Sis Con With Dimensional Chat Group Book 1 Chapter 488

Volume 1 Chapter 488 Game Of Power 3

"Momobami Kirari, right?" Takumi looked at Kirari.

"We have seen each other in the past, and I don't want to waste my time." Kirari moved beside Haru and said, "We have made a deal before this 10 billion yen is yours if you can win against me in the gamble."

Takumi looked at the stack of money on the suitcase and he was tempted. The position of student council president was really good and it also helped him with a lot of financial problems on his family.

The circulation of money in this school was really scary and the student council was the one who managed that amount of money.

Takumi was the president of this student council and he had the biggest right to manage those funds.

In the recent economic crisis, his parents also had a problem with their business and he had helped them with the money from the student council, but he knew that he couldn't use all of the money.

Takumi looked at the 10 billion yen on the table and looked at Kirari. He snorted inwardly looking at this naive girl who wanted to take his spot as a student council. He thought to humor her and took that money to his pocket. He smiled with a polite smile and said, "Gamble? Are you sure?"

Kirari nodded and said, "Don't waste my time and just answer whether you agree to gamble with me or not?"

Takumi was very annoyed when he heard Kirari's words. He was a student council president and it was his first time to be treated like this. He snorted and said, "Do you want a gamble? Why not? My position as a student council president with your money."

Kirari nodded and said, "I have an agreement in this paper." She looked at everyone and said, "Everyone in this place is the witness for this gambling match."

Everyone nodded at the same time when they heard it.

"Agreement? Why not?" Takumi said with a confident smile.

Kirari and Takumi signed the agreement together and made everyone check it.

The content of the gamble is simple: write down the stake for the gamble.

Kirari would send her 10 billion yen if she lost this gambling match and Takumi would step down from his position as a student council president giving that position to Kirari.

It might be the first time for someone to bet the position of the student council president, but in this school, everything is possible as long as someone won the gamble. Won, you'll get everything. Lose, you'll lose everything.

This school is simple and the purpose of this school is to teach the tough mental strength for every student in this place since all of them will have a higher standing than anyone in this country.


Because their parents are rich and have a lot of authority. The student in this school has a lot of things that the other student in another school doesn't have, especially in their mental state. However, if they lose then they will become another loser in life.

Haru took a chair on the side and sat down since he was too lazy to wait, but he didn't expect Kirari to suddenly sit down to the chair that he had brought.


"When should we gamble?" Takumi asked since he needed the money as soon as possible. He could be standing in this seat wasn't because of luck. He could stand here because he had the ability to fight for it. His gambling skills were superb and his cheating skills were also superb. He didn't mind gambling as soon as possible.

"How about now?" Kirari said.

"Sure." Takumi nodded and asked, "Are you okay with blackjack?"

"Sure, let's have a blackjack," Kirari said.

Then everyone started to create the stage for both Takumi and Kirari for their gambling match. They set up a table in the middle of the room with two chairs that were facing each other with a two-deck of the card in the middle of the table while excluding the joker cards on each deck.


"Blackjack, huh?" Haru muttered while looking at Kirari and Takumi who were sitting face each other in the middle of the room.

They were sitting on the side to avoid cheating on the match and could only watch the match a few meters away.

"What's wrong?" Runa asked.

Haru shook his head and said, "No, Kirari has won against me before."

"Really?" Runa was surprised.

Ririka nodded when she heard Runa's question.

"Why don't you talk?" Runa asked curiously.

"..." Ririka was silent when Runa asked this question.

"..." Runa was speechless and looked at Haru. "What kind of gamble?"

"Old maid," Haru said.


"Is that a gamble?" Runa asked with a strange expression since she knew that an old maid was similar to a game for children.

"Why can't it be a gamble?" Haru asked.


Runa was speechless but nodded after hearing Haru's question.

"Do you think that she'll win this gamble?"

Suddenly someone asked him a question.

Haru turned and saw a beautiful girl who seemed to be giving a sadistic feeling. How did he know that this girl was sadistic? Well, it was obviously he had a lot of experience with a female that he could tell instantly. "Sorry?"

"Oh, right." The girl nodded and said, "I am sorry for the late introduction. My name is Sachiko Juraku and I'm a Public Moral Committee Chairwoman. Nice to meet you, Kasugano Haruka-kun."

Sachiko has long light grey hair and red eyes with narrow pupils.

Haru looked at her black painted nail then looked at her. "You can call me Kasugano if you want also nice to meet you Jurako-senpai."

"Why not Haruka-kun?" Sachiko asked with an amused expression.

"Well, we have just met each other, but if you don't mind me calling your first name then I will be very happy to do it," Haru said. However, the moment he uttered those words, he felt a chill on his back along with Kirari who suddenly turned her gaze toward him.

Sachiko chuckled and said, "I really like your Coupling Party, let's talk again after the gamble is over."


Haru was speechless at this girl who ended the conversation right away when two girls were looking at him with a cold gaze at this moment. He sighed and thought that it was a happy problem. He didn't think much and listened to Takumi who explained the rules of the game to Kirari who was sitting in front of him.

'The game starts!'