Sis Con With Dimensional Chat Group Book 1 Chapter 465

Volume 1 Chapter 465 Cooking Process

Gourmet Tower.

Komatsu had arrived at the location to meet with Yuda to talk about the green rain. He knew that he needed to make detox food for everyone. He ran very fast and saw both Yuda and Tsunade. "Chef Yuda! Tsunade-san!"

Yuda nodded and said with a serious expression, "I have heard everything from Tsunade. The green rain, right?"

"Yes!" Komatsu nodded and sighed in relief when he heard what Tsunade had told everyone. He looked at Tsunade and asked, "Tsunade-san, how did you know?"

"Haru has given me a communication device," Tsunade answered simply.

Komatsu nodded in response.

"I can make it, but I can't create too many antidotes," Yuda said.


"There are hundreds of millions of people and I need to do it in one hour. Frankly, we won't be able to make it in time, not by a millisecond," Yuda said.

"Even if I give my all, I could only serve a hundred thousand people at most."

"I... I'll do whatever I can to help out!" Komatsu said.

"One additional set of hands won't cut it out," Yuda said. "We'll need more hands. And skilled ones at that."

"That's why we came!"

Suddenly they heard a voice and turned toward the source of this voice.

"Hnh Hnh Hnh. Shall we get to cooking? Yuda?" Setsuno asked.

"S... Setsuno!!!!"

"It's a living legend, Setsuno. We couldn't have asked for more reliable reinforcements. But..." Yuda closed his eyes in pain then opened it once again telling them the truth. "In all honesty, even with you... We don't have as many millimeters of chefs as we need."

"That's why... I came as soon as I was able."

"Chi... Chiru!"

"Oh my. Chef Chiru is from Vanishing Japanese Cuisine," Yuda said.

"Heh Heh. Looks like you're in a pinch. Komatsu. I'll help you too."

"Livebearer!! You have come too!" Komatsu was very happy.

"That's the distinguishing guest group you have, but... It's still not enough."

They turned their attention toward this source of voice again.

"It's you."

"It's the owner-chef of the Curry Shop Dhamala's curry that brings in 10 trillion a year!! Ranked fourth among the world's chefs!! It's Dhamala Sky the 13th!"

"The owner of the first-class Japanese restaurant Guts!! He's 22nd in the chef ranking!! Chef Lulubu!!"

"And the big mama from Snack Tsurara!! Ranked 31st place!! Mama Tsurara!!"

"The first lunch lady to crack the top ten!! Head of the cafeteria at Nakaume Culinary School!! Ranked 10th place!! It's Chef Sumire!!"

"O... Omigod!! I can't believe there are so many talented chefs here! It's like a dream come true!!" Komatsu said excitedly after he introduced all of them.

Tsunade, who was by their sides, nodded when she heard Komatsu's introduction. She had to admit that she didn't know all of them, and she didn't care either. The only thing that she was speechless about is why didn't they start cooking now?

"B - But how did all of you know?" Komatsu asked.

"I told them."

Then another person came to join them.

"Johannes!! Long-time no see!!" Komatsu said.

"I had wanted to gather more. Unfortunately, these are the only highly skilled chefs in this area right now. All the others are too far away to arrive in time," Johannes said.

"This is understandable and we can only do what we can," Chiru said.

"We'll leave the Four-Beast to the Gourmet Hunters and the cooking to the cooks!" Setsuno said.

"Now, then. I, Yuda, shall teach you how to cook the antidote meal!!" Yuda said.


Yuda brought them to the kitchen and showed them how to cook the antidote for the green rain.

"Th... This is the antidote meal?"

They saw a purple mochi on the table that had been cooked by Yuda earlier.

"Is it mochi? Purple colored mochi?" Komatsu wasn't sure what to say.

Tsunade joined them and took out the camera to record the cooking process. Haru had asked her to record everything that was happening in the kitchen and she didn't mind it.

"It's a medical mochi. By using colored rice and creating a mochi that complements the color of the poison, we can neutralize the effects of the poison within the body," Yuda said.

"Green rain is more yellow-green than green. According to the color wheel, yellow green's complementary color is purple!"

"And that's why it's purple colored mochi."

"L...Let's make them quick! With this many people, we can mass-produce the medical mochi!" Komatsu said.

"We can't," Lulubu said.

"Huh? Lulubu?"

"We certainly could increase the production, but when you think about how they'd be rationed out, we'd have to complete the cooking within thirty minutes. We may be a large group of talented chefs, but frankly, we can't complete the cooking needed for several hundred million people," Lulubu said.

"He's right. Even if it were for 500 million. We'd probably only be able to do 10 percent of that. 50 million," Sumire said.

"Ch..Chef Sumire. Then... Then let's get even more people! There's my staff bac at the hotel and we could summon the cooks from all your restaurants. If we get more people to prepare then...." Komatsu didn't want to give up.

"That would be futile," Yuda said.

"Yuda! But why...?"

"Because it requires special preparation. You saw me prepare, didn't you? Medical mochi requires a unique combination of color rice as well as precise timing for steaming and a specific number of turns of the mortars. If you're off by even a millisecond it won't come together," Yuda said.

"B... But..." Komatsu was almost in despair when she heard it.

"Then there's no choice. It's not fair, but we're going to have to select the 50 million people who are going to eat the medical mochi," Johannes said.

"Th... That's not right! We're going to choose and give up on the rest?!" Komatsu was mad.

"But there isn't time. We have to start cooking right now or we won't be able to save anybody," Johannes said.

"If... If medical mochi is an ingredient that requires special preparation then I think we should find a way so that even the average cook could prepare it easily!" Komatsu said to everyone,


"10 minutes! I'll find a way to prepare for it! I swear so...."

"So please call in as many average chefs as you can!"

"Please!!!" Komatsu shouted with a serious expression.


They looked at each other and they could see a serious expression from Komatsu. They nodded and made their decision.

"Show us what you can do, Komatsu."

Komatsu was moved and nodded. "Okay! Leave it to me!"