Sis Con With Dimensional Chat Group Book 1 Chapter 468

Volume 1 Chapter 468 Where Is Teppei?

Sunny, Kouha, and Haru used their power to catch the people who had been eaten by the Four-Beast.

Those people who had been eaten were being caught by the Four-Beast to be eaten later in the Gourmet World.

They had defeated the Four-Beast and they had received a notice that they were able to go back as soon as possible or stay for three days. They had decided to stay for three days since it would be nice for them to stay in this place to eat something first then went back to the time of their own world had stopped.

Korosensei walked toward the meat of the Four-Beast and it seemed similar to an orb. He looked at Coco and asked, "What was the attack that you have used earlier?"

"We just combined our appetite energy," Coco answered.

"....." Korosensei scratched his temple with his tentacle and seemed to be very strange when he heard such a technique. 'Appetite energy?' He looked at his stomach and wondered whether he could use such a technique.


Then they heard a loud voice from behind. They turned and saw a large horse with Komatsu on the top of it. They also saw Tsunade was standing on the top of the horse too with her b.r.e.a.s.ts bouncing around because of the force of the movement of the horse.


Everyone seemed to feel something wet on their nose. They touched their nose and saw blood on their fingers. They had realized that they had a nosebleed, but they didn't think much since they thought that they were only tired then continued to look at Tsunade.

Tsunade jumped from the top of the large horse and ran toward him. "Eat this." She brought a medical mochi that had been cooked by everyone and fed it to Haru's mouth.

"Thank you," Haru said while chewing the medical mochi.

"Kouha, for you too," Tsunade said and took another one.

"Oh." Kouha had never been wet from the rain earlier, but he was curious about the taste of this mochi.

"How about me?" Korosensei appeared beside them.


Tsunade looked at Korosensei for a while before giving him a medical mochi.

"Thank you!" Korosensei smiled happily.

Komatsu also gave the mochi to the Four-Heavenly Kings who had dropped on the ground with a tired body. He fed those mochis to their mouth and detoxed the poison inside their bodies.

Haru could only think that their relationship was very bromance. He sighed at the author of this book since the number of beautiful female characters was very low. He decided to not think too much and sat down on the ground before taking out his laptop.

"What are you going to do?" Korosensei asked.

"Ritsu wants to come," Haru answered and did the same in his own world.

"Ritsu?!" Korosensei and Kouha were surprised.

"Who is Ritsu?" Tsunade frowned.

Haru didn't take a long time before he saw Ritsu appear on the screen of the laptop. "Ritsu is my friend."

Ritsu seemed to be very confused then she realized that she had teleported to another world. She was on the laptop screen looking at Haru, Korosensei, Kouha, and Tsunade. "Korosensei! Ren-san!"

"Oh! Ritsu!" Korosensei hugged the laptop since it had been a while since he had seen his student.

Ritsu smiled looking at his teacher and looked around curiously. "What world is this?"

"This is the world of food. You need to eat food to become stronger," Korosensei said.

"Food?" Ritsu sighed since she couldn't eat anything.

Haru thought about something and looked at Toriko. "Toriko!"

Toriko who was munching a medical mochi turned his attention toward Haru. "What's wrong, Haru?" He knew that it was because of him that they could release their strongest attack. He was a bit curious about what kind of attack was being used by him earlier since it could make anyone depressed.

"Can I get a GT Robot?" Haru asked.

Korosensei, who was staying beside him, suddenly startled. "GT Robot?!"

GT Robot or Gourmet Telexistence Robot is a type of robot intended to be used to investigate areas that are normally inaccessible to normal humans. It can supply gourmet ingredients without the user having to step into dangerous soil.

Korosensei knew what Haru wanted to do and looked at Ritsu. "Ritsu, do you want a body?"

"Yes, Sensei." Ritsu nodded. She thought that this GT Robot should be something that could be used as her body and she seemed to be very excited when she thought that she would be able to get her own body.

"Well... Sure," Toriko answered without thinking too much since he didn't think that GT Robot was expensive when he thought about the thing that they had done to everyone.

Haru knew that the GT Robot was very versatile and it could be modified easily. "You should have your body soon."

"Thank you, Haru," Ritsu said with a smile.

"Make it into a beautiful girl like this," Korosensei said while pointing at his tentacles and the screen of the laptop.

"......" Toriko felt strange, but nodded. He didn't think much and only thought about how to eat this Four-Beast rather than talking about Korosensei's strange hobby.

Haru was quite tired then suddenly he realized something. He hurriedly stood up and asked, "Where is Teppei?"


They were startled when they heard it. They had realized that this Teppei had decided to go to meet the one who had reincarnated the Four-Beast.

Haru and Korosensei were prepared to move, but they saw Teppei's figure there.

"Huh? What's wrong?" Teppei looked at them with a confused expression.


"You bastard! Don't make us worried!"

They jumped together to hug and check whether this bastard was alright.

Haru checked Teppei's neck and sighed in relief when he didn't see a scar on it.

"Calm down, I am alright," Teppei said with a smile, feeling warm looking at those who were worried about him.

"Everyone, let's eat the Four-Beast together!" Komatsu suddenly said.

They dropped Teppei on the ground and went to Komatsu since they had checked that this Teppei was alright.

Teppei twitched his lips and wanted to smack them. He touched his neck and sighed. 'It doesn't feel good.'