Sis Con With Dimensional Chat Group Book 1 Chapter 483

Volume 1 Chapter 483 How To Conquer Japan 3

"As once a country who has led the economy of Asia, although Japan not as good as before, its status as the leader of the world economic center is able to fight toe in toe with British and United States in the past. The complete legal system, undervalued asses price, and investment opportunities due to aging infrastructure are now in the period through recovery," Seri said.

"It seems that this country is very restrictive, but that isn't true. Japan has a very good investment environment, less restrictive regulations, and a better business environment."

"Even if you don't have a long-term operating plan, you can still acquire these assets and sell them to other investors at a higher price in the future. I believe that many people are willing to take over those industries. After all, those assets are monopoly industries and will give a stable cash inflow," Seri said.

Haru nodded and knew that the economy of Japan would change in the near future.

The domestic market has been very sluggish and there aren't many rich people in this country besides the owner of Uniqlo and the founder of Softbank.

In the past, the economy of this country was being controlled by Zaibatsu or industrial and financial business conglomerates in the Empire of Japan, but it is different now since the power of those conglomerates has decreased.

Haru hadn't heard much about a foreign investor or any people who were taking over those industries in this country. Even though there weren't any people, he was very tempted to do it since this stable income and the weight of authority that he would get after acquiring those industries were really good.

According to the Constitution of Japan, Chapter III, Rights and Duties of The People. Article 29, the right to own or to hold property is inviolable. Property rights shall be defined by law, in conformity with the public welfare. Private property may be taken for public use upon just compensation.

Haru had heard that the Japanese government had a very weak eminent domain (the power of the government to take private property and convert it into public use), even though the Constitution of Japan clearly stated that the government may bale to take a private property to be taken for public use. He remembered the opposition of a lot of people during the expansion of Narita International Airport and the expansion of this airport stopped after being opposed by a lot of people. He knew that the people in this country were weak against pressure. He really needed to control the media as soon as possible since it would help him to manipulate the voice of the public.

Seri who saw Haru who was in deep thinking added more oil to the fire. "Kasugano-sama, you might think that these are heavy assets and may not be the same as a financial investment, so the speed of income might be slower, but what I want to say in the capital market, it hasn't always been who is more profitable, but one who can live longer."

Haru who heard Seri also understood that those industries that were proposed by Seri would undoubtedly be able to live a very long life.

"If you're able to get to those industries then it is possible to control 120 million people's food, clothing, and shelter," Seri said.

Haru wasn't sure how much that he could get from the through his financial investment, but he had confidence that the number was a lot. In the future, he would have a lot of funds on his hands and rather than keeping it on his account waiting for decrepitation. It was better to use it for business since it would give him more benefits.

Haru also knew that the Japanese market was at its lowest point and he knew in the future it would rise tremendously to the normal economy in 2020. It was his only chance to start now since it would be hard to do it in the future. He also liked this investment plan since it had a very low risk and very stable returns.

It would give him more credibility to do business since his investment was very reckless.

"Shin-Keisei Electric Railway," Haru said of the first project that was being acquired.

"With 19 billion yen (190 million USD), you'll be able to acquire 100% of the shares, making it private railways for yourself. According to the data that I have collected, the parent company of Shin-Keisei Electric Railway or Keisei Electric Railway is in need of cash because the financial crisis broke out last year. There are 60% shares that are being floated and you can buy out the entire shares on the market then process to buy out the entire company for yourself," Seri said.

"The Shin-Keisei Electric Railway is a private railway in Chiba Prefecture, Japan. It connects Narashino and Matsudo. It is a subsidiary of the Keisei Electric Railway. It has Funabashi Shin-Keisei Bus and Matsudo Shin-Keisei Bus as company subsidiaries. The company operates one line, the 26.5 km Shin-Keisei Line, between Matsudo and Keisei Tsudanuma."

Haru had some image on his head that the train on this railway company would have a gentle pink color. He listened to Seri's analysis while reading the number of people who used this train every year. He had to admit that he hadn't thought much about the railways, but when he thought about the number of people who used a train every day in this country,


Haru nodded and said, "You're hired, don't call me Kasugano-sama, call me boss."

"Yes, boss," Seri said with a smile. She was excited she had been hired to become his financial advisor.

Haru sighed inwardly when he thought all of his 200 million USD would be gone the moment he took over this company. He knew that it would be a hostile takeover and he needed to prepare his army before he started to bid for it. "But I have to admit that I like this plan."

Seri nodded and said, "This plan is still imperfect, I'll polish it after I have gone back."

"I won't leave anywhere and you can build an advisory team. I believe that it won't be difficult for you to find talent in Tokyo, right?" Haru said.

"Yes, tomorrow, I'll call a professional to come for an interview," Seri said with a confident tone.

"Then, go and prepare, I'll have Ayase to rent an office unit upstairs. After a while, you can tell Ayase what you need and tell him to arrange for someone to clean it up tomorrow. You're the Chief Consultant of the advisory group and can officially take the office," Haru said with a smile.

"Thank you, boss. Thank you for giving me this opportunity," Seri said with a smile.

Haru now thought that he needed more money since his money wasn't enough.