Sis Con With Dimensional Chat Group Book 1 Chapter 494

Volume 1 Chapter 494 To The Quest Straight Away

Haru was cooking breakfast for Megumi and Sora when suddenly he noticed a ring on his smartphone.

Sora had to admit seeing Haru's appearance with an apron was quite hot.

"Do you need help?" Megumi asked.

"Yes." Haru nodded and grilled the salmon in the pan.

Megumi placed the soup on the bowl and brought it to the table.

Haru looked at the smartphone and suddenly he saw that he had received a request. 'Quest?'

[New Quest of the Dimensional Group Chat]

[Quest 1: Conquer the Empire]

[Quest 2: Invite one member from that world]

[Participant: One person]

[Reward: 2000 points and a random reward]

[System Note: The time will stop in the participant world]

[Countdown: Before the Revolutionary Army conquer the empire]


Haru had a headache looking at the content of the quest. 'Empire? What the heck?'

"Haru?" Sora asked.

Haru didn't lose his focus on cooking and put the grilled salmon on the plate. "Here is the fish." He decided to have breakfast first and thought about the quest later.


Yajima: "What quest is this?"

Gintoki: "Conquering a f.u.c.k.i.n.g empire? What the heck is this quest?"

Teppei: "Only one person?"

Everyone seemed to be surprised by the content of the quest. They didn't expect that this quest would be very strange.

Shinobu: "What world is this?"

Shinobu: "Haru?"

Kuroneko: "Why not ask me?"

Shinobu: "So do you know which world this is?"

Kuroneko: "Let's see, I can tell that this should be something that has something to do with a kingdom."


Tsunade: "Let's talk about this quest again after Haru has replied."

Kuroneko: "Wait!!!"

Kuroneko: "Listen, I know which world is this?"

Luffy: "Which world?"

Kuroneko thought for a while and searched for information on this quest. 'Let's see.' She knew that this quest should be about conquering an Empire. 'Then there's also the Revolutionary Army.' It was lucky that it was a night at her home that she could search for a lot of things on the computer. She suddenly realized that it was a very bad world for this quest.

Kuroneko: "Guys, I know which world this is."

Teppei: "What world?"

Kuroneko: "Akame Ga Kill!"


Haru was in his class after he had breakfast with Megumi and Sora. He had received a lot of greetings from his classmates. He looked at his phone again and read the discussion about the new quest of the Group Chat.

'Akame Ga Kill?'

Haru had an idea about this world and knew that it was a very cruel world. 'Conquering an empire, huh?' He thought that it was quite interesting, but he also understood how dangerous it was.

Haru: "Let me do it."


Gintoki: "You're going to do this quest?" He had heard the story about this world from Kuroneko, and he didn't have an interest. He knew that it was a very cruel world and he needed to kill someone.

Korosensei: "Haru, are you sure? This world is dangerous."

Haru: "Say someone who is going to explode the earth?"


Korosensei was speechless when he heard Haru's world.

Korosensei: "But one person is too dangerous."

Haru: "I have used to save Luffy alone in the past."

Luffy: "That's true."

Yajima: "So who is smart enough to conquer the kingdom?"


Everyone was silent when they heard Yajima's question. Most of the people in this guild, no, the majority of people in the group chat was a muscle head. Even though some of them were smart, it didn't mean that they were able to conquer a kingdom by themselves.

Kuroneko: "I hate to admit it, but he is the most suitable for this quest."

Everyone knew that in the guild the only one who could run very fast was both Korosensei and Haru.

However, Korosensei was impossible for this quest since there was no way for an octopus to conquer a kingdom since no one would want to have an octopus as a king.

Korosensei: "How about me?"

Shinobu: "I won't say anything bad, but I don't want to have an octopus as a king."


No one voiced their opinion when they heard Shinobu's words since they knew that it was right. They didn't want to have an octopus as a king.

Korosensei: "What is this? Is this discrimination?"

Tsunade: "Be careful."

Haru: "I know. I'll be careful on this quest."

Teppei: "You can stop the quest if you're unable to continue."

Haru: "Alright, I'll do that."

Kuroneko: "Do you have a plan for this quest?"

Haru thought for a while inside his classroom. He closed his eyes and opened it before he replied to Group Chat.

Haru: "I have an idea."

"Haru, you're ready for it?" Runa asked.

"For the announcement, right?" Haru asked.

Runa nodded and looked at him. "You don't seem to be that excited."

"Really?! I'm very excited, right now," Haru said while raising his eyebrow.


Runa sat down beside him and said, "You don't need to think too much."

"Where is Kirari?" Haru asked.

"She is in the student council room, do you want to go there?" Runa asked.

"Hmm, let's do that later," Haru said.

"Well, do what you want," Runa said.

Haru thought for a while and looked at his smartphone for a while thinking whether he should start the quest now. He needed to take a trip somewhere and thought that it was a good chance to do it.

"Say, do you have something that I can eat?" Runa asked.

Haru took bread from his bag and gave it to Runa. "Fresh, my cafe just baked it in the morning."

"Thanks," Runa said and grabbed the bread right away. She seemed pretty hungry and couldn't help but chew down the bread in front of her.

Haru looked at Runa who was eating at her fastest speed and smiled. He moved back and made his seat drop to the ground while he was sitting on the top of it.

Runa was eating bread that had been given by Haru while looking at him curiously.

Haru pressed the button of the quest then he teleported to another world to start his quest right away.