Sis Con With Dimensional Chat Group Book 1 Chapter 485

Volume 1 Chapter 485 Game Company Acquired

Suguru sighed when he thought the company that was built half a year ago had come to this state. Even though the owner of this game company had a lot of money but without a good game that could be sold this company was worthless beside the professional that had been dug from other companies.

Suguru was the main programmer in this company and really hoped for this company to be able to continue. He knew that it was very hard to get another job after an economic crisis and he also needed to work for his family too.

Suguru wasn't sure what to do until he had heard that someone wanted to buy this company. He was very happy with the news and waited for the buyer to come. He waited at the entrance of the office since he was really free at that moment. There wasn't any project and there was nothing that he could do in this place.

Then when he was waiting he saw a silver car with a very nice design.

"Ferrari?" Suguru whistled looking at this car. He saw the car stop in front of the office and suddenly thought that it might be the buyer of this company. He saw two people come out of this car. He instantly looked at the young man that had come out of the car. Even though this young man seemed very young, it gave people a very mature and reassuring feeling. He could tell that this person was the one who would buy the company, for the little girl beside him, he thought that she might be his little sister or something.

Suguru also saw another macho car stop and saw two beautiful women come out.

"Excuse me, is Mr. Akagawa inside?" The young man asked.

"Yes, you're?" Suguru asked.

"My name is Kasugano Haruka. I am the one who is interested in this company. If the negotiation is going well then I might become your new boss," Haru said.

Suguru seemed very happy when he heard it. He didn't need to be worried that he would be laid off if this young man really would become his boss. "Then, please, let me guide you to meet Mr. Akagawa inside."

"Oh, right! Two of them are employees that will help me with negotiation," Haru said.

Sugure only nodded and smiled before guiding the four of them to meet the boss of this company.

Haru followed Suguru while looking around this company. He could tell the equipment of this company was very new and it was very clean too. He didn't expect such a company would be almost bankrupt.

"How is it?" Runa asked.

"I have a good impression of this company," Haru said.

Runa nodded and said, "Uncle Akagawa is a clean freak. He doesn't like something dirty in his office."

Haru nodded and didn't think much since he didn't think that he would meet this uncle again in the future after he had bought this company.

Suguru knocked on the door and heard a voice from inside. He opened the door and everyone entered the office together.

The author wouldn't mention the negotiation since it would be boring.

Haru, Ritsu, and Seri listened to the list of the things that they could get after they had gotten this company.

Haru had to admit that the price was quite cheap and he didn't need to worry about gathering talent again. He had a lot of ideas, but he didn't have time to make it. More importantly, this company was also focussed on developing a smartphone game. He really thought it would be good company if some people had a good idea to make a game.

Haru also thought that he needed to get his publishing company as soon as possible since a manga could be used as a way to promote his game.

Even though the price was cheap, Seri and Ritsu worked together to reduce the price of the company since those who didn't want to pay less.

They spent an hour negotiating the deal before agreeing to pay 250 million yen, but it needed to be paid in cash.

Haru didn't mind and would transfer the money right away.

Mr. Akagawa, who owned the company, also worked really fast and called his lawyer to manage the process of acquisition.

Ritsu also called Haru's lawyer to help with the acquisition progress.

"I hope that you can develop this company better than me," Akagawa said.

"Yes, you don't need to worry, Uncle," Haru said.

"Runa-chan, give your father a greeting for me," Akagawa said.

Runa nodded and said, "I'll tell them."


They talked to each other for a while before it was their time to go to the school to watch Kirari's gambling match.

However, before that...

Haru needed to give his speech to everyone in this company.

Everyone gathered together looking at their new boss with a curious expression.

"I know that you're curious about me, but I won't say much since I'm a bit busy today."

"My name is Kasugano Haruka and I'll be your new boss."

"I have a lot of game ideas in my head," Haru said while pointing his finger at his temple. "You might doubt me, but I don't care since I will show you those ideas in a few days after the process of administration has finished."

"Then when my game is out on the market, I'm sure that you'll be very grateful to be able to work in this place since I won't treat you badly."

"Thank you," Haru said with a confident tone and majestic aura.

Clap! Clap! Clap!

It might be because they were affected by his words and momentum that they had become excited clapping their hands together very hard. They were very worried that they might be laid off in the next month, but it seemed that they didn't need to worry. They were also very curious about Haru's game idea and couldn't wait for the process of the acquisition to be finished as soon as possible.

Haru really didn't stay too long and went out together with Runa to go back to the school since there was something exciting that had awaited them there.