Sis Con With Dimensional Chat Group Book 1 Chapter 486

Volume 1 Chapter 486 Game Of Power 1

Kirari was in her private room together with her sister staying to wait for the time of her gamble. She was quite calm while reading a book on her hand, but it was different for Ririka since she knew that her sister would challenge the spot of the student council president.

They knew that Haru and Runa were going together to visit the game company since he was very interested in making a game.

Ririka looked at her sister and had to admit her sister's type was really good.

"I wonder what game he'll create," Kirari said.

Ririka wasn't sure what to say and said, "I am not sure."

"Well, that's true," Kirari said since she also knew that Haru was similar to a box of a prize. She knew that she couldn't guess what was inside, but she knew what was inside and that was why it made her happy and eager to know.

"It's almost the time of your match," Ririka said to remind her sister.

Kirari nodded and said, "Don't worry." She took a cup of tea on the table and sipped it slowly. "We still have a lot of time."

Ririka looked at her sister who seemed to not worry about anything. She looked at the large suitcase beside the table and knew that the money inside should be around 10 billion yen. She sighed when she thought about how crazy her sister was.

Betting 10 billion yen for the seat of the student council president.

Ririka remembered Tougami, who was part of the student council, had lost 2.5 billion yen, but her sister had decided to bet four times the amount of Tougami had bet in the past. Their family was rich, but this amount of money was hard to gather even though their family was rich. If her sister lost then the damage that would be dealt to her family was quite big and there might be a chance that they might lose their standing to their family.

The Hundred Devouring Families, also known as the Momobami Clan is a conglomerate of various and powerful branch families that are related to each other and they are all extremely wealthy and influential where they all have their surnames ended with the suffix "-bami", which means "devouring" in Japanese.

If someone thought that this family is a heartwarming family with a very good relationship with each other then the answer was wrong.

This family was very fierce to each other and once they had a chance they wouldn't hesitate to devour other families to make the power of their families become stronger.

The net worth of their families was quite large, but the number of their families was also large and the wealth of each individual wasn't large. Each of the family members was so greedy that they would devour each to add to their wealth.

Ririka was part of the leading of this family and knew that the branch of families also wanted to devour her family since they had been pent up as a branch family. They wanted to lead this family by themselves and it was quite stressful for her, but her sister was different since she could see an amused expression on her face. She could see from Kirari's expression that everything that was happening in front of them was a joke itself.

"But I have to admit that they're a bit late," Kirari said.

Then suddenly the door was opened by a large force.

"Safe!" Haru said and sighed in relief.

"As I said earlier, we're not going to be late," Runa said.

"If you're not buying lunch then we can arrive on time," Haru said.

"I can't move with an empty stomach," Runa said while complaining.

"There is food at school too," Haru said.

"I get bored with food at school," Runa said.

"Well, whatever," Haru said and looked at Ririka and Kirari who had been looking at them. "Sorry for coming a bit late."

"It's not too late, but I hope that you can come faster," Kirari said.

"Don't worry, I won't miss your match," Haru said with a smile. He closed the door and walked toward them to sit near Kirari. "How much are you going to bet?"

"10 billion yen," Kirari said.

Haru didn't know how long Kirari needed to gather that amount of money, but he wasn't that surprised since her family was very rich. However, he didn't know much about what her family did to earn money. He wouldn't be surprised if it was a property business since the property was very profitable and the one who did this business needed a lot of channels to build this business. "Is it worth it?"

"Worth it." Kirari nodded without hesitation when she heard Haru's question.

"I'll support you," Haru said. He didn't think that Kirari would do something stupid. He knew that Kirari had researched the amount of money that had circulated on this school. He didn't have that much of an interest in a student council since he wouldn't be able to get that money to his account and it wouldn't be enough to support his ambition.

"How about you? What do you have with the money that you have earned before?" Kirari asked curiously. She knew that Haru had gotten money from a gold market few days ago and felt a bit curious about what he would do with the money that he had earned.

"My team is working now to buy a railway," Haru answered.


Ririka and Runa, who heard their conversation, were still stunned when they heard that Haru had decided to buy a railway.

"Railway? It's good." Kirari nodded and said, "It's a very stable income."

"That's true, but this isn't over yet," Haru said with a smile.

Kirari smiled and couldn't wait to see what he wanted to do. '2 years...' She wanted to see what he could do with two years of time and it would be fun to stand beside him.

"What?! Did you buy a railway?! Why didn't you tell me?!" Runa suddenly became agitated.

"Because you didn't ask," Haru answered simply.


"Which railway that you're going to buy? I'll help you," Runa asked.

"Let's talk later since it's time to gamble," Kirari said.

Haru nodded and stood up to follow them since he wanted to see this gambling match. "I'll help you bring the suitcase."

Kirari nodded and said, "Let's talk while walking since I want to know which railway that you're going to buy since I might be able to help you."

Haru thought that a rich girl was really good.