Sis Con With Dimensional Chat Group Book 1 Chapter 487

Volume 1 Chapter 487 Game Of Power 2

The gamble would be held in the student council room. The people who participated in this match were only the four of them along with all members of the student council.

They walked together while talking about the matter of the railway.

Runa and Ririka were surprised when they knew someone about their ages was able to buy a semi-major private railway.

Kirari nodded and thought her choice of man was right. "If you need help just tell me."

"Thank you, I'll ask you if I really need help," Haru said with a smile. Even though he had money, he knew that the process of the acquisition might not be smooth. However, he hoped for it to be smooth so that he wouldn't trouble her.

"It's just surprising that you have a talent for investing," Kirari said with a smile.

"It'll become merit when I meet my parent-in-law," Haru said with a cheeky smile.

"It sure will," Kirari said with a beautiful laugh.

Ririka and Runa could only feel envious when they saw the interaction between Haru and Kirari.

The journey wasn't long and they had arrived at the location. They entered the room of the student council and entered it right away without knocking on the door.

Inside the room, there was an entire member of the student council. They showed a very displeased expression when they saw the four of them enter the room without care.

"It's time," Kirari said.

Haru held the suitcase which was filled with 10 billion yen there. He was sure that normal people would be scared to hold such a large amount of money. He looked at Tougami who had lost to him in the past and seemed to become very skinny and had a pale expression. Even though Tougami had lost, he still maintained his seat on the student council. He didn't know what had happened to Tougami after this guy had lost to him, and he didn't care about it either.

Tougami looked at the suitcase and grinned. "Do you want to send that money for free?"

Haru ignored Tougami's remarks since he was too lazy to say anything to this guy. Tougami had lost and he won against this person. The loser didn't have a right to say anything.

"You..!!!" Tougami was angry when he saw Haru ignoring him.

"Angry? Do you want to gamble again? I can play with 2,5 billion yen," Haru asked with a smile.

"...." Tougami couldn't say anything when he heard this question from Haru. His life had been very miserable after he had lost that gamble since the amount of money that he had lost was quite a lot. It was good that the money that he had gathered in the past three years was a lot and he didn't need to use his parent's money, but he had lost almost all of his wealth from that gamble.

"Tougami, this is not your time." The man who was sitting in the middle of everyone said, He smiled at Haru and said, "Your name is Kasugano Haruka, right? I have seen your match and it is very wonderful, do you want to join the student council?"

The moment that man said those words everyone on the student council was startled since one of them might be kicked out from the student council.


The man ignored them and still had this confident smile on his face while looking at him. "How? It's a good proposal, right?"

Haru looked at the man who seemed to be similar to an elite. He saw him wearing glasses with a neat hairstyle, looking at him with a confident smile. Frankly, he didn't have that much interest in the seat of the student council since in his opinion it was only a game of power for children. His stage was much bigger than this and it felt funny to hear them have this arrogance when they were living under the name of their powerful parents. He couldn't wait to see their expression when they knew that he had taken over the company of their families.

'Oops, that's for another time.'

Haru chuckled and said, "It sure is a very good proposal..."

The man smiled brightly and said, "Yes, then you can take Tougami's position."

"What?!" Tougami was mad when he heard the man's words.

Kirari, Runa, and Ririka looked at Haru to see his reaction after he had gotten this offer.

The other student council members seemed to be very interested in Haru, especially the female one since they had been looking at him with a gentle smile.

"You should listen to someone until the end." Haru sighed and said, "It sure is a very good proposal, but it'll be worthless if you lose your position now."


Everyone was startled when they heard Haru's words.

"What's your name again? I don't know your name," Haru said with a confused expression.

Runa laughed and said, "Haru, you should remember that he is the student council of this school and his name is Takumi Hyuuga."

Haru seemed very apologetic. "I am sorry Takumi-senpai. You know that I am a transfer student, right?"

Takumi seemed to be very annoyed by Haru's act, but he had always kept his calm.

"Haru, I want to start," Kirari suddenly said.

"Ok, I know." Haru nodded and placed the suitcase on the table with a bang.

Everyone looked at the suitcase wondering what was inside since it seemed to be very heavy and very large.


Haru opened the suitcase and showed a lot of money inside.


Everyone was shocked by the amount of money inside the suitcase.

"Let's gamble, this 10 billion yen with your student council president seat," Kirari said with an expressionless expression


Veins appeared on Takumi's forehead showing how angry he was. He had a polite smile on his face, but it rather made him very scarier.

Haru was only a bystander in this gamble, but he really couldn't wait to watch this gambling match. He looked at Kirari and had to admit that this girl was really attractive.