Sis Con With Dimensional Chat Group Book 1 Chapter 482

Volume 1 Chapter 482 How To Conquer Japan 2

Low-risk, high return, that is the best way to invest.

"The financial crisis that began in 2008 has led to a general economic downturn in the world, however, the crisis is also accompanied by opportunities."

"In the financial crisis, Japan doesn't have a currency crisis since they have standing on their own, but Japan has gotten into a crisis national debt."

"First during the Japanese asset price bubble from 1986 to 1991, the economy of Japan has always been very sluggish then along with the great recession that is happening in 2008 adding more wounds into this country."

"To save the market the government has issued a lot of government bonds."

"Therefore, Japan is very short of money. At this time, the only way for the British government to collect money is to sell some of the assets that originally belonged to the state or part of the state," Seri said.

Haru nodded and said, "Well, I read a newspaper some time ago that the government wanted to sell some of the railways on Hokkaido, Shikoku, and Kyushu along with a gas company." He glanced at the doc.u.ment while listening to Seri. He wanted to buy in the Tokyo area, but he knew that it might be hard and it would be also very expensive since Tokyo was the town with the most population.

"The recession in Japan intensified in the fourth quarter of 2008 with GDP growth of 12.7%, and deepened further in the first quarter of 2009 with GDP growth of 15.2%," Seri said.

"Yukio Hatoyama has just been chosen and he is eager to show his performance on the prime minister seat."

"This move will undoubtedly cause resentment, but there is nothing that he can do since the national debt is very high."

"Companies in the sector of water, electricity, gas, railways, and energy are undoubtedly the assets the government has. I believe that you also know these industries are being monopolized like most in other countries because the profit of these industries is too high. In fact, they have gone beyond the commercial and economic scope."

"These industries are directly related to the economy of the country itself. Even in very open countries such as the United States, the degree of economic openness is very low. Industries such as energy and power are absolutely not being sold to the outside world, but the Japanese government can only sell those companies to ease the debt crisis."

"This is a huge opportunity and a feast at the same time!"

"Due to its scarcity, Japanese infrastructure assets not only have a stable performance and guaranteed return, but also have a very low-risks. Some of these industries might also be able to help the economy of the country, which involves all aspects of Japanese life. It is also in line with the family-style investment interest to be able to continuously generate safe and long-lasting stable income."

"The investment that I have prepared for you is this "How to Conquer Japan"."

Seri looked at Haru with a serious expression.

Haru rested lazily on his chair and also had the same idea as what Seri had proposed to him. He also thought to control those industries since it was the most stable investment and he could also control the life of many people. He knew that in the future he might create a lot of creative technology companies, but he needed to gain a foothold first. He needed to have power over the government to protect his interests and these industries were undoubtedly what he needed. However, he pinched the bridge of his nose when he saw the cost of each acquisition of those companies. "If normal people see this acquisition plan they might get scared to death."

Haru might have a lot of money, but it was far more than enough to acquire those industries.

Seri smiled and said, "But I believe that you can bring more money boss."

"Thank you for your confidence, but don't you think the messy economy that is happening in the country might affect the business that I am going to acquire? I need to use all of my assets to acquire all of those companies and the risk is very great," Haru said. He wanted to test this woman on how to answer this question.

"You don't need to worry about it since the companies that I have proposed are industries that are related to the life of a lot of people in Japan. No matter what is going to happen in the future there won't be any big impact on those industries, and those investments can bring long-term stable returns," Seri said and wasn't discouraged by Haru's words. She knew the cruelty of society and Haru's words weren't enough to make her depressed.

Seri had been despised and she didn't have any work in the past three months. Her parents had always been very worried about her and told her to get married as soon as possible, but she didn't want to do that. She didn't want to become a housewife who was going to wait for her husband to come back after working overtime. Then when her husband was being laid off suddenly they would be dismayed and the lives of their children would also be affected. She wanted to control her own life and have her own economic power.

This time she had a chance and she needed to seize this chance. Since everyone wanted to see her joke then she needed to show those people who could laugh at the end. Of course, she wouldn't trap Haru with a strange investment plan. Even though her plan might be rushed, the strategic layout was perfect along with data analysis that she had gathered for a long time.

Seri knew that the only way for him to do that was to persuade this young billionaire who was sitting opposite her.