Sis Con With Dimensional Chat Group Book 1 Chapter 469

Volume 1 Chapter 469 Went Out Together

Haru and Tsunade went out together to see a lot of things since the Four-Beast matter was over then they decided to take a holiday.

They had to admit that the taste of the Four-Beast was very delicious and it made them realize that it was very good and their bodies felt healthier for some reason.

However, they didn't have a Gourmet Cell that would make them become stronger with only eating and they also didn't try to put a Gourmet Cell into their bodies since it would be hard to maintain their diet in their own world.

The advantage of the Gourmet Cell is making anyone become stronger once they have put it into their bodies and eat something, but the disadvantage of this thing is also obvious.


They would become a glutton and it needed a lot of money to make their stomachs full in just a day. Unless they had decided to stay in this world then it was better to not have a Gourmet Cell.

"Kuh... I want to stay in this place for a long time!" Tsunade said while holding a large mug of beer. She was very happy and wanted to stay with him like this. "If only there was a casino here...."

Haru was a bit speechless while munching a yakitori on his hand. "The Four-Beast has just attacked this world."

"I know." Tsunade sighed.

"More importantly..." Haru took Tsunade's hand and said, "Is it alright for you to eat a lot?"

Tsunade looked at her hand which was being held by Haru. Her face turned redder and said, "W - What are you doing?!"

"We have kissed, what are you embarrassed about?" Haru asked.

"....." Tsunade blushed when she remembered the thing that had happened a few days ago. "B - But..."

"If it bothers you, then you just think that I might get lost if you're not holding my hand," Haru said.

"Are you a child?" Tsunade was speechless.

"I am," Haru answered with a smile.

Tsunade sighed, but she didn't let his hand go. "It can't be helped, you might get lost if I don't hold your hand." She looked at him with a reprimanded expression.

"...." Haru was speechless when he saw Tsunade's proud expression. "Thank you." He thought that he had become a qualified toyboy and he could eat by only relying on his face.

"How is Ritsu?" Tsunade asked. She had talked with Ritsu and became closer to each other. She had to admit this artificial intelligence was very smart and friendly.

"She is with Korosensei making her modified GT Robot," Haru answered.

"But GT Robot, huh?" Tsunade remembered the GT Robot had a creepy shape. She felt a bit sorry for Ritsu and asked, "Is that alright?"

"It should be alright. If you're worried about Ritsu's appearance then you don't need to worry since they can modify it into similar appearance to original's Ritsu," Haru answered. He knew that the technology in this place was several times higher than his own world and he thought that GT Robot was a perfect body for Ritsu.

"Is she going to stay here?" Tsunade asked.

"I am not sure." Haru didn't think much if Ritsu wanted to stay in this world or follow him or go back to her world. He looked around and suddenly saw a good car. "Let's visit that place."

Tsunade turned and saw a car shop. "You're going to buy a car?"

"Yeah." Haru nodded and walked there together with Tsunade. He had money but he was too lazy to waste his money on a luxurious thing, but it was different to use to buy something with the money from this world.

"Hello Madam, which car are you interested in?" The staff member asked. He looked at both Haru and Tsunade and thought that they were parents and children.

"He is the one who is going to buy it?" Tsunade pointed her finger at Haru.

Haru walked toward a car that was a bit similar to the Ferarri 275 GTB in silver. He had to admit that he had fallen in love with this car. If it was in his own world then this car might cost 20 million USD and he didn't think that it was worth it to buy a car as expensive as that when he could use that money to buy a football club, but it was different in this world. "I'll take this car."

"What? Really?" The staff was surprised.

"Here." Haru took out a black card that he had gotten from the Gourmet Casino in the past. He had won a lot and it was very easy for him to buy a car.

The staff seemed to be more respectful when he saw the black card. "Please come here, I'll handle the process as soon as possible."

Haru nodded and looked at Tsunade. "Do you want a car too?"

Tsunade shook her head and said, "I'll borrow yours."

"....." Haru shook his head and didn't think much. He sat down together with Tsunade and heard from the staff that this car was able to move at 500 mph, it wouldn't be destroyed by a missile and nuclear, it also used the power of battery that could make this car move for 100 years, and it also could float. He also heard that there were a lot of things, but he decided to not explain it here. He felt that it wasn't wrong to buy this car.

"Let me drive it back," Tsunade said.

"....." Haru was speechless, but he didn't mind it since he knew that this woman had a Riding Skill from Fate that made her able to drive anything easily.

It took one hour for the registration process to be over.

Tsunade used the car right away and Haru sat down on the passenger seat.

"Thank you very much!" The staff said.

It was Tsunade's first time driving a car, but she felt that she understood everything once she had touched this car. She drove the car smoothly and said, "Play some song."

Haru didn't think much and played his favorites song.

*(BGM - Come and Get Your Love - Redbone)


"Come and get your love."

"Come and get your love."

"Come and get your love."

Tsunade wore sunglasses and tapped her finger on the steering wheel.

Haru looked at Tsunade and saw her b.r.e.a.s.ts bouncing around wondering how could it grow this big.