Sis Con With Dimensional Chat Group Book 1 Chapter 466

Volume 1 Chapter 466 Combine Our Appetite 1

Kouha slammed his hammer on the top of the Four-Beast.


The Four-Beast gritted his teeth felt like a powerful force trying to pulverize him. He fell to the ground trying to fight back this force. "ROARRRR!!!!" The ground couldn't handle the force behind this gravity force and pushed the Four-Beast 20 meters deep into the earth.

Kouha had a vein appeared on his forehead using all of his power to destroy this monster, however, it was harder than he had thought.

Korosensei opened his tentacles and shot out a powerful laser beam from his tentacles.


The Four-Beast frowned when he saw a hole in his body, but it started to regenerate by itself. He didn't care much about the laser, but this force really troubled him.

Korosensei twitched his lips looking at the Four-Beast who had regenerated himself. He had to admit that he really underestimated the toughness of Four-Beast's body. He wanted to get closer, but it was impossible with Kouha who made the entire area around the Four-Beast into a heavy gravity force.

"Damn, just do something!" Kouha screamed. He wanted to tell them how hard it is to stop this monster.

Haru ignored the gravity force that was generated by Kouha. He tried to stabilize his body with his gravity magic to make him able to move normally in this area. He had one chance and knew that he needed to do it quickly. He moved very fast and appeared on the top of the Four-Beast's head then screamed, "Sticky Finger!"


A large zipper appeared on the top of the head of the Four-Beast and opened his head directly.

The Four-Beast realized what Haru wanted to do and wanted to stop him, but he couldn't move under the gravity force that was used by Kouha.

Everyone could see the brain of the Four-Beast that was moving strangely.

Haru pointed his finger toward the brain of the Four-Beast. "Infinite Flash!" He simultaneously unleashed a powerful barrage of beams of light which, because of their density and grouping, appeared to fuse together into one enormous light blast.



Toriko, Sunny, Coco, and Zebra saw their action and couldn't help but admire, especially when they saw Haru open the Four-Beast's head directly sending out the powerful light blast.

"Is this the power of zipper?" Sunny said.

"I thought that it was a joke," Zebra said.

"Zipper is amazing," Coco said.

Toriko nodded since his technique also revolved around tools such as forks, knives, and nails.

Kouha was very tired and he ended his technique when he saw Haru had sent out a barrage of a light blast from his fingertips.

Haru saw that the brain of the Four-Beast had turned into charcoal by his attack, however, suddenly he saw the movement on this beast. He had always activated his observation haki to avoid all of the attacks on himself. He turned himself into his astral mode so that any physical attack would only pass through his body.


Haru hurriedly moved back when he saw the Four-Beast attack his location earlier. He saw the tentacles chasing after him, but he was very calm since it was useless to attack him.

*BOOM!!!* *BOOM!!!* *BOOM!!!*

The street turned into ruin and was full of holes.

Haru flew toward Kouha who was standing on the skyscr.a.p.ers. "I might die."

"Sorry, it is very hard to stop this monster," Kouha said.

"Do you have a way to defeat it? Since I can see that monster starting to regenerate his brain," Korosensei said.

"Meteor Noise!"

Suddenly a loud noise almost burst their eardrums and they saw something moving very fast on the top of the Four-Beast then blasted a meteor on the top of it.


"Spear Mold!"

Coco threw a spear of poison at the speed of light and stabbed the Four-Beast who was undergoing regeneration, but it was too late since the Four-Beast had regenerated himself.

The Four-Beast slammed the poison spear and destroyed it into pieces. He looked at Haru, Kouha, and Korosensei since he knew that they were the only people who could harm him.

The Four Heavenly Kings who saw being ignored by the Four-Beast for the first time felt something known as anger. They were very angry when this beast seemed very arrogant in front of them.


Suddenly they heard a loud sound of a stomach and they didn't need to guess who was the one who could create such a loud sound.

"Sorry, I have thought how delicious this Four-Beast is when we have defeated it," Toriko said while wiping away his saliva.


Coco, Sunny, and Zebra also felt the same and their stomachs started to growl at the same time.

They remembered from the record of their adopted father that the more they hit this monster the more the meat inside the Four-Beast became very tenderized. They had beaten it up several times and knew that it would turn into something very delicious.

"Remember what the old man said?" Toriko said.

"What?" Zebra asked.

"Combine our appetites into energy," Toriko said.

They remembered their childhood when their old man showed the power of an appetite that could defeat any ingredients in this world. They knew that move was the only way for them to be able to defeat the Four-Beast.

"Let's do it," Coco said.

"I know, but who is going to buy us time?" Sunny asked.

Toriko shouted and said, "Haru, buy us a time!"

"What?" Haru was distracted when Toriko called him and a tentacle slammed into his body.


Luckily, Haru was in his astral mode and the attack had passed through his body. He thought for a while and knew that the Four Heavenly Kings were ready to start their ultimate attack. He watched the Four-Beast and decided to test whether this beast was a v.i.r.g.i.n or not. He closed his eyes then a pink aura was released from his body.