Sis Con With Dimensional Chat Group Book 1 Chapter 47

Volume 1 Chapter 47 Giant Tanuki

They had arrived in the shelter and saw a lot of ninja of Konohagakure protecting this place.

"We're saved," Kuroneko sighed in relief.

Haru was looking around to see where the fight between Gaara and Naruto would start since it was the main event of this quest.

"Do you want to go out?" Kuroneko asked him.

Haru nodded, "Yeah, but you need someone to protect you."

"Don't worry, I'll protect her," Yajima said.

"But are you going to be fine?" Gintoki asked. He knew that he had learned magic but he was still a minor and v.i.r.g.i.n in battle in his opinion.

Haru nodded, "It's okay, I can become invisible." He reflected the light around him and made himself invisible.

"T - this.." Gintoki looked at him with envious eyes.

Yajima also the same since he had never thought that he would develop light magic into invisible magic.

Haru appeared again and smiled, "How is it?"

"Pervert! Police! We need to apprehend him!" Gintoki said.

"Haru, you can't use this magic to peek at a woman's bath," Yajima reprimanded.

Haru had a black line on his forehead when both of them accused him.

"Do you think he is like both of you? He is a harem anime protagonist, do you think he needs to peek at girls?" Kuroneko said and made both of them silent.

Haru shook his head, "Alright, I will go first." He disappeared suddenly and went to check the situation. He would also help the ninja of Konohagakure along the way.

Yajima looked at Gintoki and said, "Don't worry, you've your own harem too."

Gintoki could only sigh, 'In my harem, there is both grandma and old man.'

"His harem consists of both grandma and old man," Kuroneko looked at Gintoki.

Gintoki twitched his lips and said, "Let's go to the shelter, maybe we can eat a dango or anmitsu there."


Haru was walking very leisurely since no one would be able to see him unless it was tracking ninja that used a bug, dog, or Byakugan to find him. But there was too much of a mess around the town and they were fighting each other.

Haru was using his wooden sword to smash every enemy that he had found along the way.

Baam! Baam! Baam!

Haru didn't use his light magic since it was just too wasteful and it was better to use his wooden sword in his invisible mode. He could see a lot of ninjas seemed confused when their enemies suddenly fainted. He smiled inwardly and continued to find Naruto and Gaara.

He didn't want to go to the fight of Sarutobi, Jiraiya, and Orochimaru since it was too dangerous. At the same time, Orochimaru had a lot of poison and he wasn't sure whether his healing was working on poison since he had never tested it. He should probably check it on the hospital in some people that had been poisoned.

The ninja of Sunagakure was very proficient using a poison during their battle and it was very dangerous too.

Haru was glad that he only met a ninja of Otogakure since they were only small fry and he could beat them easily.


Haru had moved around the town and also seen the fights of Sarutobi, Jiraiya, and Orochimaru from afar. He knew that he couldn't join and only looked from afar. He went to the jungle and sent light waves to detect anyone inside the jungle.

The principle of this magic was similar to radar on the ship, even though he could detect their presence but it was impossible to know who it was without looking at them.

Haru saw one person was crowded by a lot of people. He ran toward that direction and saw the pineapple head with a lot of Otogakure ninja around him.


Shikamaru was using his shadow jutsu to make them stop but he couldn't attack them, "Damn." His shuriken was also empty and he didn't have a weapon in his pocket. He sighed and thought it was very troublesome.

Baam! Baam! Baam!

Shikamaru was shocked and saw one by one the ninjas in front of him had fallen. He knew that it wasn't an enemy but he couldn't see anything. He focused and saw the sound of someone walking. He looked at the source of that sound and saw grass was pressed by something. He focused and saw all of the ninjas of Otogakure had fainted.

"Are you alright?"

Shikamaru sighed in relief when he saw him, "I'm fine." He sat down on the ground since he was very tired.

Haru used his light magic to regain some of his stamina.

Shikamaru looked at him, "Your medical jutsu is very convenient."

"It's alright," Haru nodded.

"Alright, can you help me to go help Naruto?" Shikamaru asked.

Haru nodded, "Sure, I don't mind, but do you know where he is?" He wasn't sure where Naruto was since there were a lot of people inside this juggle. He didn't want to go blindly since it would take a lot of his energy.

"Hmm," Shikamaru also wasn't sure. He knew that Naruto went to stop Gaara since Gaara had become mentally unstable and the Ichibi inside his body wanted to take over him. He knew that it would be dangerous to move carelessly since there were a lot of ninja from Otogakure and Sunagakure.



Haru and Shikamaru saw a large brown tanuki that was covered in sand.

"It's over there, right?" Haru said.

Shikamaru nodded, "How troublesome."