Sis Con With Dimensional Chat Group Book 1 Chapter 480

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"Is this the place?" Runa said while looking at the building of "Longinus Investment".

"I'm renting here," Haru said and entered the office.

Runa followed him and didn't think much. "What am I gonna do here?"

"Just play a game or something," Haru said.

"I can't watch you?" Runa asked.

"You can talk with my secretary," Haru said.

Ritsu who saw Haru came also walked toward him. "Haru."

Haru nodded and said, "Ritsu, take care of Runa. She might be bored staying in this place."

Ritsu looked at Runa and nodded. "Hello, Runa, my name is Ritsu."

Runa looked at Ritsu and had to admit that she was beautiful. She started to wonder whether there was a relationship between the two of them. "Nice to meet you, Ritsu."

Ritsu nodded and looked at Haru. "The candidate of your financial advisor has been waiting for you."

"Let her wait for a while." Haru looked at her and asked, "What about her resume?"

"I have placed it in your office," Ritsu said.

Haru nodded and said, "Tell her to wait for 20 minutes."

"Ok." Ritsu nodded.

"What? 20 minutes? How long are you going to make me wait?" Runa asked.

"At least one hour," Haru said truthfully.

Runa thought for a while and sighed.

"Don't worry, Runa-chan. You can ask me a lot of questions here," Ritsu said.

"Well, sure..." Runa nodded looking at Ritsu.

Haru went to his office to read the resume of the person that Ayase had recommended to him to become his financial advisor. He was a bit curious and sat down while reading the information of this person from this resume.

"Seri Awashima."

Haru looked at the picture on her resume and wondered why this woman didn't apply to become a model or an actress.


Her name is Seri Awashima. In the past, she was known as a genius, but that genius had become a joke among her colleagues now.


Seri looked up and saw a woman with lilac hair along with a little girl beside her. "Yes?"

"Haru has come and in 20 minutes, I'll ask you to meet him," Ritsu said.

"Yes, thank you," Seri said.

Runa looked at Seri curiously and thought that Haru was really bad at keeping a lot of beautiful girls around him.

"Runa-chan, let's go," Ritsu said.

"Ok," Runa said. She was also a bit curious about this place and asked about a lot of things about Ritsu.

Seri looked at the back of Ritsu and Runa and sighed. She didn't feel nervous since her heart was quite numb. She was curious about the boss of this investment company. She could see that everyone seemed to be very focussed on their jobs.


Haru was in his office until someone knocked on the door. "Enter." He didn't look up since he knew the one who had entered his office.

"Boss," Ayase said and entered his room.

"What's wrong, Uncle?" Haru asked.

Ayase sat down and said, "Boss, didn't you tell me that you have something to tell me before?"

Haru nodded and said, "Right, I have thought to tell you later after I have met this Seri Awashima, but since you have come then I should tell you to prepare first."

"Do you have an investment idea again, boss?" Ayase asked.

"Have you heard of any news regarding Greece?" Haru asked.

"Greece?" Ayase frowned and shook his head.

"Well, you should read it from now on," Haru said.

"What's wrong with Greek?" Ayase asked.

"On 4 October 2009, the center-left Panhellenic Socialist Movement (PASOK) won the Greek legislative elections. The party received 43.92% of the popular vote and 160 of 300 parliamentary seats," Haru said.

Ayase frowned further and asked, "Boss, tell me, what's wrong with this country?" He didn't know why his boss decided to read information about a Greek country which was very far away from Japan.

"It's just my guess, but Greece has a lot of trouble and that trouble will spread to entire Europe," Haru said.

"What trouble?" Ayase's expression turned serious.

"This is what I want to ask you about." Haru stood up and looked far away. "This is my chance to get pocket money."

Ayase twitched his lips and said, "Your pocket money is a hundred million dollars?"

Haru laughed and sat down back. "Debt."

"Debt?" Ayase said unsurely.

Haru nodded and said, "There is a chance that the credit rating agency might do something to Greece's rating."

"You mean that they're going to downgrade it?" Ayase asked with a surprised expression.

"There is a high chance of that." Haru nodded.

"But all of Europe will be in unrest!" Ayase said with serious expression.

What is the trouble in Europe?


The entire country in Europe has the same currency and once one country has a very bad deficit and a downgraded debt rating then there is a high chance that entire Europe will be affected by it, especially when the financial crisis has just happened last year.

"The change won't be high, and this is just the start, you need to keep your eyes on Greece," Haru said.

Ayase understood that with the PASOK winning the Greek legislative elections there would be a change in the regulation in the country and some of the things that were hidden might come out being announced by the new governor. He looked at his boss with amazement and said, "If I don't know you then I have thought that you're coming from Wall Street, boss."

"Who cares about that? I am just making money," Haru said.

"Right, boss, when are you going to raise the amount of your investment," Ayase said with a hopeful expression. Haru had only given him 100 million yen to play, and he knew that his boss was going to make money. He hoped for Haru to inject some money into his group to play on the market.

"Have you turned my 100 million yen into 200 million yen?" Haru asked.


"Come to me when you have done that," Haru said.

Ayase sighed hearing his words. He stood up and said, "Then I'll go back to work turning your 100 million yen into 200 million yen."

Haru smiled and said, "Oh, can you call Seri Awashima here?"

Ayase nodded and said, "I'll tell your secretary." He didn't know where Haru had brought a new secretary, but he didn't think much. His focus now was on how to turn this 100 million yen into 200 million yen.