was created by Sticky Zipper.

Haru pulled back the rock that he had thrown and kept the water to his belongings since he could use it as a weapon later.

Then suddenly they saw a large tentacles that wanted to smash them into a mush.

Korosensei moved very fast and took both Kouha and Haru away from their place.


The tentacle smashed into a building and destroyed it into pieces.

Then one after another a large tentacles kept appearing wanting to smash them into a mush.

However, Korosensei's speed was undoubtedly very fast and only some people were able to chase after him and Four-Beast clearly wasn't one of them.

They ran toward the Four-Heavenly Kings who had come to the Central Human World after chasing the four beasts who ran away from them. They also saw the action of Haru, Kouha, and Korosensei who were able to smash away the toxic cloud, absorb green rain, and ran away from the Four-Beast.

"You're too slow!" Korosensei complained to four of them.

Toriko, Coco, Sunny, and Zebra twitched their lips looking at Korosensei. They were familiar with this bipedal octopus and knew that the advantage of this octopus was his speed.

"I'll make you extinct later! You stupid octo---" Zebra wanted to say something, but suddenly a white ghost summoned by Haru passed thought Zebra's body. He suddenly became depressed and despised himself. "I am a bastard that needs to be extinct in this world....."


Everyone opened their mouths wide when they saw Zebra with such a reaction.

Zebra hurriedly came back and screamed angrily, but he looked at Haru with wary expression since this guy's skill was very bizarre.

"If you have time to get angry, why don't you handle this Four-Beast first?" Haru said.

Coco nodded and asked, "Can you block the rain again?"

Haru nodded and said, "It's possible." He saw that the Four-Beast prepared to send out another cloud toxic to the sky.

"Is there something with this rain?" Toriko asked.

"Green Rain, also known as 'Illness Rain,' is toxic to the human body and upon contact can kill it within the hour," Coco said.

Their expression became serious when they heard it.

"Komatsu, you need to go to the Gourmet Towers right now," Coco said.

"Huh? Do you mean Chef Yuda's restaurant? But why?" Komatsu asked.

"You need to ask about the detoxifying food of this green rain to be cautioned," Coco said.

"O... Okay." Komatsu nodded.

Then suddenly the toxic cloud was released once again then released a large amount of green rain.

Haru once again stopped the rain with his gravity magic, but this time it wasn't as perfect as before. The rain was so wide and his magic was only able to block in some areas.

Coco knew that the situation was serious and said, "Zebra, lend Komatsu your horse!"

Zebra nodded and didn't ask much since he knew that his horse was the fastest one.

Komatsu went on the top of the large horse and it started to move very fast toward the Gourmet Towers.

It was at this moment when they were talking to each other that a large number of tentacles wanted to slam them down from above.