Sis Con With Dimensional Chat Group Book 1 Chapter 473

Volume 1 Chapter 473 Simple Morning

Iwasawa, Yuri, and Shiina talked to each other with Ritsu who had gotten her new body. They were pretty surprised and seemed to be very happy about it. It was pretty easy for them to accept a strange thing that had happened in front of them since they didn't think too much either. They would have never thought that Ritsu's body was made from technology 50 years in the future. If they knew they would be jumping to the roof showing how shocked they were.

Ritsu was also happy that she could become a normal human. "I'll also help the cafe."

"Where is Haru?" Iwasawa asked.

"He's in the garage," Yuri said.

"Why?" Iwasawa asked.

"He is going to modify a car or something from what I have heard," Yuri said and didn't think much.

"His hobby is expensive," Iwasawa said with a sigh.

"He has a lot of money and you don't need to think too much," Ritsu said.

Iwasawa sighed when she thought about the income that he had gotten from the bakery.

"But shouldn't he put his money in the bank?" Yuri asked.

Ritsu shook her head and said, "Haru has a lot of money and this cafe is the one with the least income."


Iwasawa and Yuri thought that Haru became more and more mysterious.

Shiina suddenly raised her hand and wanted to ask a question.

"What's wrong, Shiina?" Ritsu asked.

Shiina pointed at her shoulder and said, "What happened to Haru's shoulder?" It was very rare for her to say a lot of words and this question seemed to be startled by both Iwasawa and Yuri.

"It's a tattoo," Ritsu answered.

"Tattoo?!" They were startled when they heard it.

"Why did he put on a tattoo suddenly?" Yuri frowned since she thought that Haru had turned into a bad guy. She thought that she needed to do something to make him into a prim guy again.

Ritsu shook her head and said, "It's different from a normal tattoo. How to say..." She thought for a while and wondered whether it was okay to talk about it.

"What's wrong? Tell us," Yuri said.

"Remember that he is an Omyouji, right?" Ritsu said.

Yuri nodded and asked, "Does that tattoo have something to do with it?"

Ritsu nodded and said, "It's similar to a blessing."


'Omnyouji?' Iwasawa raised her eyebrow.

Shiina nodded and understood. She could feel that Haru had become stronger for some reason and thought that it might be because of that tattoo.

"What do you mean by an Omnyoji?" Iwasawa asked.

"It's similar to a monk. You don't need to think too much since the bakery will open soon," Yuri said.

Iwasawa nodded and decided not to think too much. She only wanted to become a popular singer, however, she was pretty curious about Haru's new tattoo which was on his shoulders.

Yuri also thought the same and decided to see it later.


Akane had woken up and saw that she was in an unfamiliar room. She suddenly remembered that she was in Haru's house. She didn't see him anywhere and sighed since it was hard to do that in his own house.

*Sniff!* *Sniff!*

Akane smelled something good and wanted to know what it was. She walked out of her room and walked toward the source of this smell. She suddenly remembered that it was a smell from the cafe on the floor below. She smiled and her mood was pretty good when she thought about a good meal in the morning. She went to the bathroom to wash her face and put on her make-up before going to the 1st floor.

Akane walked slowly and saw that there were a lot of people. She saw four girls who had become waitresses.

"Good morning, Minagawa-Sensei," Ritsu greeted.

Akane nodded and didn't know how this woman was. She saw that this woman was in her early 20's and had never seen her before. "Good morning?"

"Oh, right. My name is Ritsu," Ritsu said.

"Good morning, Ritsu." Akane nodded and asked, "Where is Haru?"

"He's in the garage," Ritsu said. She thought for a while and asked, "Do you want to have breakfast?"

"Sure." Akane nodded and said, "Can I have tea rather than coffee?"

"I'll prepare it for you," Ritsu said and walked to the kitchen to bring the breakfast that Haru had cooked before.

Akane sat down on the chair on the counter while looking around. She had to admit that Haru's business was very good and she had also often to see his bakery on the news and some articles in the magazine. She was a bit curious about what that guy was doing in the garage rather than helping his own bakery in the morning. 'I need to reprimand him.' She thought as a good teacher that was what she needed to do. She also thought to bring him back to her apartment later since it was hard to do it in his house since there were a lot of people here.

Ritsu brought a set of traditional Japanese breakfasts with rice, grilled salmon, rolled eggs, side dishes, miso soup, and along with a warm green tea. "You should eat it when it is warm."

"Thank you," Akane said.

"No problem." Ritsu smiled and said, 'I'll continue to work."

"Please, I won't bother you," Akane said and started to eat her breakfast. She closed her eyes since she didn't expect that it would taste so good. It was very simple yet the flavor from this breakfast was very good and made her appetite bigger. She really needed to have an exercise with Haru later.

"It's good," Akane said with a smile. Then suddenly she noticed someone who had been observing her breakfast. She turned and saw a little girl who looked at her with innocent eyes.

"Big sister, can I try your breakfast?"


Akane smiled and took the egg on her plate then fed it to this little girl. "Open your mouth."

"Ahhh..." The little girl opened her mouth while closing her eyes. She tasted the egg on her mouth and seemed surprised at the taste. "It's good!"

"That's good," Akane said with a smile. She really thought that it was good to live here.