Sis Con With Dimensional Chat Group Book 1 Chapter 470

Volume 1 Chapter 470 I Might Go Bankrupt

Haru, Kouha, and Tsunade thought that it was their time to go back.

"Ritsu, do you want to come with me?" Haru asked.

Ritsu nodded and said, "Yes, my body is okay now." She was in her new body that was made from GT Robot. She really loved this body and her appearance was similar to a woman in her early 20's.

Haru saw a female with a normal height standing in front of him. "Your hair is beautiful."

"Thank you," Ritsu said with a smile.

"Is this body okay? Why don't you want to make your body younger?" Korosensei asked.

Ritsu shook her head and said, "Haru needs an assistant to manage his business."

"What business?" Kouha asked.

"It seems that he wants to 25% the economy of the world's economy," Ritsu answered.


They were speechless when they heard Ritsu's words.

Korosensei patted Haru's shoulder and said, "Sensei is proud of you."

Haru was a bit speechless and said, "Thank you, Sensei."

"Please lend me money when you have become a success," Korosensei said.


Haru had a complicated expression on his face. He looked at Ritsu and asked, "You're okay to follow me?"

Ritsu nodded and said, "Following you is more interesting than following Sensei."


Korosensei didn't say anything and walked toward the edge of the room then started to sulk with a depressed expression.

Kouha walked beside Haru and said, "Don't forget the next month."

Haru nodded and said, "Don't worry, I'll visit you."

"Good." Kouha nodded in response.

Haru had brought a lot of souvenirs before he went back to his own world. He looked at Tsunade and brought her to the rooftop of this hotel.

Tsunade had complex emotions at that moment. She didn't want to go back, but she knew that she would need to go back. She saw him come toward her and held her hand to bring her to someplace. She didn't mind it since she also wanted to talk with him. She wanted to tell him what they would do after they had gone back to their own world.

Korosensei sighed and muttered in a low voice. "Damn, harem protagonist."

Kouha and Ritsu looked at each other and only shrugged their shoulders. They had gotten used to Haru's romanticism and weren't surprised anymore.


Tsunade stopped when they had arrived on the rooftop of the hotel. "Haru, you don't need to think too much about our relationship."

Haru raised his eyebrow and didn't say anything.

"I am old," Tsunade said.

"I don't care about that," Haru answered.

Tsunade smirked and said, "You might not care, but what about the other people?"

"It's okay, you don't need to think of them," Haru said.

"What about your girlfriends? Are you going to leave them for me?" Tsunade asked.

Haru shook his head and said, "No."

Tsunade smiled and said, "Then, think of the time that we have spent as a good memory. I am happy to spend my time with you." She turned and wanted to leave. Her eyes were a bit misty when she said those words. She didn't want him to see her in this state, but suddenly her hand was pulled by him. She turned and saw him hugging her waist, making her unable to get away. "Let go of me."

"You said that, but you're crying," Haru said.

"I am not crying," Tsunade said. She felt that she was an old cow who had eaten fresh grass. She was at the age where she could be Haru's grandma. She hated it when she thought that she was born earlier than him and she hated it when she was already in her mid 50's. She hated that.....


Tsunade felt that time had stopped at this moment. She saw him kissing her lips once again without prior notice. She wanted to get angry, but she couldn't do it. She felt her heart which was numb because of the loss of her loved one started to beat very fast. She felt that she started to bloom once again when she received this kiss.

Their kiss was very long since they felt that they had become one at this moment.

They separated their kiss from each other and made a string of saliva between their lips. They looked at each other once again and continued to kiss since they felt that it wasn't enough.

Haru would have never thought that he would start to do such a thing to this woman.

Tsunade also didn't expect that she would fall for this hairy boy.

Haru looked at Tsunade while hugging her waist with one hand. He caressed her face and said, "You're beautiful."

Tsunade was a bit shy looking at his eager expression. She looked away and said softly, "It's a bit too early."

"It's okay." Yuuki kissed Tsunade's forehead.

Tsunade suddenly remembered the kiss from her last lover who had died in the battle before. She looked up at him since Haru was taller than her. "It seems that you have gotten taller."

"Is that so?" Haru didn't realize it.

"Yeah." Tsunade patted his head since she felt that Haru had gotten taller from her first meeting. She also felt something hot on her stomach and she didn't need to guess what it was. "Wait for a while."

"I know, I am a very patient guy," Haru said.

Tsunade thought for a while and asked, "What are you going to do with your girlfriends?"

"I am going to date you at the same time," Haru said without shame.

"You sc.u.m," Tsunade said without hesitation.

"I love you," Haru said.

Tsunade sighed and had a headache. She snuggled into his arms and said, "Come to my world from time to time."

"Ok," Haru said without hesitation.

"Make me a casino in my world too," Tsunade said.

"......" Haru thought that he might go bankrupt this way.