Sis Con With Dimensional Chat Group Book 1 Chapter 474

Volume 1 Chapter 474 See You Next Month

Haru was in the garage to modify the car that he had brought from Toriko's world. He changed the logo to Ferarri then also registered it on the official website along with the government. It was pretty easy for him to hack those websites and do a simple registration.

Gintoki: "I wonder when the new member is coming."

Kuroneko: "New member, huh? Isn't it going to happen next year?"

Tsunade: "Next year is too long!"

Luffy: "I also want to go out too!"

Yajima: "I wonder what kind of world it is."

Haru: "Yajima-san, how is the guild?"

Yajima: "It's pretty good."

Yajima: "I don't need to do anything and there are a lot of people who want to join the guild."

Tsunade: "You accept them?"

Yajima: "Yeah, the one who is joining the guild is mostly from the Sabertooth guild."

Haru: "What happened to the Sabertooth?" He knew that because of them the fate of the Saber Tooth guild on the Fairy Tail had changed.

Yajima: "They have disbanded."


Kuroneko: "How is that possible?"

Yajima: "Remember the leader of the Sabertooth? It seems that he has decided to disband his guild and go out somewhere?"

Haru: "What about Minerva?" He didn't care much about the leader of the Sabertooth and cared more about Minerva.

Yajima: "I don't know. It seemed that she was following her father."


Koroneko: "You harem protagonist!"


Korosensei: "Oh, right, what reward have you gotten from the quest?"

Teppei: "Points."

Tsunade: "Points."

Kouha: "Points."

Korosensei: "Points."

Korosensei: "Damn! Why is it always points? Why is it very hard to get a reward?"

Korosensei: "What about you Haru?"

Haru: "I have gotten stronger somehow."



Kouha: "What ability?"

Haru: "I can breathe in the water."


Kuroneko: "That's a pretty normal reward."

Shinobu: "It's a very useful reward."

Haru: "@Shinobu, can you help me to create railways in your world?"

Shinobu: "Railways? For what?"

Haru: "For business."


Shinobu: "You're going to make a business in my world?"

Haru: "Why not?" He thought about business in every world on the group chat. He knew that to live a good life they needed a lot of money.

Shinobu: "I'll do that. What about the money?"

Haru: "Is gold alright?"

Shinobu: "Gold is good."


Kuroneko: "How the conversation suddenly turns into business talk? And how can you suddenly want to make railways?!"

Korosensei: "Railways are good since they can last long."

Haru: "If you have railways, you don't need to do anything and the money keeps moving toward your wallet even though you only stay at home playing a game without worry."


Tsunade: "What about my casino?"

Haru: "Let's do that later."

Kuroneko: "Why do you want to build a business in everyone's world?"

Haru: "How to say, first if you want to be free of worry, you need money in your pocket, especially when you have a family. Then you can do whatever you want with your life."

Haru: "If you feel it is quite hard then you only need to write a book then get money from the royalty."

Gintoki: "I want to write a book!"

Haru: "Just buy a book from Group Chat then."


They continued to talk to each other about random things.

Haru wanted to take a bath since he was pretty dirty from modified his car.


Kouha: "Don't forget next month."

Haru: "Just pay me a points trip worth it."

Kouha: "I'll pay it, you don't need to worry."

Haru was in debt since he had loaned points from both Shinobu and Tsunade.

Kouha: "Do you think that I should invite everyone?"

Haru thought for a while and shook his head. "You can't. Your world is being controlled by a Sacred Place. If there is something strange happening in your world then the Sacred Place is going to erase us."

Kouha: "F.u.c.k, Sacred Place!"

Haru felt that it was understandable for Kouha to become angry since Sacred Place had controlled everyone similar to a puppet.

Everyone in the Magi's world didn't have will by themselves rather they were controlled by the people who were controlling the Sacred Place.

Kouha: "I am going to destroy that place sooner."

Haru: "Don't worry, I'll help you."

Kouha: "Is it possible for us to defeat it now?"

Haru thought for a while and thought that it might be possible, but he wanted to be more careful about it. "Let's wait for next year. We're going to build up our power in the meantime."

Kouha: "Good, next year. I can't wait for that time."

Kouha: "So let's talk about the business earlier."

Haru: "What's wrong?"

Kouha: "To control the world what kind of business should we do?"


Haru didn't mind making his friends become rich. He thought for a while and said, "Transportation, food, energy, entertainment, and communication. If you can control it then the world is the same as yours."

Kouha: "Through the economy rather than a war, huh?"

Kouha: "I'll tell my brother about it."

Haru: "Your world is a bit backward and is it Sinbad who has made the world more futuristic in the story. You need to be careful of him."

Kouha: "I understand."

Kouha: "We have talked about this matter before and Sinbad has invited us for a meeting."

Haru: "What about Magnostaddt?"

Kouha: "How to say, that country seems to be mellower and it is more inclined toward the Seven Alliances."

Haru: "I don't think that is surprising considering the daughter of the leader of that country is the subordinates of Sinbad."

Kouha: "I know, I'll see you next month."

Haru: "See you next week." He took off his shirt and it felt a bit strange to have a tattoo on his body. However, he knew that it was a blessing from the God of the Sea. He sighed and was glad that he had light magic since he could cover it. He heard a sound of someone walking toward the garage. He had taken off his shirt since it was full of sweat. He saw the door was open and saw Akane looking at him.


Akane looked at him from up and down. She looked at his eyes and said, "Let's visit my apartment after this."