Sis Con With Dimensional Chat Group Book 1 Chapter 490

Volume 1 Chapter 490 Chaos

"Th - This is impossible!"

Takumi stood up from his seat and seemed to not believe the result of the gambling.

"What do you mean by impossible? I am the winner and you're the loser," Kirari said.

"No, you don't have a blackjack." Takumi panicked and said, "Your card is---"

"My card is? How did you know my card?" Kirari asked.

Takumi hurriedly closed his mouth. He had used his card trick for his entire three years and it was his first time that someone had defeated him. He knew that once he had opened his mouth then everything would be over. "You're cheating! You're cheating!" He looked at everyone and shouted, "Hey! This gamble is invalid! She has cheated on this gamble and I won't admit this result!"


Takumi hoped for someone to support him, but he saw that no one seemed to say anything. He could see that everyone was looking at him with disdain and some of them were happy to see his pathetic state.

Everyone in the room thought that Takumi's IQ had become lower that this guy couldn't think straight enough. Everyone in this place had cheated more than once and as long as no one knew what the trick was the result didn't matter.

Sachiko smiled sadistically and said, "You have lost. Just accept reality and get out of this place."

Every member of the student council also supported Sachiko's words and told this guy to get out since he had lost.

"N - No... This result is impossible! I - I know for sure!" Takumi had become scared and held his head with both of his hands. If he lost his position as a student council president then the business at his home would be very troubled. If he lost this position then he would lose everything. He looked at Kirari and got angry. "You...!"

Kirari ignored Takumi and said to everyone. "Today, I have become the president of the student council whether you like it or not."

The member of the student council didn't say anything and they knew that everything could be won with a gamble.

You win a gamble then you win everything, but if you lose then you lose everything.

It was something normal that could happen anywhere within this school and they had to accept it.

"If you have a problem with me then let's gamble." Kirari looked at them and said, "If you win against me then you can have this position."


"No, I don't have a problem," Sachiko said while sitting on her chair. She thought that it would be fun for the position of president of student council president to be reigned by Kirari.


Suddenly Takumi started to outburst when he saw that everyone had ignored him.

Kirari turned and seemed quite confused looking at Takumi. "You're still here?"


That sentence made Takumi snap and he wanted to lunge toward Kirari, but someone stopped him.

"Violence isn't allowed, but if you want to start then I don't mind to start in this place," Haru said with a smile while holding Takumi's shoulder.

Takumi felt that his shoulder was almost broken at that moment. He saw Haru smiling and couldn't help but move back in fear. "L - Let go of me!"

Haru let go of his hand and only shrugged his shoulders.

Takumi who had been let go suddenly fell down on the ground.

Kirari ignored Takumi once again and looked at everyone. "I know some of you are dissatisfied, but I don't care about that since I can change your position with someone else since I am sure that there are a lot of students in this school who love to change into your position."


Everyone was startled when they heard such a direct threat.

"I agree."

One of them suddenly said when they heard Kirari's words.

"I also agree."

"I don't have any opinion about it."

One by one, every member of the student council agreed with the change of the position of president of the student council. They knew that this school would face another storm and it was started by the new president of this school.

"Is that so?" Kirari hadn't thought much about them and said, "Haru, Runa, which position do you like? I'll let them gamble with both of you." She didn't ask Ririka since she had intended to make her into the Vice President's position.

"Nyahaha, that's good." Runa smiled and said, "I want the position of Head of the Election Committee!"

"It's good." Kirari nodded and said, "The current student of that position, go and gamble with her now," Kirari said.

"What? I have never agreed to it!"

"Is that so? Then you can get out of this place. If you win then you can stay in your current position," Kirari said.

The girl gritted her teeth and looked at Runa with a hateful expression. "Let's do it! Let's do it now since I don't want to waste my time!"

"Nyahaha, Ok." Runa smiled sweetly looking at the sweet little lamb in front of her.

"Haru, how about you?" Kirari asked. Her expression softened when she asked this question.

Haru shook his head and said, "I don't have that much interest in the position of the student council."

Everyone sighed in relief when they heard Haru's words.

"If you become a member of the student council then you have a right to skip school for a long time," Kirari said. She knew that once he let go of him then he might really be gone from this school since she knew that he was on the stage of building his business.

"Really?" Haru seemed to be very interested and said, "Which one do you recommend?"

"How about General Affairs? That position is very free and has nothing to do," Kirari said.

The current General Affairs seemed to be very offended by Kirari's words. He snorted looking at Haru and said, "If you think that I'm the same as Tougami then you're wrong!"

Tougami was mad when he heard those words.

"Let's just gamble as soon as possible," Haru was too lazy to hear cliche lines.

Ririka stood up in front of the Vice President and asked her to gamble.

The members of the student council who saw the thing that had happened in front of them with a strange expression.

Only Sachiko seemed very happy to see such chaos happening right in front of her eyes.

"NO! NO! I CAN'T ACCEPT THIS!!!!" Takumi who had been abandoned and ignored by everyone shouted loudly and jumped out from the window of this room. "ARRRGGGG!!!!"

The room of the student council was on the third floor and they knew the consequences of jumping from the third floor was very bad.


Takumi closed his eyes and thought that he would die or be in a coma, but suddenly he saw that he was floating in the air. He looked up and saw Haru had grabbed his leg with ease.

"If you want to commit suicide, do it at home and don't cause trouble," Haru said and pulled this guy to the room again.

Takumi slumped on the ground and his face was lifeless at this moment.

Everyone ignored this guy again since they were worried about whether they could maintain their position in the student council or not after this.