Sis Con With Dimensional Chat Group Book 1 Chapter 493

Volume 1 Chapter 493 Something More Interesting

"Haru, I have erased any information about you on them," Ritsu said.

"Thank you, Ritsu. I'm not sure what to do without you," Haru said with a small smile.

"You don't need to worry," Ritsu said.

"Where is your real body?" Haru asked.

"In the cafe," Ritsu said.

"Do you want to sleep at my house?" Haru asked.

"Is Sora okay with it?" Ritsu asked.

"Well, I'll talk to her later," Haru said.

"Let's do it tomorrow," Ritsu said.

"Tomorrow." Haru nodded.

"But it is very surprising for that girl to be targeted like that," Ritsu said and didn't understand why Kirari would be attacked.

"Kirari is harming their interests," Haru said.

"An interest, huh?" Ritsu thought for a while and said, "I guess being human isn't all flowers either."

Haru smiled and said, "That's true." He looked at Ritsu who was on his smartphone and said, "But not all of them are ugly, there are a lot of beautiful things too and I'll show it to you."

Ritsu smiled hearing Haru's words and said, "I can't wait to see that."

"I'm back," Haru said and entered his apartment.

"Welcome back."

Sora and Megumi came together to greet him.

"Megumi, is your parent okay to let you come here all the time?" Haru asked. He was worried that Megumi's parents would say that he had stolen their daughter or something.

"It's okay." Megumi smiled and said, "They're on a trip."

"You're not coming with them?" Sora asked curiously.

"They have forgotten me," Megumi said with a plain tone.


Sora and Haru were speechless when they heard it.

"Stay here," Haru said.

"Yeah, stay here with us," Sora said.

"I will," Megumi said with a smile. "Right, we have prepared a dinner for you."

"Really?" Haru asked with an eager expression. He had taught them a lot of things about cooking and knew that their skill had improved.

"Yes, come," Sora said and pulled his hand to go inside.

Haru had to admit that his mood had become better when both Megumi and Sora were with him here. He sat down on the sofa and saw both girls preparing dinner together.

"What happens?" Megumi asked.

"Nothing," Haru said.

"Really?" Sora looked at him with a worried expression.

"....." Haru wanted to say nothing, but he knew that he would make them worried for different reasons. "How to say, I have met my new financial advisor." He also couldn't tell them that he had made a car that had just exploded earlier.

"Financial advisor?" Megumi seemed to be confused.

"He has made good investments before," Sora said.

Megumi seemed to understand and nodded. "Then?"

"Then she has given me a plan for my investment and I realize that my money isn't enough," Haru said. "I'm thinking about---"

"Wait!" Sora and Megumi stopped him at the same time.

"What's wrong?" Haru asked.


"Yes, she," Haru answered.


Sora and Megumi looked at each other and looked at him.

"Call her here if possible," Sora said.

Megumi didn't say anything, but she seemed to agree with Sora's decision.

"So what happens next?" Sora asked.

"Remember the things that we have talked about along the way?" Haru asked.

"Is it about the renewable energy that you have talked about before?" Megumi asked.

"Yes, but I have decided to postpone that," Haru said.

"Then, what do you do now?" Sora asked.

"Buy a railway," Haru said.


"Railway?" They didn't really understand, and they thought that it was a small railway or something.

Haru nodded and said, "Railway is good since I don't have to work in the future when I have bought it and spending our time together." He thought that his future was good and he really didn't need to work in the future with a railway that could generate him a stable income.

They were surprised when they heard him going to buy a railway, but then they thought that it would be good that they didn't need to worry about the future.

"Spending time together? What are we going to do?" Megumi asked.

"There are a lot of things such as traveling the world, eating different foods in a lot of places, and s.e.x," Haru said.


Megumi blushed when she heard Haru's last words.

Sora nodded and thought that it was a good thing to have a railway.

"But for now, you should focus on your study," Haru said. "Are you confident to enter that school?"

Sora and Megumi nodded without hesitation. They had studied together for a long time and they were confident that they could enter the high school together.

They talked about a lot of things after that while eating dinner.

Then they sat down on the sofa while watching a movie together.

Haru thought to write, but he was stopped by them.

"Just watch a movie now," Sora said.

"Alright," Haru said.

Megumi and Sora rested their heads on Haru's shoulders while watching a movie.

They were watching a Twilight show that aired in 2008.

Haru didn't like this type of movie, but he couldn't help but watch it with two girls who were around him. He knew how much both of them loved to watch this movie. 'Movie, huh?' He suddenly thought about whether he could have to have a business in Hollywood.

"If you have become the actor of this movie then I'm sure this movie will become more popular," Sora said.

"Why do you say that?" Haru asked with a strange expression.

"It's simple." Sora looked at him and said, "You're more handsome than the actor."

Megumi nodded and said, "I agree."

Haru sighed and started to get bored with this movie. He slid his hands down toward the thigh of two girls slowly.

Megumi and Sora didn't do anything but raise their eyebrows. They sucked a deep breath and suddenly felt that they had lost their concentration while watching the movie. They ignored the movie and did something more interesting instead.