Sis Con With Dimensional Chat Group Book 1 Chapter 489

Volume 1 Chapter 489 Blackjack

Kirari looked at Takumi who explained the rules of the game to her.

"Do you know how to play blackjack?" Takumi asked.

"I know," Kirari answered.

"That's good, then I don't need to explain the rules of the game to you," Takumi said and placed two decks of the cards which were being kept on the box.

Kirari could see that the card decks were new and she didn't see anything wrong with it.

Takumi smiled and said, "You don't need to worry, I don't do anything to the card."

"Is that so?" Kirari didn't think much about it and only wanted to make the game more interesting for herself.

"I know that you know the rules, but let me explain it to you since I'm afraid that you're going to sue me to not explain the rules of this gamble to you," Takumi said.

Kirari nodded and said, "Sure, explain to me."

"That's good." Takumi nodded and started his explanation. "The rules of this blackjack is the same as a general rule in the blackjack game. There are two decks of cards on the table and we'll remove the joker cards on the table later."

Kirari nodded in response and didn't disturb Takumi's explanation.

"The total of the cards is 108 in total. All face cards are worth 10 points and whoever gets the closest to "21" wins. The dealer shall deal out two cards for each of us. The dealer shall have one card face down and can confirm the hidden card themselves. The player will keep two of their cards open."

"Dealer gets to call first and can draw one more card by declaring "hit" or he can stop by declaring "stay"."

"Both the dealer and the player can "hit" as many times as possible until they "bust" meaning they can choose to "stay" before they get "22" points and above."

"When both sides declared "stay," that is when the facedown card is opened for a showdown. Of course, the winner is whoever gets the closest to "21". When both sides have equal points or "bust" at the same time, it's a draw."

"When that ends, the dealer position shall switch."

"That's the rules of gambling. There won't be any "splitting the pot" or "double down" in this game."

"How will we decide the winner?" Kirari asked.

"The one who can manage three blackjacks first is the winner," Takumi said with a polite smile.

Kirari nodded and said, "Not one?"

"Don't be in a hurry, but if you want to play one game then I'm alright," Takumi said.

"Then, let's do it with one game." Kirari smiled politely and said, "This is an all-in game. If I lose one game then I lose 10 billion yen. If you lose one game then you lose your position as president of the student council."


Takumi frowned looking at Kirari. He had given her three times to give her a chance and also wanted to slowly torture her mind in this game, but he didn't expect that she wanted to enter the abyss right away. 'If you want to enter right away, then I'll help you.' He smiled and said, "One game? Sure, let's do it."

"That's good." Kirari nodded and said, "Who is going to distribute the cards?"

Takumi smiled and said, "Why don't you make your friends become the dealer who distributes this card?"

"Are you sure?" Kirari asked.

"Why not?" Takumi said. He had confidence in this match since he had cheated in this match. The cards that he had prepared were something that had been modified. There was a symbol behind the cards that could help him to tell what card it was just from looking at the back of the cards. It wasn't that he was unconfident with his ability, but he wanted some reassurance in this gamble. He couldn't lose his position as a president of the student council or he would lose everything.

"Haru, can you do it?" Kirari asked while looking at Haru.

Haru who was talking with the girls suddenly called. He calmed down and nodded. "Sure." He stood up and walked toward the table.

"Just shuffle the card and distribute it to us," Takumi said with a calm expression.

"Ok." Haru took out the cards from the box and checked it to see whether he could find anything.

"You can check the cards if you want," Takumi said with a smile while snorting inwardly. He knew that it was a newbie move and he was sure that this guy wouldn't be able to say anything.

Haru only smiled and said nothing. He had found out that the symbol on the back of the cards was strange and he was sure that it was how Takumi would cheat. He looked at Kirari who didn't say anything and he also didn't say anything in this place. Even though he didn't say anything, it didn't mean that he wouldn't do anything. He used his light magic to change the symbol on the back while shuffling the cards. He placed the cards on the table and distributed two cards to each of them.

"Hit," Takumi said while looking at his cards. He had two cards with numbers five and four on his hands.

Haru gave him another card to Takumi.

Takumi didn't show a smile or anything when he had gotten his card. He saw that he had gotten an ace and the total of his cards was 20. He knew that it was too dangerous to add one more card and he looked at Kirari's cards. He could tell from the back of that card she had received both Jack and Nine. 'Total 19, huh?'

"Stay," Takumi said.

"Stay," Kirari said.

Takumi and Kirari showed their cards at the same time.


The moment the cards were opened everyone seemed to be very shocked to see the result of the game.