Sis Con With Dimensional Chat Group Book 1 Chapter 464

Volume 1 Chapter 464 Transformation 3

Kouha smashed his hammer above the block, those tentacles away from them. He knew that it was impossible to stop this attack and that was why he was only going to buy time for them to run away.

Korosensei grabbed all of them with his tentacles with his speed and ran away from this location.


The building was destroyed and became a ruin in an instant.

However, the tentacles didn't give up chasing after them.

Korosensei's speed had decreased when he had brought all of them since it was too heavy for him.

"Let go of me!" Zebra moved away from the Korosensei's tentacles then boosted his speed with his sound. "Sonic Speed!" He charged toward the Four-Beast and tightened the muscle in his right arm. "Beat Punch!"

The Four-Beast gritted his teeth then he channeled the force that was sent by Zebra with his "Beat Punch" back toward him.

"ARGHH!!!!!" Zebra received a counterattack from the Four-Beast and was thrown away by a large force. He was thrown so hard that it created a hole in five large skyscr.a.p.ers before he stopped with a number of broken bones on his body.


Coco, who was in a safe position, covered his entire body in poison armor then created a bow from the poison. He was ready in his position and shouted, "KISS!"

KISS who was Coco's pet and large crow flying toward the Four-Beast and flapped his wings scattering his feathers to block the eyesight of the Four-Beast.

"Poison Arrow!" Coco wanted to shoot his arrow, but he realized the Four-Beast's tentacles that had opened their eyes from it. He realized that all of his movements had been read by the Four-Beast. He hurriedly let the arrow away from his bow, but that bow was destroyed by the tentacles and his body was slammed. "Gwah!!!" He coughed a lot of blood after the impact of that attack.


"Coco!" Toriko shouted in worry.

The Four-Beast was very annoyed with the feathers that were scattered by KISS and slammed his tentacles toward it.


KISS was thrown away and dropped to the ground after being hit by the Four-Beast.

The Four-Beast suddenly felt something on his lower body. He saw a snake wrapped its body around his legs to stop his movement.

"Good work, Quinn! Take this!" Sunny created a gigantic humanoid hair and slammed that fist of his creation into the face of the Four-Beast.


The Four-Beast felt an impact from his body then he channeled that force to Quinn who wrapped its body on his legs.

"Kah!" Quinn screamed in pain when the force of Sunny's attack was channeled toward him.

"What? It redirected the impact from the punch down to his body to Quinn who was wrapped around his legs!" Sunny was startled.


The Four-Beast sucked a large amount of air into his mouth.


The Four-Beast blew away smoke from his mouth to Sunny who was in front of him.

"What's this smoke?" Sunny suddenly felt that this smoke made his hair very sticky that made his hair stick together making it hard to control his hair. He couldn't move his hair as usual and suddenly he realized that he had become a mouse inside a trap.

The Four-Beast clapped his two large hands with Sunny between them.


Sunny closed his eyes and tried to hold the pain on his body. He was dropped to the ground after that attack.

"Sunny!" Toriko, who saw his friends were defeated one by one, was very helpless. He didn't realize that Haru, Kouha, and Korosensei had run away from his location. He looked up and saw the Four-Beast wanted to beat him up with his large tentacles. The fists of the Four-Beast became closer and wanted to slam him into nothingness.

"AHHHH!!!!" Toriko screamed and tightened the muscle on his arm. "Spiked Punch!" He sent out his fist toward these tentacles the kept sending out another attack one after another.

"Spiked Punch!"

"Leg Knife!"

"Leg Fork!"


Toriko wanted to get away, but he was overwhelmed by the Four-Beast attack and buried inside the punches of this beast.


The Four-Beast wanted to beat him down again, but felt a force on his tentacle from Toriko's attack earlier that made his tentacles thrown for few meters.

"Ugh....." Toriko tried to open his eyes with all of the energy that was left on his body. "What a... Monster."

Terry who was Toriko's pet hurriedly picked Toriko who was being buried inside the ground away from the battlefield.

Rin, who was Sunny's little sister, sat down on top of Terry and used this chance to use measuring tongs to see the capture level of the Four-Beast. Her face became pale when she saw the capture level of this beast. "3... 310." She was quite desperate then suddenly she saw the capture level of the Four-Beast increased once again. "It... It's just increased..."

"Look up, f.u.c.ker!"

Sudden shout on the battlefield making everyone look toward the sky then suddenly they saw a large rock that dropped on the sky suddenly smashing the toxic cloud away.

"M - Meteor!!!" Rin opened her eyes wide.

The Four-Beast used his tentacles to stop the meteor that was falling toward him. He grinned when he stopped the meteor.

"There is more."

Then another meteor dropped on the top of the meteor that had been stopped by the Four-Beast.


The large force from the meteor made the Four-Beast grit his teeth to hold off the impact. He wanted to channel this force to the ground, but someone wouldn't let him.

Kouha stood on the top of the Four-Beast and raised his hammer high.

"Engrave her cruelty and disappear under the queen's crushing grief!"

"Lelazzo Madraga!"

Kouha screamed and used the extreme magic that he had combined together with his power from the devil fruit. The Metal Vessel Symbol appeared in a wide area above the Four-Beast then he smashed his hammer down which causes a large amount of Strength Magic to pulverize everything within the vicinity.